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Found 8 results

  1. Dear players, as you noticed recently the load on our server has increased and the server can not handle it. Our team is working hard to update the server and software. We thank you for your understanding and support. Stability is the most important for us now. Please don't create a new 'server down' topics, use this one. Thanks.
  2. Just updated to the latest version of this game after a week of not being on...and I'm having issues connecting, it's a craps shoot, when I connect I get disconnected, finally after the 10th or 12th time I get a steady connection. is anyone else having this issue?
  3. Hello Everyone! Fairly new member here, but figured it couldn't hurt to have my presence known in the forums as well. This is intentionally lengthy, but frankly, i know those who are interested will enjoy reading it 3DxChat, despite it's notable shortcomings, is truly a fine game to me, easily one of the adult social/sexual sims out there. During my time here, I have learned a lot about what I want and come to treasure. When I first joined, I truly had no idea what to expect, thinking it was mostly just a sexual rompfest with little connection but at least a good time sharing pleasure
  4. Hello there, Since a few days I've been experiencing some really frustrating issues with 3DXChat. I've tried solutions posted on this forum, uninstalled the game and cleaned up the registry (as posted on this forum), reinstalled software that could have had an impact, but nothing seems to help. I'm starting to think that maybe it's not an issue coming from my end (although I could still be wrong about that :3). Loading takes long / infinite loading screenThis is by far the most annoying issue. When I start the game, the loading screen just keeps going without end... Sometimes I do get luck
  5. Dear Gizmo & Lisa and others. What I been noticing today, People are getting massive LAGS and usually end up DC when new players zone into area, It's random when it happens BUT it does. I talked with plenty people from different countries, and saw those lags drop half of the sin club few times. Also there's lots of random not related DCs today. So for FACT I know its not on my end but some bug introduced with today server crash. Please look into it. EDIT: using EU proxy seems to help with DC, but not with the lag spikes.
  6. I have been keeping a eye on my bandwidth usage of late because my isp has a cap and i gotta be careful. Lately, Since the last update i noticed when i am in NC my bandwidth usage is just sky rocketing out of control. Even with the Radio.dl file deleted and music turned off. It is going nuts. Everywhere else is fine. NC is just tearing through my bandwidth at alarming rates . Asked a friend to help me confirm tonight to see if it was just me and he confirmed its going haywire as soon as he stepped foot in there as well. Tons more bandwidth is being consumed at NC then any other location
  7. Hey Everyone, i just updated to the newest patch and find myself strangely unable to enter the world, everything is just fine up to the character login followed by a never ending loading screen I was wondering if anyone else experienced such issues ... and that right on Halloween, curse it!
  8. I know i already asked, but i really want to fix my problem and maybe the one of other people So, i would like to know if there is other guys like me who have some trouble of connection lost I don't know if the trouble is with my connection or servers, but i never had this probleme often before and it completely spoils my gaming experience, i can't do anything without to know that i will be disconnected soon So please, i'd like some help, from anybody...
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