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Found 13 results

  1. As the name of the topic.. do you know some quality good quality Erotica photography? Post it here! Some weeks ago I had come across a guy called Borisov Dmitry, check this:
  2. There is a lovely Haiku thread here but I wanted to open up our poetry to more than set stanza Haiku. I hope you all will share your poetry here. Two requests however. Share your own work., (or noteworthy poetry with credit given to the author,) And DO NOT bash any others poetry or ideas. Be upbeat and supportive here. Its a free form poetry place too. No rules of form other than your own creativity and feelings. I hope to see people here posting. We have amazing talent in this place.!!
  3. A Carnal Sun kiss by VaughanRarius. She’s bathed in sunlight Her Beauty quite astounding Magnificent there Straddled above me, She grinds… teases me while my Body impales hers. She fucks cowgirl style Slow, sensuous and sinful Beautiful in lust Behold the vision Audacious. Sublime and yet, My bold Dirty Girl. Her Breasts bounce in time With the hot steady rhythm. Her face a picture. With fly-a-way hair Her shoulders sexy and sleek, Her flat belly flickers In sync with her breath She moans as my cock delves deep In to her sweetness Tight on my hard shaft She moves harmoniously In her special dance The sun shines down on Her delightful nudity Sun-kissed and pretty Her skin glows golden. Up and down, up and… I Grrrrowl Overwhelmed in lust I grit my teeth and She smiles knowingly, teasing My need to control My hips thrust up and assist to enter deep. My hands grip her hips And my little minx Fucks deeper and harder now Testing my resolve My beast awakens No more, the passive fuck toy She is mine to claim With one strong movement And squeal, she finds her alpha Male is now on top! To her joy and want I claim my woman complete Thrusting in my lust Her sweet cunt now mine. Wet and tight, taken and MINE Both bathed in the sun The breeze caresses Our bodies - joined and rocking Panting and moaning Our eyes lock – light brown Doe eyes meet with the Dragons. Clashing and conquered Fucking, breathing hard Selfish and Greedy in need Wanting our climax Carnal and obscene Grunting and passionately Vocal, we are one, Then she screams and… I Roar… our names in unison Our Orgasms there In the shimmering And sweaty Heat of the sun We lie in the glow Basking and Happy Sun kissed, relaxed and knackered. Our moment of bliss. Published on Literotica. If you have time, a 5 star rating would be appreciated. A Carnal Sun kiss can be found here - https://www.literoti...carnal-sun-kiss
  4. Despite the historic search of the Holy Grail was true and become the main objective of the Order of fearless knights, now known more as the Knights Templar. The Knights templars not only managed to find the hoy grail, but indeed found the origins of Eden. The cathedral build in medieval times, was made by king Arthur himself, to hold and store the legendary Holy Grail. King Arthur had his men direct the waters of Eden to the cathedral where its power has affected its pools. Arthur would drink the pure water from the holy grail, swirling it and watching the water turn to unimaginable powers within the chalice. After the power struggles in the latter Medieval times, the throne was lost, and history forgot Arthur as a mere myth. But now, the legend gets unveiled, after being hidden away for centuries, the holy grail once again makes an appearance within 3DXChat, providing its eternal youth and erotic desires to all who place their lips upon it, and drink from its power source. The unveiling by Marwin Promises to be a night to remember, with LIVE DJ's such as DJ KATYA, DJ VOS, DJ ALIVIA and DJ RYAN PHOENIX, as well as the spectacular dancers the Bare Bunnies. We will be waiting for this fateful night as your desires and fantasies manifest making your dreams a reality on the 24th of August 2018at 9 pm CEST.
  5. ON PERSONAL ADORNMENT; ON SUBJUGATING THE HEARTS OF OTHERS; AND ON TONIC MEDICINES WHEN a person fails to obtain the object of his desires by any of the ways previously related, he should then have recourse to other ways of attracting others to himself. Now good looks, good qualities, youth, and liberality are the chief and most natural means of making a person agreeable in the eyes of others. But in the absence of these a man or a woman must have resort to artificial means, or to art, and the following are some recipes that may be found useful. An ointment made of the tabernamontana coronaria, the costus speciosus or arabicus, and the flacourtia cataphracta, can be used as an unguent of adornment. If a fine powder is made of the above plants, and applied to the wick of a lamp, which is made to burn with the oil of blue vitrol, the black pigment or lamp black produced therefrom, when applied to the eyelashes, has the effect of making a person look lovely. The oil of the hogweed, the echites putescens, the sarina plant, the yellow amaranth, and the leaf of the nymphae, if applied to the body, has the same effect. A black pigment from the same plants produces a similar effect. By eating the powder of the nelumbrium speciosum, the blue lotus, and the mesna roxburghii, with ghee and honey, a man becomes lovely in the eyes of others. The above things, together with the tabernamontana coronaria, and the xanthochymus pictorius, if used as an ointment, produce the same results. If the bone of a peacock or of a hyena be covered with gold, and tied on the right hand, it makes a man lovely in the eyes of other people. In the same way, if a bead, made of the seed of the jujube, or of the conch shell, be enchanted by the incantations mentioned in the Atharvana Veda, or by the incantations of those well skilled in the science of magic, and tied on the hand, it produces the same result as described above. When a female attendant arrives at the age of puberty, her master should keep her secluded, and when men ardently desire her on account of her seclusion, and on account of the difficulty of approaching her, he should then bestow her hand on such a person as may endow her with wealth and happiness. This is a means of increasing the loveliness of a person in the eyes of others. In the same way, when the daughter of a courtesan arrives at the age of puberty, the mother should get together a lot of young men of the same age, disposition, and knowledge as her daughter, and tell them that she would give her in marriage to the person who would give her presents of a particular kind. After this the daughter should be kept in seclusion as far as possible, and the mother should give her in marriage to the man who may be ready to give her the presents agreed upon. If the mother is unable to get so much out of the man, she should show some of her own things as having been given to the daughter by the bridegroom. Or the mother may allow her daughter to be married to the man privately, as if she was ignorant of the whole affair, and then pretending that it has come to her knowledge, she may give her consent to the union. The daughter, too, should make herself attractive to the sons of wealthy citizens, unknown to her mother, and make them attached to her, and for this purpose should meet them at the time of learning to sing, and in places where music is played, and at the houses of other people, and then request her mother, through a female friend, or servant, to be allowed to unite herself to the man who is most agreeable to her. 1 When the daughter of a courtesan is thus given to a man, the ties of marriage should be observed for one year, and after that she may do what she likes. But even after the end of the year, when otherwise engaged, if she should be now and then invited by her first husband to come and see him, she should put aside her present gain, and go to him for the night. Such is the mode of temporary marriage among courtesans, and of increasing their loveliness, and their value in the eyes of others. What has been said about them should also be understood to apply to the daughters of dancing women, whose mothers should give them only to such persons as are likely to become useful to them in various ways. Thus end the ways of making oneself lovely in the eyes of others. If a man, after anointing his lingam with a mixture of the powders of the white thorn apple, the long pepper and, the black pepper, and honey, engages in sexual union with a woman, he makes her subject to his will. The application of a mixture of the leaf of the plant vatodbhranta, of the flowers thrown on a human corpse when carried out to be burnt, and the powder of the bones of the peacock, and of the jiwanjiva bird produces the same effect. The remains of a kite who has died a natural death, ground into powder, and mixed with cowach and honey, has also the same effect. Anointing oneself with an ointment made of the plant emblica myrabolans has the power of subjecting women to one's will. If a man cuts into small pieces the sprouts of the vajnasunhi plant, and dips them into a mixture of red arsenic and sulphur, and then dries them seven times, and applies this powder mixed with honey to his lingam, he can subjugate a woman to his will directly that he has had sexual union with her, or if, by burning these very sprouts at night and looking at the smoke, he sees a golden moon behind, he will then be successful with any woman; or if he throws some of the powder of these same sprouts mixed with the excrement of a monkey upon a maiden, she will not be given in marriage to anybody else. If pieces of the arris root are dressed with the oil of the mango, and placed for six months in a hole made in the trunk of the sisu tree, and are then taken out and made up into an ointment, and applied to the lingam, this is said to serve as the means of subjugating women. If the bone of a camel is dipped into the juice of the plant eclipta prostata, and then burnt, and the black pigment produced from its ashes is placed in a box also made of the bone of a camel, and applied together with antimony to the eye lashes with a pencil also made of the bone of a camel, then that pigment is said to be very pure, and wholesome for the eyes, and serves as a means of subjugating others to the person who uses it. The same effect can be produced by black pigment made of the bones of hawks, vultures, and peacocks. Thus end the ways of subjugating others to one's own will. Now the means of increasing sexual vigour are as follows: A man obtains sexual vigour by drinking milk mixed with sugar, the root of the uchchata plant, the piper chaba, and liquorice. Drinking milk, mixed with sugar, and having the testicle of a ram or a goat boiled in it, is also productive of vigour. The drinking of the juice of the hedysarum gangeticum, the kuili, and the kshirika plant mixed with milk, produces the same effect. The seed of the long pepper along with the seeds of the sanseviera roxburghiana, and the hedysarum gangeticum plant, all pounded together, and mixed with milk, is productive of a similar result. According to ancient authors, if a man pounds the seeds or roots of the trapa bispinosa, the kasurika, the tuscan jasmine, and liquorice, together with the kshirakapoli (a kind of onion), and puts the powder into milk mixed with sugar and ghee, and having boiled the whole mixture on a moderate fire, drinks the paste so formed, he will be able to enjoy innumerable women. In the same way, if a man mixes rice with the eggs of the sparrow, and having boiled this in milk, adds to it ghee and honey, and drinks as much of it as necessary, this will produce the same effect. If a man takes the outer covering of sesamum seeds, and soaks them with the eggs of sparrows, and then, having boiled them in milk, mixed with sugar and ghee, along with the fruits of the trapa bispinosa and the kasurika plant, and adding to it the flour of wheat and beans, and then drinks this composition, he is said to be able to enjoy many women. If ghee, honey, sugar and liquorice in equal quantities, the juice of the fennel plant, and milk are mixed together, this nectar-like composition is said to be holy, and provocative of sexual vigour, a preservative of life, and sweet to the taste. The drinking of a paste composed of the asparagus racemosus, the shvadaushtra plant, the guduchi plant, the long pepper, and liquorice, boiled in milk, honey, and ghee, in the spring, is said to have the same effect as the above. Boiling the asparagus racemosus, and the shvadaushtra plant, along with the pounded fruits of the premna spinosa in water, and drinking the same, is said to act in the same way. Drinking boiled ghee, or clarified butter, in the morning during the spring season, is said to be beneficial to health and strength and agreeable to the taste. If the powder of the seed of the shvadaushtra plant and the flower of barley are mixed together in equal parts, and a portion of it, i.e. two palas in weight, is eaten every morning on getting up, it has the same effect as the preceding recipe.
  6. Please put furry Images here, both Erotic & pornographic(Men & Women) images are allowed
  7. Hey Everyone and Welcome to Vito's Erotica This is the first installment of what I hope would become an extensive series of erotic photo-shoots. This a project that mixes RP with actual content creation and has been a lot of fun so far, so if you wish to participate in this(girls, boys, futas, demon-alien-thingys-whatever), just hit me up in-game (Vittorio_La_Phantasma the blue dude) And now, without further ado, i give you the lovely #KItty and #Petsy in Vito's Erotica - Episode 1
  8. Jeden Tag eine neue kleine Überraschung in meinem Amorelie Adventskalender Every day a new surprise in my Amorelie Advents Calendar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc8-wd-QfTE
  9. Hi everybody - kinda new here, but thought I'd post some of the work I do in 3d. I'll start a little tame, but hot nonetheless: (click for full res) Character's name is Erecura - goddess of death and rebirth. This 'aspect' of Erecura is a crewperson on a recon spaceship, where everything goes terribly wrong... but as you'll see if you keep checking this thread, she'll find herself in many situations, eras, dimensions: powerful, gentle, abusive, slave, killer, bringer of life. Backstory: In mythology, Erecura is is a goddess, married to Dis Pater, the Roman god of the underworld. She is based on Greek Persephone, having to do with death & rebirth, winter & summer, etc... Check out the images with full story on my blog: http://cheetachrome.tumblr.com/ It's a blog, so first chapter at the bottom, newest at the top
  10. Veronica sat at the front of the canoe with her back facing me. The sun was hot on her skin as her tiny black bikini barely covered her body. “Honey can you please rub coconut-scented suntan lotion into my body”, she requested. I could barley keep my member in my pants. Her breasts were full and her hips were a perfect shape. Her whole body oozed sexiness. “Sure baby," I replied. As I moved closer to her, the canoe rocked gently in the water. We were in the middle of the lake, and taking an accidental dip in the water was furthest from my mind. I took the suntan lotion from her and began to gently work the lotion into her skin, caressing one shoulder and then the next, slowly working my way down her back. “That feels wonderful,” she moaned softly. Veronica reached behind her back and unclasped her bikini top and stripped off the tiny pieces of bikini as she turned facing me. I reached for the bottle of lotion once more and began massaging her chest and breasts. Her whimpers indicated that she was just as horny as me. She oozed confidence and knew that everything she did would turn me on. “You get perfect tan lines this way” she said with a smile on her face. I smiles, rolled my eyes and begain undressed myself. I didn't care where my clothes landed and didn't care if anyone was watching... nor did she. “Sure baby, lets make perfect tan lines together,” I replied. Veronica stood up on her knees, licked two of her fingers and began rubbing her clit. I watched her for a few minutes as I played with myself. The pure sexiness of her body along with me stroking my cock made me horny as hell. "Lay back so I can ride you,” she smiled. Veronica watched as I lay back at the bottom of the canoe. My cock was stiff and upright; thick and just the right length to make her feel full. The canoe swayed from side to side as she straddled down my body placing one leg over one side of the canoe, and then the other leg over the other side exposing her pussy. “Oh fuck yeah” she gasped as she lifted her hips over the head of my cock and slowly sunk her pussy down on my shaft. "You’ve got to be fucking kidding; you’re going to drown us both”, I stated as I reached around and grabbed her hips and made her start bucking on my hard, steel cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! "she replied. I was already close to cumming. The combination of the lotion, her hot body, and the fact that anyone could be watching us fuck was a dangerous combination. Veronica sped up her thrusts and used her whole body to fuck herself with my cock. I knew she needed to cum badly. We'd hadden fucked all week. The canoe rocked steadily as we continued making love. I thrust my hips up as she fucked downword in perfect rhythm. She was moaning in delight as I hammered my cock into the depths of her hot, clasping pussy. Oh God I’m Cumming!" Veronica growned. We quicken our pace as fast as we'ed dared without tipping the canoe, her pussy tightening around my cock clasping at every stoke. "You're using my cum as lotion baby, and I'm going to rub it into your body”, I grunted. Oooh fuck, fuck me, I'm going to cum! Fuck! I'm cumming! Yes! I'm fucking cumming!", waled Veronica as her entire body stiffened and twitched in ecstasy. Veronica's twitching body and the vice-grip of her pussy around my cock was sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout my body. Oh God, I’m cumming too. I pulled out of her and exploded all over her as every muscle in my body became tense. Stream after stream of hot cum landed on her tummy and breasts. The fluid made her body glisten as we both lay their descending from our organisms in total bliss.
  11. So I know this isn't up everyone's alley being a m/m dating/sex sim, but this is an independent game I've been following for quite some time and it finally released two days ago. It's good to see one of these come out that isn't an untranslated japanese game - and may I say, this blows ALL OF THEM out of the water. I highly recommend picking this up to anyone who enjoys well-built, men going at it no matter if your male, female, gay, straight, bi, open-minded, etc (it even has a facial hair and bearded option that you can turn on for all the male characters on the fly). It was definitely worth the wait with multiple different romances to go after and multiple endings for each one. The writing is, at times, campy but you can tell it's intentional, and even at its worst its still clever and blends well with the goofy humor that ensues between the characters (especially your two roommates in the game). If you're a stickler for seriouness though I will say that it's easy to overlook those cheesy moments or odd dialogue because the rest of the writing is heart-felt, adorable, and down-right funny. The EROTIC writing, though, earns it's own special attention in this little review. It is insanely hot, very descriptive, and complimented with well-timed sex scenes that are beautifully drawn. The sex scenes themselves are actually drawn by a second artist as the style is obviously different than the art you see in the non-sex simulation parts of the game (I think the original pics, and the ones that show up during dialogue were either done by the developer herself or someone who was helping out) and it is stunning and sexy. I'll be blunt: playing through two story lines in one night left me with a serious case of blue balls, especially this other ending I just uncovered *fans and dries off with a towel* lol Right now the developer, Obscurasoft (which is spearheaded by one very talented woman named Obscura) is at a discounted price of 15 bucks. In my opinion, it is WELL worth the cost because the storylines branch so much you never really know if you've seen it all. The game is full of choices - the "you lost the game" path/ending is HILARIOUS - and while some situations seem a bit too unrealistic or porn-like, some really tap into a gay man's fantasies (likely the kind you had through high school and college), and really get your blood pumping....in a southernly direction of course. She also has a demo up, though there is only one VERY early sex scene available (and that scene in the actual game has a few more shots); you can see the different style used for the sexual encounters than what you see in the rest of the game (for example, I thought the protagonist "Mark" wasn't all that good looking in the simulation but he is DAMN well hot in the sex scenes lol) Oh and the other really cool thing I wanted to point out: for her early supporters she actually "included" them in the game. They were allowed to submit photos or have her drawn pictures of them in an app that's a parody of Grindr, and while the option isn't available right now (she's going to add them later), there will even be scenes for these kickstart supporters where the protagonist can hook up with them for one-night stands lol Really a great way to send a shout out to your supports! Check it out: http://obscurasoft.com/ I'm really not surprised this talented lady blasted past her kickstarter goal :-D
  12. Hello Curious Community Through this posting i'd like to introduce a compellingly exciting form of Masquerade, delicious gossip, devilish fun and dangerous games. I've decided to make this an exclusive event to ensure the most enjoyable experience for all attendees, Voyeurs, Couples and also Singles are welcome to swing by, all it takes is an application, either via PM or Forum. The event itself will be held with a touch of descriptiveness at a private location, since it's a pilot project we shall try to bridge the degree of rp to balance and find some kindred spirits for what I could imagine, a series of future events. The dresscode will be "Black Tie" and a Mask goes without saying ( It means a formal attire, dress and suit for those unfamiliar ) The bracelets shall define your level of desire/interest. White stays for purely innocent voyeurs, watchful from the side, undressing with the eyes, indulging but not partaking. Yellow resembles couples that like to watch and being watched but wish to exhibit their kinkiness without others touch. Orange signalizes interest to touch and be touched but not to be shared. Red itself symbolizes the full thrives of passion and indulgence a frivolous masquerade can offer. Questions and Applications are gladly taken, all I ask for the partakers is to keep an open character slot for the event and tone down the profiles to be unrevealing, baring no more than necessary notions like preferences and single or couple status, names will be distributed shortly before the event to assure a maximum of anonymity. If you desire to attend as a couple or in company please refrain from revealing your identity to more than your respective other, I kindly ask for some discretion, should you believe to know some of the participants, please keep that to yourself to ensure a mysterious atmosphere with the lingering shadow of doubt. Everyone likes something illicit ...;-) Time Converter ( Saturday 14.03.2015 - 23.00 to 1.00 GMT ) The Ending is but a benchmark, when time is fleeting by, the evening might as well be prolonged. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Erotic+Masquerade&iso=20150314T22&ah=2
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