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Big News for All Virtual World Enthusiasts

We’re thrilled to announce that 3DXChat is almost here, gearing up for its official release on Steam! Ready to explore, interact, and create in a whole new way?

Check Out Our Steam Page

You can view our game and add it to your wishlist via this link:  3DXChat on Steam . Remember, adding 3DXChat to your wishlist will boost our visibility and ensure you're notified about our launch.

🍓 Note on Adult Content

3DXChat contains mature content. If you're unable to see our game page, please check your Steam account settings to ensure you have enabled the display of adult content. This will allow you to access and view games meant for mature audiences.

🎁Launch Day Giveaway

Exciting news! On the day of the release, we'll be hosting a massive giveaway with prizes from  Lovense , as well as in-game currency XGold and game subscriptions! Make sure to add our game to your wishlist so you don't miss out on this fantastic event.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and fellow virtual world explorers about 3DXChat. The more players join, the more vibrant and thrilling the experience will be!
Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Your excitement is our motivation as we prepare for the release. Keep an eye out for further updates, and we can't wait to welcome you into the world of 3DXChat.

Wishlist on Steam


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Personally I think most of you are going a little overboard. Its a simple game not designed to be played on a console, its going to have a lot of technical issues regardless. As far as the age verification process, you have to be 18 to have a credit card, and its a pay to play game. As far as questionable content, welcome to the internet.

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My Wish List:

Team Building

A button to clean off oneself from their cum bath


not a big list.....giggle but I loved Team building in another game....and the clean off button would be ideal here


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Why once again only Germany is "not allowed" .. this time to play Adult-Games in Steam 😃 so funny and its so normal for everybody to be out ..btw. I dont care for the reason. Like all the other things we are not allowed to do in Germany, feeling like living in a big german Kindergarten, others decide what I'm allowed or not..so LOL ..  I'm waiting for the AI usage to be blocked in Germany only  🤡 what is coming next 🤣

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