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  1. ... .. . after quite long time again || 2 be continued in privat | as usual! #soon #pfft
  2. #directorscut must sleep n its not evn july - and im out my 3dxchat premium account pack of vomitbags and so(4 now)... cause just saw a few hours ago LIVE in WC and PLUS: do often meanwhile here in the forum: 2 all the roomstealers, that only wanna cause create ledramalalamas with this kinergarden megabulshiit ... the song below is dedicated to: guess whom!? ^^^^
  3. pffffffffff rob - thats only roleplay mauhhaaaaa (kiddn ofc - wtf- else n now pls stop distracting me^^ thinks: wtf was I,or wat was gonna do?! ah ,yes - pfffffft virtual roomsteeldrama round of piss sending and so #untschuess
  4. was already on my huge la mooooonstercouch and just saw roomstealn dramashit - interrupted misses leone on pornhub and quickly jumped into the "pc room" to make 2 posts n back to a quicky action back in da sittingroom on the plasma n hifi.. . .. . rest i forgot, but maybe - good 4 all of us^^
  5. edit: YOU were faster daddy gizzy - scaring people? or scared? who? WE!?!? nev0000ooooooooorrrrrrrrrr #.Truth.
  6. ^^ ^.^ ps: hospitalradiostudio54 reporting chrome blah on android 5 blubb -stop no message pop up #blah2.0, no masassage and #waynes #nwocares -stop & [f**** the C-Word] #scusi and #overle hashitaggy #unwiddaraus
  7. not only that, but on the back of the entire community - on a daily base, first row center out of your basement! no wonder updates come out so rare at this place, if the devs have to spend more time, of the bit they have, on the their sometimes, or rather often kindergardenerish, whinefight forums! #wasteoftime #bullshit #flushit #justdoit
  8. his behaviour afterwords is a other thing... .. . but seriously? a #hugreport? #x4close #gn8
  9. maybe in 2028... maybe, hashtag #maybe, but - rather #not!! unfortunately and how many times was it already suggested here in the forum and since when already, daddy gizzy!? since when?! yap, exactly, better dont ccomment on that *rest deleted|better*
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