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  1. I am not against them coming up with ways to monetize and finance further development with a little profit on the side, but let's be real here.. i'll buy the lastest AAA game for PS5 for that, 90$, i will have it forever to play whenever i decide to.. so charging that amount for an animated nameplate is really exhorbitant, without forgetting its only a sub over a sub you already pay.. at that price.. at the VERY LEAST it should be a permanent purchase with the the possibility to toggle it on/off at will.. and even then its still way out of price for a nameplate.
  2. If im to be honest here.. charging more than the price of a brand new AAA game for something as trivial as a nameplate is already kind of.. greedy.. to stay polite.. what i find the most offensive in that new feature is that its not even a permanent purchase.. its a monthly subscription over the subscription we already pay to for access.
  3. Hello, I would suggest a feature to allow users to hide certain elements of clothings in the wardrobe. For instance, i personally have no interests in BDSM and so i would use that feature to hide all the harnesses and thus prevent the wardrobe getting bloated.
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