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Found 24 results

  1. Planet Pandora welcomes you! Come visit the Metkayina tribe. We are opened every weekend. If you are one of the Na'vi, our Labaratory will help you create your avatar. When they created your Avatar, they took your DNA and the Avatar's DNA. Instructions for creating an Avatar (color settings, settings in the Character Editor) FACE: eyes #879B1E lipstick #414155 facial tattoo #13, #4B465F, full intensity, contrast 0, half contrast eyebrows half intensity BODY: tattoos 2 with intensity about 1/4 skin #37A0D2 nails #376478 HATS: ears in the first row outer texture - zebra #326478 and #325064 inner texture - first skin #C8AFC8 TAIL: devil style - #3C6473 and black
  2. Hi to all! Me and Darth_Shoo maded a New Zoo We hope you can spend a good time there with a new animals The Opening will be at evening CET time in 12/12/2022 And as ussual we gonna try to open it every weekend
  3. Hi to all! Me and Darth_Shoo maded a New Zoo We hope you can spend a good time there with a new animals The Opening will be at evening CET time in 12/12/2022 And as ussual we gonna try to open it every weekend
  4. . Insatiable Clubs Presents Isla FLAUNT (Girls Gone Wild) Builder: DemiTx Sunday (5/15/22) - 8PM EST Disturbing The Peace with a night filled of punkish aesthetic & tunes going against the system to a rebellion beach front night party DJ Line Up DJ REP DJ Tene DJ Squatch DJ Mommabear Home Of The Amazonian FLAUNT Dancers FLAUNT Dance Team Relax Back On The Sand Or Get Into Some Summery Heated Trouble flaunt it_rave_beach_26_2.mp4 Lsla Flaunt_7_12.mp4 lsla_flaunt_new.mp4 island _21.mp4 island_5_7_21.mp4
  5. Location for couple and for intimate moments. (Light kb) ISLA BONITA.world
  6. Welcum to Overfiend’s Orgy World!!! It’s an all-inclusive sex resort extravaganza for insatiable nymphos & sex fiends to fuck everywhere possible. It was designed with one principle in mind: Maximize the number of fantasy places to fuck. Ladies to see for yourself. Just visit and ask me for a sex tour. Live out your fantasy to fuck in mother nature. Or be a Stripper on a center stage. Be the center of everyone's attention and train fuck everyone on the center rug. Have a romantic encounter on Heart Island. Meet your next lover in the Sauna. Or warm up someone's cold shower by joining in. Or keep it discreet and visit the Glory Holes. You can do it all at Overfiend's Orgy Resort. Overfiend’s Orgy World Map At the center of it all is the Main Orgy Resort. It includes a dance floor, Stripper poles, BDSM cages, Glory holes, Sauna Showers Reception Desk Bathroom toliet Beds, 3some & 4 some compatible couches Sex tables Stools Orgy rug in the center to watch the orgy or be the center of attention. Glass Roof top access - Fuck on top of the world for everyone to watch. Flanking the island is the exotic & slutty lust woods for hide & fuck games. Custom sex compatible objects designed with natural materials Custom orgy tables Plenty of natural vegetation & obstacles to hide behind Small enough to find a mate, but dense enough to hide in plain sight Aerial view of the island depicts the body of her curvy heart shaped ass, tight waist and voluptuous breasts. Mother Nature is beautiful!!! Adjacent to the woods is the romantic Heart Island. a romantic Gazebo under the heavens tables for dining glorious ocean side views The Wet & Wild side contains a beach speed boat, floating hearts seats The sexy star pool The default pool Sex Olympics Colosseum (Still under construction) a sex compatible Tennis Court (New addition) Cheetah Race course (New addition) Billiards room (Newly addition) Areas under construction: Opposite the beach on the top side is another surprise still under construction Music selection: Private Naughty Stream with a mix of RnB, Pop, Rap, Soft Rock from Marvin Gaye, Lil’ Kim, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Madonna and more True RnB – a RnB 3DX station Energy 93 – a party style 3DX station Jammin – a Caribbean party style 3DX station Breeze – a smooth jazz 3DX station Custom Objects: 3some & 4some compatible couches Orgy Hexagon table with stripper pole Orgy star table with pools sex & bed center Standing Sex Heart Stones Log pile couch sex Wood carved bed & couch sex Stay tuned for future updates: Romantic Gazebo - Completed Sports facilities - under construction Naughty uninhabited ocean islands for aerial viewing pleasure or private encounters General beautification maintenance Upcoming events: Hide & Seek sex games in the Slutty Woods Best Body contest Best Booty contest Best Tits contest Sex Race Olympics Hours of operation: During quarantine open 7am-6pm est time
  7. Sunday evening on a tropical island. Cold beer hot girls! A lot of fun in the hot reggae rhythms. Take friends and go dance with us!
  8. Hello sweeet ppl <3 i hope ur ready for the New tropical island . This one tho is full version ,full deco ,also different layout . Many awesome beach,many hidden places ,many stuff to explore . have u done hiking on 3dx? hehe now you will ,you will want to explore this massive yet light tropical island . each spot in this island has been build so view from all sides to be awesome . ok lets see some pics ,tho i was lazy take many pics cause i have to upload then copy paste here here is a taste If you like my job you can always donate on my blog n remeber all this have been build with 3dxchat awesome world editor so plz support 3dxchat the game we all love by buying a subscription or buy some xgold so we get more cool tools <3 Download: https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/tropical-island.html bellow pcs on my blog there is a google drive link of the file Also file has been cleaned with chloes remove duplicates tool awesome tool if u wanna avoid duplicates objects ty
  9. hello we are close to saturday n saturday means Sex n lots of trance with surpise djs So bring ur best mood n have fun your way more info very soon
  10. Mega-Clubbers Presents: Grand opening of Passion Cove Room Date: Friday 16th Feb Time: 5 PM EST / 11 PM CET / 10 PM UTC DJ's: DJ Alerinna, DJ Starrfyre, DJ ShockTop, DJ Eugene, DJ SweetCaress, DJ Valkman Style: Various, Rock Love Ballard, Requests, Hope you all come out and enjoy the night with your special someone, or come stag and get lucky Or just party with friends and relax the night away!
  11. SPA & WELLNESS Club We, my love Yrel and me, presents our SPA & WELLNESS Club
  12. Hello 3DXChat Community! Announcement Before I get into the date and time for my Love Island special for this upcoming weekend, I want to announce an important piece of information. This upcoming Love Night, will be my Final night. I know some of you will probably be asking; What!? Why!? No! We won't allow this!! Don't go!! Please continue!! Don't Leave Us!! I apologize for this, but the reason I will be making this my final FOR NOW is because I will need to re-allocate my limited funds to another thing in my Real Life which means I won't be able to pay for my song lists and my Subscriptions for VirtualDJ, and Content Unlimited (For Requests) Licenses. (The wonders of low money ) So I will be stepping down from a DJ for a little time, of up to 3-4 months until I can re-allocate my funds back into what I enjoy doing here and entertaining you all! But don't worry I will begin my Love Nights again, after this sort of "Hiatus" period. But do not despair! There is still some truly wonderful DJs here, to quench your thirsts for epic DJ performances and music that you all love and crave! So do not worry, they are wonderful each and everyone of them, including those who DJ in their rooms during parties, all you guys rock and I am sure they will keep you all occupied and keep up the music epicness in the 3DXWorld! Anyways, phew! Now that that is out of the way, now to the main event. *Wipes Forehead* Event Time My Love Night will take place at the following times. (Based up on different time zones.) Saturday 20th February 2016 00:01am UK Time (GMT/UTC) ((My Time)) 01:01am EU Time (CET) 11:01am AUS Sydney Time (AEDT) Friday 19th February 2016 19:01pm Eastern USA (EST) 18:01pm Central USA (CST) These times are there, because I will be going away for a little holiday/vacation for the weekend, I leave early morning Saturday so getting it done a few hours earlier before I go! So I hope you all can make it to your times above as that is the conversion of my time that I start (GMT/UTC) into most of your guys times. So it will begin at those times in your country/state etc. That you live. Much Love to you all and thank you for all the support you have given to the Love Nights over the past months I have done this it's been truly awesome! Do not worry as I said above, it will return in the future, just I won't be DJing at all for upto 3-4 months ish of time. P.s. Make sure to get pictures, as I sadly forgot to do so last time I did this at the end of January! Kindest Regards DJAsh
  13. Okay guys and girls it's that time again! My love night returns again in 2016 for it's 6th installment! Sorry I didn't do one during the month of December, there were many parties and it didn't seem right to add on to the list as it would make people conflicted on where to go to! But, starting from this month I will be doing my nights again on the Love Island! Many of you asked me to bring it back and missed it last month well it wasn't planned to go away! Anyways this month will be a little off target of my usual closest Saturday to the 21st of the month. This is mainly due to Real Life reasons not giving me enough time to do this night, this Saturday so for this month only it will be on the following day: Saturday 30th January 2016 @ 00:00 (Midnight) GMT // 7pm EST 29th January 2016 So for EU Folks it will be early hours of the morning Saturday, but for US folks it will be Friday Night due to the timezone, so it will be at Midnight UK time which is 7pm Eastern Time. Hope to see you guys there, sorry for the delay and I look forward to doing this again! But for my 7th installment next month in February on wards it will be the normal time again of the nearest Saturday to the 21st of each month, but keep a look out for posts here on the forum. Kind Regards Ash
  14. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my fifth instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. And I will be your DJ for the night, playing Love themed music of all kinds. If there is any songs you want to be played please let me know in this thread and I'll be sure to put it in the set list ready for the event! Sorry for the delay of this post, it has been a busy week, so haven't had much time really to make this thread, but here it is, sorry to leave it such short notice! Saturday 21st November 2015 @ 7pm EST // Sunday 22nd November 2015 @ Midnight GMT. Kind Regards DJAsh
  15. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my fourth instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! I am surprised we are on the fourth instalment! Time is flying by it's crazy!. Soon it will be Christmas, but I hope you're looking forward to the Halloween Event soon! Hehe. So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. And I will be your DJ for the night, playing Love themed music of all kinds. If there is any songs you want to be played please let me know in this thread and I'll be sure to put it in the set list ready for the event! The time and date are labelled in the poster which I kindly thank Miiya for making, especially with the "Love Guru" hahaha. It's amazing! I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday Night! Kind Regards DJAsh
  16. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my third instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! I am surprised we are on the third instalment already! Time is flying by. Soon it will be Christmas! Hehe. So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. I am going to do something slightly different. I'm asking if you guys want to hear a song be played in my set for this event please post the suggestion here, preferrably just the title and artist rather than videos as I can search my Content Unlimited Library for the requested song at a good quality level! But make sure it fits in with the theme! The event will commence Sunday 20th September @ 00:00 GMT+1 (UK Time) which is 7pm EST Saturday 19th. Hope to see you all there! Will be lovely as always and to save a huge influx of requests that I had last time hehe. So post them all here in this thread and I'll be sure to put them in my set if I have enough time to. See you all there! Kind Regards DJAsh
  17. So it's that time again! My 2nd installment of my "Loving You" music event on Love Island is going to be taking place!! Date: Sunday 23rd August 2015 @ 00:00am GMT+1 (7pm Eastern Saturday 22nd August 2015) Theme: Love Countdown Timer is Here I hope to see you all there and I am excited for it! (Sadly no fireworks this time they are disabled)
  18. Hello 3DXChat Community! I am currently DJing on the Love Island doing a little Love Music take over for a couple of hours, here is the place to post all your images of the night, I hope you all enjoy yourselves and requests are currently being taken in game, so drop on by!
  19. The event will be 3 hours long, and consist of various genres (ballads, alternative rock, dubstep, etc.). With a generally romantic theme ❤ and plenty of cool tunes for dancing the night away... Thanks, foremost to my amazing and beautiful fiancée, whose enthusiasm and encouragement made this special evening a reality. Also to DJ Chilles, DJ Ash, and DJ Kitty for helping me get set up from a technical standpoint
  20. Hello 3DX Community Members, Thinking of a having Caribbean, Island, Summer themed party. Possibly an hour or so of Reggae /Dance Hall, island music. Then opening the second half to request if possible. So please vote noting your interest. Also please list any song suggestions. I will include as many as possible in my list. Let's Party!
  21. Hello 3DXChat Community! MrAsh here! I am here to announce that I, and LovelyTezz, will be hosting a Love Themed Event on Love Island on Friday 24th April 2015 @ 9pm GMT (10PM UK Time) It has been requested for a long time to have a love themed event in game, that is strictly love songs and the like being played all night long and so I thought to myself why not! It is something people have wanted for awhile! So here it is, the event will become a reality! LovelyTezz is helping me with the Song List, so you have her to thank for all the Music choices that are chosen and played at the event! (As I am hopeless when it comes to that sort of music hehe) So I have LovelyTezz to thank for that, and I hope you all will do too! It's something special and something different and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as me and LovelyTezz will! So everyone get ready for the event, and I will make sure to make it a remembered one! I have a strong feeling it will be a great night and for many reasons so I hope you all will be there even if you aren't a couple with someone, you never know you might find someone at the event itself! I also have the awesome Twiggy helping with the event also she is going to be doing a little "Couple Matching Dating" event before it, to bring people together ready for the event itself and further beyond! (Hopefully) This event has been in planning for quite some time! And I have decided to make it an extra special one with all these different plans set in motion for it! We also have The Fine Young Bartenders hosting the drinks at the event! So I am happy to have them aboard the event it's going to be one to remember I can feel it! So I hope you all enjoy yourselves to the Love Music into the night and I expect to see many couple dances! And even if one couple find each other through the event and continue together beyond after the event then that makes me extremely happy! I will also be making a nice speech there for the event also so make sure to look forward to that! I cannot wait for it, so many events this month all with their own unique feeling and atmosphere! Let's all make it an awesome night! Hopefully see you all there! Kind Regards MrAsh/LovelyTezz/Twiggy P.S. Thank the lovely Shanti for the poster!
  22. Are you a 3DX Survivor? Come find out at the beach on March 21st at 5PM EST. This game is set up a little like the show but with a 3DX Twist. Rules and Info: Gameplay: 1. There will be ten challenges geared toward 3DX to complete. 2. There will be two teams selected once all players arrive at the beach. Teams will be selected randomly. 3. There will be a team captain elected at the beginning of the first challenge. For additional challenges a new team captain can be chosen by the team. Note: Please make the new team captain known to the players. I will be communicating with this person to keep the game moving. 4. What does the team captain do? The team captain leads the challenge and supports the team. Think of them as the project manager for the challenge. 5. Once the teams have been assembled each team chooses a name and a color. Teammembers will be given five minutes to change. Immunity, Castoff and Winning a Challenge: 1. The first challenge is to find resources and the immunity necklace. (We need volunteers for food, water, fire and shelter. I will be immunity.) 2. To win a challenge the team with the most members who have completed the tasks involved in the challenge first wins. However, in the case of a race the first team to have all members at the endpoint/finish line wins. 3. At the end of each challenge each team will vote a member off the island. (The purpose of this is to speed it up for 3DX purposes. There can only be one survivor). 4. Castoffs from the team who wins the challenge can be kept around as advisors. They will not participate in the challenge but can support and cheer their team on. As an advisor they can be part of the voting process but cannot be part of the challenge. For example, if the challenge is a trivia question, that person cannot give the answer. 4b. Castoffs can also be lured to the opposing team. The purpose of this is for fun and to form alliances. If a castoff is lured to the opposing team they can share their former team's strategy or other info that they learned while being a member. 5. The second to the last challenge, all castoffs will participate in the voting ceromony. Not split into teams but as one group. 6. Winning the challenge. The goal is to get the number of members standing to one per team. These two people will compete in the final challenge but... There will also be a vote on who should win by all of the castoffs. However, to keep it fair, the voting system is designed as a point system that adds to the final score. Rules 1. Have fun but be courteous to all participants. 2. Remember it is just a game and is all in good fun. 3. There will be a judge with each team to verify that the challenge has been completed. Suggestions: 1. Do a group chat with your team and include the assigned judge in the chat. Suggestions Welcomed Time converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=3DX+Survivor+Challenge&iso=20150221T17&p1=179
  23. Hey guys just a heads up I will be re performing my Christmas Party set that I did the other night for those of you who were unable to listen to it due to it being too late at night. It is at 9pm GMT which is in 4 hours 40 minutes from the post of this thread. And it will be on Love Island! I hope you all can make it. Kind Regards DJAsh
  24. Hello 3DX Community! Join me for an island summer jam. Bring your bodies and be ready to move. DJ Chilles will me mixing the tunes. There will be tropical drinks, music and fun. Special Thanks to DJ Chilles for putting the playlist together and Ms. Shanti for the poster. Featuring: Reggae, Reggaeton and other Caribbean Music. Location: Love Island The Dress Theme: Island Colors Hope to see you all there!
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