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Found 16 results

  1. This Friday, April 1st starting at 7 P.M EDT At the New Foxxx Theater LED ZEPPELIN Legendary Rock Band comes to 3DX! Brought to you by the Underground group
  2. 24 HOURS ♪♫★ MUSIC FEST ★♫♪ AUGUST 21st + 22nd 12 PM ~ 12 PM EST FEATURING: 6 DJ's ,BAND,DANCERS moondance Mungz DocQ Fanhey HarleyBiker JYDCockneyDJ SPECIAL GUESTS: BareBunnies PHOENIX DON'T MISS THIS EVENT !!!
  3. BIKERS MUSIC FEST JUNE 19TH 2021 6PM-2AM EST Featuring: 3 DJ's Band~ APOTHIC Dancers~ Bare Bunnies DON'T MISS THIS !!!
  4. The First Big Event of 2021 is Coming!! Rock Out with us Valentine's Day Weekend We Love Rock n' Roll!
  5. 24 HOURS MUSIC FEST August 22nd & 23rd 12 NOON est Thru 12 NOON est 4 LIVE DJ's
  6. Hey Rock n' Roll Fans! The 3DX Rock Festival is back with Vol. 2!! Sign Ups begin Now! Follow the link below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SkY9X3Z_JJ3v_AVaBbSBSv-oPvXi_1Oog0twB-wJEnU/edit?usp=sharing Spots are limited so first come first serve. Each DJ will be given 1 hour 30 min to showcase their favorite band/artist! If you have any questions contact me via PM in-game or on discord! See you at the Festival!!
  7. PREPARE TO ROCK!! The Vibe Stadium Will be Open again to bring the Summer Heat one Last Time before the Holidays!! Join us in this all out Rock Concert style event to hear some of your favorite rock bands played by some of the hottest DJs of 3DX! Events starting @ 2pm EST / 8pm CET
  8. Three bargies perspectives. Four bands. One concert. Representing a concert that SK, Savage and myself have all attended, we are going to rock Absolute as hard at these bands rocked us each night. Join us for some Knotfest love, bring your friends and your requests. Absolutely bringing you the best of our real life concert experiences!
  9. SAVE THIS DATE! SUNDAY MAY 20th START TIME: 10 p.m CMT, 12 NOON p.m. EST Grab your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Lover, & or Spouse and COME JOIN in to HEAR THE SOUNDS OF GREAT Classic Tunes! CLASSIC ROCK, POP and EDM JOIN US..... Room made by Morgaine. Hostess for the Evening: DJ Oolisa!!
  10. The original concept of having a party where DJs are allowed to showcase their skill and abilities is returning. A party that tends to stay long after the music has faded and the lights turned off. An remembered Event to the DJs that play and the fans that listen. This has no fillers, members that have to be there to rake up numbers. It is not about fame, it is about the music, the fun and memories. THE EVENT, 9 DJS. EVENT 2, 14 DJS. EVENT 3, 20 DJS for 2 days. Event 4. It is coming. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20170701T12&p0=179&msg=Event+4&font=slab&csz=1 EVENT 4 STARTS AT 12 PM EASTERN ON JULY 1ST. Real Djs do not claim to be the best they show they are the best.
  11. I will be performing LIVE on Saturday, 9th of September. The event will begin at 5PM UK time, which is 12 noon EST, lasting just over 5 hours ♪ ♫ Genres will include alternative and progressive rock, ballads, ambient and dubstep, to name a few... Thanks to my friends who made requests and suggestions. For those of you who haven't yet heard me sing and would like a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41ioPAmOYIs Everybody is welcome to come and rock out, chill, and soak in the atmosphere! I hope to see you all there for a wonderful night... Or day, depending on your timezone
  13. The Golden rule, often goes unspoken here, because we should all know intrinsically: Real life comes first. By that principle, I must bid the game adieu for now, though I intend to return when I can, perhaps next year Before leaving, I'd like to invite you, friends and strangers alike, to party with me one last time ♪ ♫ For the awesome moments shared, and memories created, these past 14 months... I'll be performing live (bar any technical glitches) for as long as my vocals remain sweet Not certain of the time yet (as I normally have much longer to plan), but probably starting around 7PM-ish GMT+1 Styles will range from ballads to alternative rock and dubstep, among other genres. The party itself will rage the whole day and night, with hugs (づ^‿^)づ ,(^._.^)ノ彡" ... cookies and cake for all who attend Having been so busy recently, there are many of you that I already miss greatly. Details of how to remain in contact are on my profile here, and I'll check the forum for messages periodically. I'll also continue to update my Appreciation Thread when I have time For those who would, but can't make the event at such short notice, your support is appreciated nonetheless. Thank you, everybody who's made my journey here so wonderful and insightful, through good times and bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6whc5Y4CgA Among smoke-filled halls of mirrors, guarded by angels and daemons wearing opposite guises... Past the intricate webs and deep catacombs of false promises, light shines from The Golden Temple.
  14. ... The party will be raging in my room all day, where everybody's welcome to come and enjoy yourselves I'm going to perform a live concert at some point during, which will last roughly 2 hours ♪ ♫ Including ballads, alternative rock, and dubstep, among other genres... Attendants are also entitled to free hugs (づ^‿^)づ ,(^._.^)ノ彡" ... and CAKE
  15. The event will be 3 hours long, and consist of various genres (ballads, alternative rock, dubstep, etc.). With a generally romantic theme ❤ and plenty of cool tunes for dancing the night away... Thanks, foremost to my amazing and beautiful fiancée, whose enthusiasm and encouragement made this special evening a reality. Also to DJ Chilles, DJ Ash, and DJ Kitty for helping me get set up from a technical standpoint
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