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  1. I know I've probably upset a lot of people and got ignored by a lot of people but something is not looking right. The game runs fine. The update is fine. But I see NOBODY. I mean...NOOOOOOBODY. I go in public rooms, nobody. I don't even see USER rooms to the side. Yet I see I got friends ONLINE. I PM'd one and she was like maybe it was the .dll. Took it off...same thing...GHOST TOWN. I don't know what this means. Because the game is running perfectly fine I just see....NO ONE.
  2. Things I like to see eventually patched in : 1. Tattoos!! 2. A totally dope Jabbawockee style Pop Lock Dance. 3. A cigarette accessory 4. MORE FACIAL HAIR OPTIONS FOR MALE AVATARS.
  3. No, you have me all wrong. You're just the typical intellect who thinks that you can dish out well articulated shots but when they come back at you, now I'm the " bad person " How about you woman up, get over it, and actually talk it out with me so that we can reach a level of peace. Other wise, yes...I will continue.
  4. Well that's because this game is not built on love, sweetie. It's built on the premise of lust. Love is selfless where as Lust is selfish. And because of that fact our natural human instinct to love self is fully activated on a site such as this to where LOVE is diluted in such a huge way. If you want to LOVE while here, then forgive. Talk things over with those whom you fight or disagree with to then make peace with not only that person but more importantly...YOURSELF. When you do that, then you begin to see your eyes open up to the POSSIBILITY of LOVE illuminating your vision and lust begins
  5. I apologize for misinterpreting your comment but I do know sarcasm when I read it. And I will not be ashamed of my train comment seeing that it was directed to some sort of hardcore fuckers of anarchy advocate. Your initial response if typed with love would have been very legible in regards to clarifying that you were not directing it to me. You are very intelligent and do know what you are doing so as I will go ahead and play along with your little " explanation " I will let this ride like the very cocks you so call ride on in a very hardcore fashion.
  6. See my problem with you is that you don't know how to talk to me and stay accurate to your initial friendly tone. You don't start off by saying things as if you are ready to bury the hatchet yet end it with juvenile fight words like " jackass ". I'll bury it for you. Next time you say you got me ignored? Actually do it. If not? Keep your little opinion of me to yourself cause every time you share it out loud it pisses me off. You want to see a change in me? Come at me differently and privately cause at this point I perceive every little opinion of me from you as a " show " and will not take
  7. Don't hate me, cause I'm a straight man playing a female avatar with righteous genuine cause with valid reasons on why I like the thought of sucking a dick to later find out the thoughts were geared to a woman's dick and not a man's dick so much love to the hermaphrodite yet you might be lowkey sitting there looking at me like OH SHIT...maybe I messed up and shouldn't have transitioned....on some Bruce Jenner shit and now you feel even more confused yet hate the fact that I proposed a RARE LIGHT on thoughts that many MEN may have had and never talked about and so I being bold enough to say som
  8. Cause of the TITTIES BRO!!...and female ass is way better than MAN ASS. 4 Real!!
  9. Gelda ain't doing nothing but clit riding. Then you gone admit that you a Transgender? Plainly exposing how biased your opinion is thus making it irrelevant cause this post was not directed to HONEST PEOPLE LIKE YOU, Gelda. Stop hating, it's not a good look.
  10. I do appreciate your opinion. Only reason why I will entertain your uppity pious comment is to simply rebuttal your " What all these real men with lack of self esteem and sexuality issues " comment. Seeing that you're very much ignorant in who I am let me educate you and if you don't read this I'm sure someone else will relay the message to you. In being a FUTA on the game it is not to be confused with me questioning my sexuality. It is not to say that I literally wish I was a woman in real life nor am I having thoughts of going through some sort of surgical transition. No ma'am. It is my wa
  11. Hello all you pixelated pedestrians. This post is not at all talking to those men who are transgenders or Cross-Dressers cause they are honest and let you know. This is directed to the men who fall under the statistically proven fact of straight men who play as women on any social media platform. It has been proven that a substantial amount of men do play as the opposite sex online. I'm not at all trying to explain the logic, I'm simply encouraging HONESTY. Yet at the same time...will level with the idea of being anonymous because I too tried that approach. In being a man, I happen to be t
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