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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I'm having trouble with the game connection since a while now. Sometimes its fine for hours, another time it throws me out nearly every 5 minutes with different errors. When i log in "Connection refused" or "Unable to connect" pops up. Othertime i can connect and it kicks me out after several minutes with "Connection lost". I'm searching for a solution in a while now every here and then in the forum and saw the tool made by "ColinDude" I made the online test and the result was that 3 parts (3DXChat website, 3DXChat content server, Firewall (port 8125)) are "OK", exept the part "3DXChat API" which caused "ERROR". After this i saw the tool which you have to download and run on the pc itself (this Powershell thing). This one shows me that the 3DXCHAT API suddenly works "OK", like all other parts of the test. ??? I tried following things: Reinstalling the game, US & Europe server, disabling antivirus & firewall/ using & disabling VPN and opening port 8124 in router and firewall. All things i found in different forum posts. Would be cool if anyone would have a solution. Thanks in advance!
  2. Dear players, as you noticed recently the load on our server has increased and the server can not handle it. Our team is working hard to update the server and software. We thank you for your understanding and support. Stability is the most important for us now. Please don't create a new 'server down' topics, use this one. Thanks.
  3. Just updated to the latest version of this game after a week of not being on...and I'm having issues connecting, it's a craps shoot, when I connect I get disconnected, finally after the 10th or 12th time I get a steady connection. is anyone else having this issue?
  4. Hello Everyone! Fairly new member here, but figured it couldn't hurt to have my presence known in the forums as well. This is intentionally lengthy, but frankly, i know those who are interested will enjoy reading it 3DxChat, despite it's notable shortcomings, is truly a fine game to me, easily one of the adult social/sexual sims out there. During my time here, I have learned a lot about what I want and come to treasure. When I first joined, I truly had no idea what to expect, thinking it was mostly just a sexual rompfest with little connection but at least a good time sharing pleasures with like-minded strangers. However, in short time I was happy to find I was quite wrong about the community, and can honestly say I've met some of the loveliest, most like-minded people here of my life. This is a place with real people and real feelings, and it's an amazing thing to see. Thank you 3DxChat for that and I hope to remain a member for quite some time! So while the game can certainly be fun for its intended for, and a good RP of just about anything can be fun with good engaging description, what I'm excited and looking forward to find here is truly find my intended dream relationship. And in an odd way, I actually believe that a social sim like this is the best way to go about finding the 'perfect' relationship because one gets to explore another starting from their mind and soul, from the inside out, with little of normal social barriers we'd have to deal with IRL. Which is really kind of the 'most right' way to go about it, right? That being said, a verbal 'painting' of who I am and my passions and interests: I am an full-time artist with a knack for game designing. During work I spend most of my time creating illustrations and models for entertainment products, and I truly love my job. I've been an artist all my life, but aside from that as a career, the past decade or so I've become fascinated with spirituality, philosophy, and just much more contemplative 'meta-life' topics. Throughout this journey, I've come to learn so much about myself, who I am, and what life is all about. The kind of relationship I would most enjoy would be partner(s) who understand the importance of this type of self-contemplation about life/existence/the self, and so on, and perhaps resonate with at least aspects of teachers like Eckart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Alan Watts, or Bentinho Massaro, as just a handful of names to give you a sense. While on a daily basis I actually rarely bring up these characters or the topics they discuss to immediate social groups like work, I must say that they actually form the basis of who I am and seep into everything I do and how I see everything in subtle but profound ways. And again, I believe anybody who is even interested enough to have read this far might know precisely what I am talking about, and would probably immediately know the kind of resonance we'd have As a person, I can be anywhere from fun/goofy and center of attention, to more calm and contemplative, happily taking a backseat and enjoy the unfolding of all things. My lifestyle is pretty chill and laid-back, and as far as I'm concerned, when I come home to my partner(s), it's all about sharing love and feeding joy to one another. Life to me is not a chase to the finish line, but simply an adventure to be enjoyed and cherished day to day, moment to moment. Self-Clarity, positivity, intimacy, honesty, and caring are all pinnacles of truly great relationships to me, and I feel that it is the honoring of these qualities within oneself first and foremost that will truly garner a chance to love another in that unconditional way that everyone truly seeks. But if one does not understand how to love oneself, then I have seen that sadly it is rare they can 'sustainably' love another. If you are one to understand this deeper truth, then again, we are probably well on our way to something remarkably special. As far as relationship arrangements go, the title is meant to be stated as such. During my time here, as well as simply life experience, I have come to see that many different people truly want many different things, and the 'social norm' of a relationship is in fact, quite illusory especially in modern times. And even many who follow the social norm do not seem at all 'happy' by my definition. To me, life is absolutely about going for what is deepest and most precious to you, and to be fearless enough to expect it. What I want is a meaningful relationship connected from heart and soul, and it really isn't about 'number' of partners. I am perfectly happy with one woman so long as everything I've said bares some resonance to her, and knows the kind of love, loyalty, and commitment that I'm speaking of. If any woman finds this striking true, then know, my dear, that our love would be upheld, honored, and remained loyal to truly no ends. The notion of drama, cheating, pain, or any of those 'socially expected troubles' would be highly diminished if not completely gone. We'd be playing on a completely different level and you know the kind of level I'm talking about. That being said, it does seem that a very large number of females in-game show a desire for both men and women. As a long-term relationship, I would enjoy this prospect if, and ONLY if, both women truly delight in the presence of me and each other, and have 'gone well past' the egoic phase of jealousy for attention or any of that. I am a 100% straight male and as such simply do not delight in sharing sexual experiences with another male, and would never, ever refrain any of my partners from doing so. Life is about respecting each and everybody's freedom of choice in the moment, and I intend to do just that. However, I will state that I am a naturally 'loyal' person and do not wish to seek multiple partners or one-night flings. It would be splendid if my partner(s) shared similar desires, and the very idea of an exclusive relationship must be exciting. The most erotic sexual experiences to me are always the result of strong bonds and deep chemistry. Any form of roleplay would simply be a very exciting and delicious cherry on top Lastly, in terms of the big picture, yes, of course the dream would be to find a relationship that resonates so strongly here that it would feel sensible to take to real life contact, but please note I would never ever expect it or push against the partner(s) will. The only practical aspect of mentioning this is that my time is limited, and I have already met some very wonderful friends in-game that I tend to spend time with. So when it comes right down to it, the 'strongest relationships' will inevitably be the ones that lead us closer and closer to the 'real' thing and thusly warrant most of my time and attention So if you've read this far, dear reader, then I hope you are as excited to meet and make an acquaintance as I am. Just respond and I'm sure we'll meet up in game. Until then, go out, have fun, and I wish you the best of luck in living out your dreams to your hearts content! -Shadowpride
  5. Hello there, Since a few days I've been experiencing some really frustrating issues with 3DXChat. I've tried solutions posted on this forum, uninstalled the game and cleaned up the registry (as posted on this forum), reinstalled software that could have had an impact, but nothing seems to help. I'm starting to think that maybe it's not an issue coming from my end (although I could still be wrong about that :3). Loading takes long / infinite loading screenThis is by far the most annoying issue. When I start the game, the loading screen just keeps going without end... Sometimes I do get lucky and it loads. But every transition to a new location, dressing room, etc... is a risk of ending up with yet another infinite loading issue. There was a post on the forum saying that it might be caused by bugged clothing, so if I got lucky I removed all the clothing to see if that would fix it. But it didn't... I'm not entirely sure what my next step should be. Would anyone have any suggestions? Profiles and/or gallery images not showingIf I get lucky and the game loads, I often find myself waiting for a profile and/or gallery images to show up. This happened before, but it was rather rare, now it's more of a constant thing. I have the suspicion that it might be connected to the loading issue written above... but once again, i'm not entirely sure. Anyhow, the workaround for the profile bug sometimes helps to get a profile to show, but as soon as I switch to a different person's profile, the issue returns. Both these problems are rather frustrating and makes 3DXChat nearly impossible to play right now... I'm really hoping someone can help me with this, since I tried most of the forum posts that had similar issues described, but without succes. Thank you so much in advance!! xx
  6. Dear Gizmo & Lisa and others. What I been noticing today, People are getting massive LAGS and usually end up DC when new players zone into area, It's random when it happens BUT it does. I talked with plenty people from different countries, and saw those lags drop half of the sin club few times. Also there's lots of random not related DCs today. So for FACT I know its not on my end but some bug introduced with today server crash. Please look into it. EDIT: using EU proxy seems to help with DC, but not with the lag spikes.
  7. I have been keeping a eye on my bandwidth usage of late because my isp has a cap and i gotta be careful. Lately, Since the last update i noticed when i am in NC my bandwidth usage is just sky rocketing out of control. Even with the Radio.dl file deleted and music turned off. It is going nuts. Everywhere else is fine. NC is just tearing through my bandwidth at alarming rates . Asked a friend to help me confirm tonight to see if it was just me and he confirmed its going haywire as soon as he stepped foot in there as well. Tons more bandwidth is being consumed at NC then any other location. I uninstalled game and installed it again. Cleaned out registry and what not. I am still using far to much bandwidth for my liking. Not talking about a few megabytes here . I used around 100 mb in a few minutes of being there. Before update i could be in there all night and not use that. Now its like i am streaming a high def movie or something. Can you Awesome devs take a look at this. Seems removing radio file and turning off music does nothing at all for me in NC anymore.
  8. Hey Everyone, i just updated to the newest patch and find myself strangely unable to enter the world, everything is just fine up to the character login followed by a never ending loading screen I was wondering if anyone else experienced such issues ... and that right on Halloween, curse it!
  9. I know i already asked, but i really want to fix my problem and maybe the one of other people So, i would like to know if there is other guys like me who have some trouble of connection lost I don't know if the trouble is with my connection or servers, but i never had this probleme often before and it completely spoils my gaming experience, i can't do anything without to know that i will be disconnected soon So please, i'd like some help, from anybody...
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