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Found 14 results

  1. Tashira


    Location for pool party set in an arabic background POOL.world
  2. Welcum to Overfiend’s Orgy World!!! It’s an all-inclusive sex resort extravaganza for insatiable nymphos & sex fiends to fuck everywhere possible. It was designed with one principle in mind: Maximize the number of fantasy places to fuck. Ladies to see for yourself. Just visit and ask me for a sex tour. Live out your fantasy to fuck in mother nature. Or be a Stripper on a center stage. Be the center of everyone's attention and train fuck everyone on the center rug. Have a romantic encounter on Heart Island. Meet your next lover in the Sauna. Or warm up someone's cold shower by joining in. Or keep it discreet and visit the Glory Holes. You can do it all at Overfiend's Orgy Resort. Overfiend’s Orgy World Map At the center of it all is the Main Orgy Resort. It includes a dance floor, Stripper poles, BDSM cages, Glory holes, Sauna Showers Reception Desk Bathroom toliet Beds, 3some & 4 some compatible couches Sex tables Stools Orgy rug in the center to watch the orgy or be the center of attention. Glass Roof top access - Fuck on top of the world for everyone to watch. Flanking the island is the exotic & slutty lust woods for hide & fuck games. Custom sex compatible objects designed with natural materials Custom orgy tables Plenty of natural vegetation & obstacles to hide behind Small enough to find a mate, but dense enough to hide in plain sight Aerial view of the island depicts the body of her curvy heart shaped ass, tight waist and voluptuous breasts. Mother Nature is beautiful!!! Adjacent to the woods is the romantic Heart Island. a romantic Gazebo under the heavens tables for dining glorious ocean side views The Wet & Wild side contains a beach speed boat, floating hearts seats The sexy star pool The default pool Sex Olympics Colosseum (Still under construction) a sex compatible Tennis Court (New addition) Cheetah Race course (New addition) Billiards room (Newly addition) Areas under construction: Opposite the beach on the top side is another surprise still under construction Music selection: Private Naughty Stream with a mix of RnB, Pop, Rap, Soft Rock from Marvin Gaye, Lil’ Kim, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Madonna and more True RnB – a RnB 3DX station Energy 93 – a party style 3DX station Jammin – a Caribbean party style 3DX station Breeze – a smooth jazz 3DX station Custom Objects: 3some & 4some compatible couches Orgy Hexagon table with stripper pole Orgy star table with pools sex & bed center Standing Sex Heart Stones Log pile couch sex Wood carved bed & couch sex Stay tuned for future updates: Romantic Gazebo - Completed Sports facilities - under construction Naughty uninhabited ocean islands for aerial viewing pleasure or private encounters General beautification maintenance Upcoming events: Hide & Seek sex games in the Slutty Woods Best Body contest Best Booty contest Best Tits contest Sex Race Olympics Hours of operation: During quarantine open 7am-6pm est time
  3. Dear all, I would like to inform you about the reopening of the pool, under the old format I speak about old format since any good streamer will be welcome to play at the condition to accept requests and play live Concerning requests, I will kindly ask people to requests music matching the style played, knowing that i wish every style to be played during a party to please all ears. Last but not least, the Pool will remain a non sex room, nudity is of course accepted, nevertheless, I want to avoid colders and other serial moaners to ruin the atmosphere If some of you are interested to stream, please contact me IG or here via PM. If you have other ideas to make this more fun, you are welcome to share! Hope to see you soon! Keep smiling and have fun!
  4. AUSSIE BEATS POOL PARTY ƬHƐ AUSSIƐ ƤRIƝƇƐSS, ƤLAƳIƝƓ ƬHƐ ƬUƝƐS ƳOU LOƲƐ ƬO HƐAR SATURDAY!!! ƐARƓASM ƜƖƬӇ Live DJ ƤRIƝƇƐSS SAƤHƳ Own mix of Rock & Pop from down under Time Zone Times: 11:00 am CET 8:00pm AEST 10:00 am GMT 6:00 am EST 7:00 am BRT 1:00pm MSK
  5. AussieBeats -11:30am CET (sat Morning) Hosts Saphy with Live DJ Princess Saphy doing her own mix of Rock & Pop from down under ( other times 8:30pm AEST, 5:30am EST, 7:30am BRT, 1:30pm MSK.) Aussie_Beats.mp4
  6. Hey everyone! Yes another year passed, and it is time for me to celebrate this I will do 4 years in this crazy 3dx world Nov the 16th, and a bit more RL Nov. the 25th Everyone will be welcome to have some fun and party with me, and for once I will share my rum! Doors will open at 8:00 PM CET, Thursday Nov. 21st. It will be a new Pool Party location DJ line up and pics from the room coming soon!
  7. Hello everyone This friday I will celebrate my 3 years on 3dx (it was the 19th) and my bday (will be the 25th). I will open the Pool as it is my historical room and the line up will be down on the fly So no poster and no line up, just an opening hour: it will be from 8PM CET See you all!
  8. MC's Weekend Pool Party ~ Truth or Dare ~ Most Weekends Happy Hump Day, y'all! Maddi and I will be opening our Weekend Pool Party room this Friday/Saturday for everyone to come hang out at and play Truth or Dare. It's a welcoming environment for new people, full of players that are friendly and respectful, and a great place to make friends and strike up interesting conversations. We'll also be offering up our full complement of community services [for a small fee, of course], including: advice, mentoring, therapy and matchmaking. Truth or Dare Rules: Type !!! in local if you're playing when it's time to pick the next victim player.On your turn, pick someone and ask them to choose Truth or Dare.For Truth, ask them a question -- the more thoughtful, the better!For Dare, give them a task to complete -- the more creative, the better!Once that person answers truthfully or completes their dare, it is their turn to pick the next player.Penalty for failure or refusal to answer/complete will be a gift sent to the person that chose them.If a Dare includes another person, that person has the right to decline. Come join us! All are welcum! Play some Truth or Dare, grab a stiff drink, enjoy music while sitting around the pool, make some new friends and mingle & tingle. Just be sure to reimburse us for any 'stains' you make in our beach house.
  9. GRAND OPENING - MARINA ATLANTIDE - 06/01/2018 - 9:30 PM / 21: 30 CET - Come and join our opening party, POOL PARTY - Latin Music to listen and dance, beautiful people and high spirits, join to us in this great Feast. Music by DJ's Alexis and BIACAT GRAND OUVERTURE - MARINA ATLANTIDE - 06/01/2018 - 21:30 / 21: 30 CET - Venez vous joindre à notre soirée d'ouverture, POOL PARTY - Musique Latine pour écouter et danser, belles personnes et bonne humeur, rejoignez à nous dans cette grande fête. Musique par DJ Alexis et BIACAT GRAND OPENING - MARINA ATLANTIDE - 06/01/2018 - 21:30 / 21: 30 CET - Vieni e unisciti alla nostra festa di apertura, POOL PARTY - Latin Music per ascoltare e ballare, bella gente e buon umore, unisciti per noi in questa grande festa. Musica di DJ's Alexis e BIACAT
  10. GRAND OPENING - CLUB MED - this Saturday will meet and have fun with us, Club Med, one of the most famous clubs in the world, place for those who are looking for fun, music of all genres, location with pool, bar, games, sea, bangalots for who wants privacy with their partner, finally come to know the new one, this Saturday, 12/05 at 20:30 / 8:30 PM - Music by DJ BIACAT, GRAND OUVERT - CLUB MED - ce samedi se rencontrera et s'amusera avec nous, Club Med, l'un des clubs les plus célèbres au monde, lieu pour ceux qui cherchent du plaisir, musique de tous genres, emplacement avec piscine, bar, jeux, mer, bangalots pour qui veut la vie privée avec leur partenaire, enfin venu à connaître le nouveau, ce samedi 12/05 à 20h30 /8:30 pm GRAND OPENING - CLUB MED - questo sabato ci incontreremo e ci divertiremo, Club Med, uno dei club più famosi al mondo, posto per chi è alla ricerca di divertimento, musica di tutti i generi, location con piscina, bar, giochi, mare, bangalots per chi vuole la privacy con il proprio partner, finalmente arriva a conoscere il nuovo, questo sabato, 12/05 alle 20:30 / 8:30 PM - Musica di DJ BIACAT,
  11. GRAND OPENING - LUSTFUL DESIRES SEX CLUB. Come have fun, listen to good music (HOUSE MUSIC & POP) in a relaxed, cheerful and full of eroticism, SEX POOL, Bdsm area, Pole Dance, An incredible dance floor, Beautiful and pleasant people. Sound by DJ BIACAT and DJ's invited. This day 01/05 to 21 hours. Come and have fun with us. GRAND OUVERTURE - LUSTFUL DESIRES SEX CLUB. Venez vous amuser, écoutez de la bonne musique (HOUSE MUSIC & POP) dans une ambiance décontractée, joyeuse et pleine d'érotisme, SEX POOL, BDSM, Pole Dance, Une piste de danse incroyable, Des gens beaux et agréables. Sound par DJ BIACAT et DJ invités. Ce jour 01/05 à 21 heures. Viens t'amuser avec nous GRAN APERTURA - LUSTFUL DESIRES CLUB SESSO. Vieni a divertirti, ascolta buona musica (HOUSE MUSIC & POP) in un ambiente rilassato, allegro e pieno di erotismo, SEX POOL, area Bdsm, Pole Dance, Un'incredibile pista da ballo, Bella e piacevole gente. Suono di DJ BIACAT e DJ invitati. Questo giorno 01/05 a 21 ore. Vieni e divertiti con noi
  12. SPA & WELLNESS Club We, my love Yrel and me, presents our SPA & WELLNESS Club
  14. Vote on your favourite location in 3DX. And tell us why?
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