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  1. Eyes wide shut and "soirées masquées" are different. Palace, without names, for anonimous sex parties, dancers, escorts, etc. The only difference is, music, i have chill music, like jazz and swing, you have DJs Thats same thing but i never said anything about that, everyone is free to do whatever he wants on 3dx Like you move with velvets join staffs and plan to open your rooms every fridays because we open too... Velvet opened before i join them with Katkat Butt Light Arena every friday We are not into competition like you, you act like a kid and use people for your lonely war against us There is no war, i dont come into your rooms making dramas like some of your members do, i dont taunt your team, just do your things I don't build for shine and think im a star like you. What the point being a star on 3dx just try to have fun, its a game ! I am not the only one who reacted to Karls words, so why you only talk to me ? Kisses have nice evening
  2. so aggressive ... I just said, YOU ask her to more communicate and make things together, but you dont do this, you never come to me and asked to make something together, when our rooms and concept are so similar, just saying that You ask people to do, what you never did And no, i cant be your mother, god bless me ... See you
  3. I have created "Les Soirées Masquées" in June, and i have opened 40+ Soirées masquées every sundays and more, You have made Masquarade (Same thing in english right ?) Did you come to me and ask/talk about anything about my parties to create yours ? No, never, you just made your events by your side, never asking or talking anyone about concept, right ? And i never reproach you anything, why ? cause there is no copyright in 3dx, just play your game So why you ask @JenniferBoise to do, what you never did ? Really funny. You talk about split people ? Who is spliting people ? just do your things, and leave people alone doing his things Did every people making a BBC FUCKROOM SLUT NAKED ask something to other opener with same name of room ?
  4. i just say LOL @ what i can read there therte is no copyright on 3dx chat nice idea and nice event, cant wait to see that
  5. Nice Flyer !!! you have good tastes for pictures Tham, like always, and that font is insane ! See you there cant wait !
  6. Thank you, everyone, really, thank you for this Insane Week end the best Halloween party i ever had on 3DX chat ! Thank you, Signar, AngeloX, Miah, Sofyah, Delhia, SayaYumi, Galaxxxy Group, CendresdeLune and MOON dancers See you All for more and more parties like that
  7. Our lovely Nadouce has a computer issue We hope everything will be ok for her ... Good new : Angelo will live mix 2 Hours tonight for you !!! Insane Kisses everyone and see you there
  8. And for the second Part of the Party : Saturday October 31th !!! First surprise is : DJ Sayayumi from GALAXXXY !!!! And maybe More, and more ...
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