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  1. 37 minutes ago, Whimsy said:

    It`s a feature you don`t need. Everything we need in the game is included in the subscription, we also have the possibility to make stuff our self.

    I say kudos to the dev`s for being creative and thinking outside the box when it comes to a new way of making some extra coins. If someone is willing to pay to be different and have their name in colourful lettering, good. It is good for the dev`s and in turn good for us, since this game will only exist as a game as long as it is generating profit. It is not a hobby. It is not something they do out of charity. It is a business.

    And how is this any different from people using a lot of real money on XGold to spam their rooms ? The only thing i don`t like about that is that it is not fair, as some can get a very long time on top and other a mere seconds before someone else spam their room and drop the previous down the list again. When you pay, you should have a fixed time where you stay promoted, but other than that, it is a good idea, and it generates money for them. So is this, and at least here everyone get what they paid for.

    And before you start to think that i argue because i want it. Let`s put it this way, i would not use it even if it was free.

    I am not against them coming up with ways to monetize and finance further development with a little profit on the side, but let's be real here.. i'll buy the lastest AAA game for PS5 for that, 90$,  i will have it forever to play whenever i decide to..  so charging that amount for an animated nameplate is really exhorbitant, without forgetting its only a sub over a sub you already pay.. at that price.. at the VERY LEAST it should be a permanent purchase with the the possibility to toggle it on/off at will.. and even then its still way out of price for a nameplate. 

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