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Found 14 results

  1. ITALIAN VERSION Suggerisco l'aggiunta di due nuovi partner per la modalità singolo, oltre Betty e Bob. Benché sia usata relativamente poco rispetto alla modalità online, ritengo che la modalità singolo sia una cosa carina da completare. Non è ancora possibile fare i FFM o i MMF in singolo perché il terzo membro (computer) risulta invisibile. Se si risolvesse questo bug/si aggiungessero 2 nuovi personaggi in solo......sarebbe davvero molto apprezzato dagli utenti a mio parere. Me per primo Cosa ne pensate? ENGLISH VERSION I suggest to add two new characters for solo mode. Betty and Bob are not enought to do a FFM or MMF in solo, because of a bug. When you select two times Betty, the copy does not appear. The same thing happens with two Bobs. That's why i suggest to solve this bug, or at least add two new assistants (computer) for solo mode. That cangreatly improve game, and complete it. Online mode is a great one.....make perfect also the solo mode please Let me know what you think about that
  2. Hey, what about some more cumshot poses for the game? Like cum on ass, cum on legs, cum on hair and so on!
  3. Hello there! I believe that it would be nice to see some formal clothing with all the new options available for customization! I believe many of us would appreciate the option for a nice formal suite with options for ties and vests like the pictures bellow(Also enabling clothed sex would be a nice idea). Thank you for your time and wish you all who read good luck
  4. Ello, it's been a while. I came back to 3DX the other day after a break of a couple of years and wanted to give some feedback. I think you have done some wonderful things and worked very hard and a big thankyou is in order. You finally (after years and years of asking) gave us MMM threeways, tattoos and a kick function from rooms which was very needed. So thankyou. Thankyou also for the rings on all fingers, the devil and angel wings, tails, table pose command, fireworks and great new building textures. In fact there have been so many great new improvements you've been working hard on I can't really remember them all. But I think the MMM threeway poses and the tattoos are the ones I personally appreciate the most. It's obvious that you do listen to the players and try your best to give them what they want and make the game better for them, so well done and thankyou. Can I please put in a wishlist for a few more things, two of which were asked for at least as long as the tattoos were but are still not in the game and would be a much-welcomed addition. One is male body hair - anything which gives visual variation between player characters is a good thing for players and male body hair is one thing which definitely needs to be in the game. Hopefully it would be arms as well as chest at the very least, if not also legs, but just chest hair alone would be a great start, with a choice of several formations similar to how pubic hair and beards work. The other asked for a very long time ago is piercings, they have these in other similar games and they are very good to create a unique look with (for both sexes), both body and facial piercings are great. Facial ones include eyebrows (both barbell-studs and rings), nose (rings and spikes and bars) and possibly also in the top of the nose between the eyes as well as the bottom of the nose, and ear you already have sorted-out from what I saw with all the new ear rings. Body piercings could maybe be a bit trickier where genitals are concerned with the sex animations I have no idea, but things like penis and vagina piercings, if possible, would appeal to a vast amount of players, similar to how the tattoos appealed to many many players judging by how many I have seen wearing them since I came back into the game. If not genital piercings, certainly nipple piercings anyway, both rings and barbells. But my top suggestion would be at least facial piercings so a player could create a unique look no matter what they were doing in the game. Another which was asked for a long while back is to have the male body sliders have a bigger size scope so that players can make a better variety of characters. If the sliders were able to make things bigger, you could make things like chubby guys, pot bellies, huge bodybuilder arms and so on. It has always been the case that the male avatars in 3DX Chat tended towards the thinner side, you can make them scrawny and thin with no trouble, but they do not go big enough on the other end of the scale. I have always had my avatar at the largest chest and arms setting available and he only ever looks fit and slightly chunky, never large. Same as you can make a female avatar's breasts massive, it would be nice to be able to make parts of the male avatars body's overly large too, this way you could customize different separate parts of the body to create a unique look. 'Dad-bod' would I'm sure be appreciated for one (not by me but many others would want that option for RP) where the stomach came out in a pot belly and the avatar looked a little unfit and out of shape with age or bad lifestyle. If all sliders were increased a bit, you could even make the entire male avatar chubby/fat. Some people are 'chubby-chasers' and find fat people a sexual turn-on. Again, not myself, but many others are. All it would take is altering the code for the various body sliders to make them go larger, it should not make much of a difference to the animations. One new thing I would like to suggest which I have thought about only since you have introduced the devil wings (which are wonderful, well-done), is an authentic devil tail, one of those with the arrow on the end. Currently if a player wishes to play an authentic devil character they must use the existing tail (which is a tiger tail or similar) and it doesn't look quite right, though closer than no tail at all. But a traditional devil's tail with the pointy arrow at the end of it (similar or same thickness and length to the tiger tail which exists now would be fine) would make a devil outfit look complete. On the downside (yes there is one) I see that after all this time there is still not much of a choice for male avatar tops which is very disappointing. While the female list of clothing has grown and grown, the male list of tops looks very similar to how it did when the game started. Can I please suggest the ability to place patterns on shirts (not a print like on the t-shirts, but a pattern which covers the entire item) such as checks, spots, other repeating patterns, etc, so that coupled with the colour picker (2 colour layers, one for the base, one for the print) it would enable one single shirt to become hundreds of others, and again, enable a player to be unique from the others which is always a good thing and players love and appreciate it. It would mean that you didn't have to add loads of new meshes for male tops with different collars and sleeve lengths but those that did exist could be expanded. Personally, it would be really nice to have a check shirt, sometimes I wear them in RL as do many gay guys. You could then give this clothing pattern feature to the girls as well and everyone would be very happy. Anyway, thankyou again for all the new improvements, they are wonderful, especially the tattoos, MMM poses, finger rings and room kick function. You have worked really hard and listened to players and put things in which people wanted and it is really appreciated. I really was so impressed and happy that I felt the need to come back here and let you know personally. Cheers Gizmo.
  5. Who thinks they shoud add femmales orgasm for us females? like squiting and more intense moaning, and for the eyes to roll back ( it does that on me when i reach climax ) And also that the lower back arch when we rech climax (orgasm). We shoud also get orgasm as the men do! Equality
  6. Clothing Every guy I bump into wishes for more clothing options Addition: Allow female clothing to be worn by men With the Addition of the new Bras and High waist thongs. Came the metallic versions. Update on some older clothing using the new metallic and leopard [Like the boyshorts] Flared jeans [Come down over feet so that just the toes are peeking out] Tie in to later suggestion C-String FreuToy Strapless thongs Glowing Clothing. Not just Bracelets. Tops Bottoms Shoes Accessories BUTT PLUGS! Gem| Tail | Novelty sayings. As wearable insertables. Possible pose Tie-in LoveSense toys are already modeled in-game. Functionality for them. Instead of being just static World items. Nip Piercings H-Bar | V-Bar | Rings | ANKLETS! Chains | Strings | Ribbon | Glowsticks Cock-Rings | Glan-Rings for the guys Body Body Mesh update for both genders. So that new sliders can be implemented [Not cock length] Fitness Sliders. Possibly Split like: Chest Abs Arms Thighs Calves Feminine Slider for Men: Allows for a more feminine physique Speaking of Cock. I know you guys have to be tired of having to be 24/7 hard [Maybe xP] Flaccid option Addition of Ball size slider Circumsized and Not FLAT FEET! I'm probably not alone on the forever invisible heels. Tip toes is cute in moderation [+ Converse on tip toes is meh] Switchable Skin texture for Men: Skin Texture they have now | Clearer softer feminine skin texture ☠Tattoo's | Body Art☠ Tatt regions. Taking the existing Tatt sets and making them separate to individual body areas. Forearms | Upper arm | Back | Lower back | Stomach | Pelvic | Ass | Thighs | Calves | Feet | Hands Body paint: Possibly glowing SEX! | Lewd Additions Tit play: Nipple licking/sucking CreamPies Better Cum overlays More Footsie poses: Toe licking/Sucking | Hands free footjob | Foot petting caressing Cute MF Foreplay: Tapping the guys head on your tongue | Tapping the guys cock on your cheek ..More I can't think of atm More Ass licking poses ☢UI | Chat | Profiles/Gallery☢ Color Palette for HuD Transparency slider for HuD Full Emoji | Unicode Symbol support for Chat Player creatable Chat Tabs. Invitation only Gif support in Gallery [With MB limit]
  7. Add a new option if the player becomes your friend, which is (voice call) you can talk to the player voice (the experience will be much better), you can't get into a voice call with someone you didn't agree to or someone who isn't your friend. I hope to add this feature soon. thank you
  8. Hello everyone So Project Alivia ..what is this .. Short story ..i wanted tons of stuff in game from .. tons of make ups tons of facial customization body customization hair variations different breasts types piercings-tails elf ears you name more realistic eyebrows and in many shapes ... i could mention 1 million stuff i wanted but anyways .. So what i did is started to recreate my Avatar from the ground up from 0 in blender how i Did it ... 1st ) i used the tattoo obj body and head to meassure proportions ....then i used a basic mesh body and head and a tecnique called ...projection 3d box modeling and sculpting to shape it the way i wanted and to be true to my avatar proportions So what i did was to take tons of pictures from my ingame avatar and i used those pics as projection to do my recreation ......well i could use the obj body and save ton of time of remaking from 0 but i know those obj bodies have many issues ...from holes from non bridged vertices etc actually wherever the seem was to unwrap and make the uvs those vertices arent connected even in game so if i used the tattoo obj body i would come across many modeling and shading issues in the future ..so yes projection 3d box modeling and sculpting is the way .. 2nd) for more details i used in sculpt mode a multires modifier and went from 5k faces to over 5 million for more details and pass all that info to another body on 50 k faces via baking maps and apply them to the model .. fast forward now ... i rigged the model and weight paint it then ofc test the rig if it works as i wanted made new eyes and eyebrows ....and ofc starting making the elf ears currently im working on creating tons of make ups -eyebrow shapes -many nose types -hair variations . finished nose piercing and nipple piercing also what purpose all this serves ?.... 1st its for my own fun 2nd its awesome practice for me to move in bigger stuff and .... 3d it might give the developers here many cool ideas to implement in this game for the avatars lots of work still to be done so i have everything i ever wished for my avatar
  9. Top Tips or Life Hacks to make life easier and more organised. 22 CRAZY USEFUL KITCHEN HACKS
  10. Hello! So I'm still pretty new here, so please bear with me! I have noticed that player rooms are where it's at, so why not allow multiple slots for rooms? Not just multiple slot rooms, but maybe experiment with the idea that a player can have 1 room open for public at all time! (Start with 1 per player to see if the servers can handle it), and then the other rooms can also be open for everyone, but those extra rooms do close when the player decides to exit the game. Some of you have made great places, bars and clubs, and if some of them could be open 24/7 it would be great! But to make sure the servers won't die on it's ass, you could make a few limitations to the 1 slot room that can stay open 24/7, and that is that if your membership expires, that the 24/7 room closes. Extra room slots is not just easier for people to switch rooms and maybe even make a bigger "world" (ex: Milo's home, and Milo's Dance Club. 2 seperate rooms, but the dance club is open 24/7). It also means that the extra room slots or even the 24/7 room slot can have a price of 10k XGold, that way there's a little bit of extra use with the XGold. Just my thoughts :3
  11. RoxyFuta

    A new hope

    So I have been thinking, while I aimlessly wander the internet trying to find a good sex RP that could wet my appetite and get me through some more dry months of gaming. I have unfortunately found only a couple, I like games where the description is good but also has graphics on top of it. A few games I have seen have come up but they do not entirely fit the bill: COC, TiTs : Great writing but no graphics. SexDevilGames: Great graphics but no real writing Monmusa Quest: Great story, anime pictures - no animations There are tons more, but I wanted to use these examples. No single player game out there seems to have found the formula between great graphical animations and good story, if they have please let me know. So after a while of playing these games I thought to myself what is close to what I want, and 3dxchat was it. There are times though I just want to get lost in a universe and to read things written. Basically I do not want to write back but actually play an RPG game that gives me choices. My idea / proposal. A user story created game - Basically a few people think up the story universe and main plot lines. The rest of the community can fill in the gaps with random encounters and characters. Coders and designers to animate, code and do simple animation - This is basically like what 3dx chat is but more in a sense of RP, you have your characters at the screen having their fun, but on top of that you have the communities RP to read while it is happening. The mix of the two would be great, graphical animations may need to be simple though, since there is a good balance between graphics and RP. As of this moment 3dx Chat does a great job of this. Let me know what you guys think. I would really love writing for something like this and would like to think there is an outcry of perverts everywhere wanting the same thing. See you in game as RoxyFuta, and keep smutting. Disclaimer: These are just ideas, I am not trying to request anything, but to build an interest in something like this.
  12. Dear Developers, I'd like to explain to you a chance to make a 180° degree turn, reclaim lost customers as well as entice new one's. When you’re paying for a service month-to-month and it’s not creating any new content (for a while), communication is crucial. You need to keep your customers engaged and this where an unique opportunity for you opens, with the coming update you have the unique opportunity to make a brand new beginning. The community simply loves to feel informed, ETA's for updates would surely be no harm as well as a more active dialogue with the community, I can understand that there is much frustration just as certain trolls looming around but I think I can speak for the vast majority when I say there are also people who offer some well thought out constructive criticism that any business manager would be foolish to ignore. During that process I am sure it would be a very mature gesture to thank the community for their perpetual patience with more than just words. For instance both - An XGold Compensation (Like you have done before) - A voucher/coupon for former subscribers as well as existing one's to redeem for let's say a 5 % discount on their next subscription because you are so confident in the new content and mindset that it will surely keep us staying entertained much past that. As Ash and others suggested on forum, maybe even a buy 1 sub, get 1 free special limited time offer during special yearly events ( Would have been perfect for Valentine's day, wouldn't it for example you and your partner? ) This will also be helpful for the times during the non prepaid game card availability issue at the moment as some can only purchase subscriptions with paypal and services like that, that only the pre-paid cards supported. Furthermore, it still is new content that keeps us coming back for more and while some might lose themselves in endless debates in which direction this game is supposed to sway, we all desire more, for the incurably romantics, the social butterflies as well as those driven by desire and carnal experiences. Some might want new poses, others clothes, I personally would love a fresh new location very much! Of course it is a straining task for existing content creators so why not give others a compelling reason to join the team? The startup screen sounds like the perfect fit for an advertisement to hire more qualified personnel for the project. I strongly believe there is plenty here, some might just not be aware of the topics hidden in the maze of our forum. Just put it out there and see what comes about with it, surely there is no harm in displaying activity and more importantly, the will to change and improve, after all, we all want the game to thrive That being said I would like to propose a new way to compensate our passionate designer and that is via community donations, I am not very versed on that field so feel free to interpose thoughts at any time, it's much appreciated. Of course that does not seem like an ideal scenario for many but it is a start that might just set things in motion, the donations would obviously go to those freelancing designers dedicating their time, energy and passion to create a more flourishing experience for all of us and it would be purely optional, just imagine everyone on here would donate 1 $. I've been in talks with Ash and others and he even suggested a perk system to fulfill certain wishes and projects the community could suggest or perhaps even vote for, similar to what FrenchTouch did on her forum posts. The bottom line is, I strongly believe that our free working designers deserve a proper compensation and in the interest of a growing game, opportunities to get paid would only facilitate the process. Details aren't ironed out yet as it is still in the talking/suggesting stages and I suppose there could be a third person installed from the SexGameDevil development team to collect said funds and pay them out in the spirit of preserving anonymity to the highest possible degree, I know many of you, including myself cherish that very much. Thanks for reading and all the input PS : A special thanks to Ash for the brainstorming
  13. Most ideas aren't exactly brand new but I'd like to address them again because I feel many might enjoy it and with the new ui, it could be easier implemented. I was thinking to one or perhaps more different layers onto the profile. Let's talk "Couple-profiles" for instance, how exactly the access would be orchestrated is something I couldn't say, perhaps even splitting the space for each partner to leave a few lines on but wouldn't it be nice being able to write something as token to your loved one or a few kinky lines if you're among the kinksters that live a swinger life to express your bond and share your interests (someone to enrich the experience, etc.) or pleasures ? Wedding photos, a little timeline ... I have to calm myself before the romantic inside of me takes over, whether you wish to share that with the whole world or just your loved one would naturally be up to your convenience as the previously discussed selection of privacy is definitely something I would see many of us support, also I could see this as a first step for the aeons ago suggested Couple rooms decorated and accessed by both parties. It is the very same principle for "Group profiles, we have a large popularity of Francophones, Germans, Vampire-circles, RP-Lover, Newcomers and through such a collective profile or club they could easily meet new friends and like-minded people. At least a means to make the Group feature somewhwat more attractive, perhaps with automatically joined channels that persist past the logout ? I realize the last part is a bit of a stretch and may require respective administrative handling and I wouldn't want such means cause people to ostracize each other, splintering into even smaller groups to keep for themselves and make the community grow even further apart, so this side of my ideas is to be taken with a grain of salt. On that very token I thought to the long suggested implementation of Room profiles which could find space in another layer, perhaps in the same spirit than the profiles are displayed, allowing for a few pictures to highlight and advertise your place, give it a little personal touch and history or simply date the next events. Last but not least I was wondering about the current development of "Offline Messages", whether yet another layer presented as some sort of "Message board" would suffice, I cannot say but I am quite confident that some of the thoughts could find appeal, a few maybe in the same spirit of unlocking the gallery to keep the dev team motivated. With the hopes that it will inspire and perhaps find someone with a smarter handle to realize a few of those ideas, i'll stop myself here since it already culminated into a very ambitious project which might really pull on the capacities of the server. Thanks for reading PS : I couldn't access a more suitable sub-forum to post and I feel it touches too many subjects for a simple dissection, so, sorry to the mods!
  14. Ashbash

    Music Events!

    Hello everyone, MrAsh here! Hi! I have made this thread for feedback or suggestions on the music in game in specific zones, to get peoples opinions and possibly ideas for future events that may be able to be arranged in game, whether it is a more Smooth Jazz theme in Sin Club one night for example for people to go up on stage and strip for everyone, having a strip party of some kind, or perhaps something else in another zone, something to just spice things up again for the community to decide and think up on what they would like to possibly have as events here in the world of 3DXChat! All feedback and ideas will be noted and the most agreed up on ideas will be set in motion in the future. So keep it respectable to other players and respect their ideas and opinions! Post away I am excited to see what you would like to see! Kind Regards MrAsh
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