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  1. But that's not what I want to do. I want to open the room to public, where I can meet someone in RP, and take them to my home without having to shut the room. And I don't want bunch of random people walking in and out of my home when I'm trying to do RP. Having a locked door would enable people to make public rooms but still have the privacy of their own place within that room.
  2. Hello. I'd very much like to host a public room, but at the same time due to me doing a lot of RP, I don't want random people walking into my house that is build in that room. It would be great if you either had an option to kick someone out of your room, or to have a locked door only you can open, or a door with a password.
  3. Just a note to people who are complaining. Yes it can be frustrating, however you have to understand the team behind this game isn't an AAA game studio, they can't work on the game and it's servers 24 hours a day. Downtime happens and it's something you have to learn to live with. Go and take a shower, clean your home and do other things you usually put off when you do gaming.
  4. Thank you. We were open for few hours and had some fun. Will open again soon so make sure you'll be there!
  5. We have cheap whiskey and cheaper beer, with a leaky bathroom. But I'm sure I can set a nice VIP stool for you next to the leak, I bet no one will steal it from you.
  6. New bar has opened it's door for all those who want to do some casual RP between sex scenes. The bar is run by me and my very dedicated wife Mindu, who both will offer you as much RP as possible. Also we'd like for our customers to take part on the RP and interract with eachothers, either using private messages or using local chat. Current prices: Beer - 2 Dollars Whiskey shot - 4 Dollars Snackplate - 5 Dollars Rules of the bar: -No fucking in the middle of the bar, there are backrooms for that. -Only employees can go behind the counter. -Break it, buy it. Hiring: -Strippers -Hoo
  7. Personaly I'd like to get the same poses for dickgirl/female as the male/female have. Such as the couch blowjob ones and the couch anal ones.
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