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new set of bra and sports bra


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Yeah, I would love to see a few more bras.  Particularly bikini tops.  Right now, you just really have two variations for the beach, and that tiny bra is crazy.  Can we even just get the swim top with the ties, but without the ties?  I'd love to see some different cuts, too, straight across the chest, vee, halter top, straps under, cage back, racerback, any thing, there are a million variations!

Also, we have tops and dresses that would require a strapless bra, but we don't have a strapless bra, aside from pasties.  Also, I wonder if girls who play like, F-cup avies would not want a more substantial bra, like you'd wear in RL, something with a wider back strap and stitched panels.

I doubt this would be a huge priority, but just a couple more choices of shape and coverage would be nice.

And I second yoga pants!  Proper,  non-shiny ones.  I swear I never saw so many shiny clothes before I came to 3DX.




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