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As you all know we are a global community here on 3DX and there are many holidays that take place that others may not be aware of.   Fill us in won't you? I look forward to reading about all of the different ways we all celebrate life.  I will get us started.


What better day than to start with:


Cinco de Marcho  which marks the beginning of the season to train the liver for St. Patrick's Day, a holiday known for drinking that is just 12 days away. Cinco de Marcho is a drinking day for those who don't often drink, and want to be prepared to drink on the upcoming holiday. Cinco de Marcho is not just a day, but a 12 day season leading up to St. Patrick's Day, with the closing ceremony on that holiday.







March 5th is also:  


International Pancake Day


Multiple Personality Day


National Potty Dance Day


National Cheese Doodle Day


Peace Corp Day


National Sportsmanship Day


Reel Film Day


Unique Name Day


Paczki Day




But of course the main focus of today is Fat Tuesday, or the first day of Mardi Gras!! 


I love New Orleans and for many years it was my home away from home but I miss it most at this time of year.



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Good Morning everyone....Today Is:  March 6th



Ash Wednesday:    Christians Observe the day by going to a religious service to mark the beginning of Lent. Some churches sprinkle ashes on heads, or place them on foreheads.  Many also observe the day by fasting.


Today is also:


Alamo Day


Dentists Day


National Frozen Food Day


National Dress Day


National White Chocolate Cheese Cake Day


National Oreo Cookie Day


Stop Bad Service Day


Discover What Your Name Means Day.  Discover What Your Name Means Day takes place during International Celebrate Your Name Week. It is a day to learn what your name and the names of others mean.   






Those are the holidays today in the United States.  What Day is it in your country?




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Here's  some of the UK & Welsh holidays 



Welsh  Holidays & Festivals


December 24 – Xmas Eve


December  25 – Christmas Day


December 26 – Boxing Day.  (In times of Gentry, servants were needed to work Christmas Day to serve the feast and clear up afterwards, but as a consequence the Gentry boxed up the left overs of the day and they were given to servants to celebrate xmas the next day and so Boxing day was born and an extra day of celebrations.)


Christmas is celebrated as traditionally expected, exchanging gifts , carol singing, and feasting and drinking well


But in addition to there is a Welsh tradition found in South Wales:


The Mari Lwyd (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈma.ri ˈlʊi̯d]) is a wassailing folk custom found in South Wales. The tradition entails the use of an eponymous hobby horse which is made from a horse's skull mounted on a pole and carried by an individual hidden under a sack cloth. It represents a regional variation of a "hooded animal" tradition that appears in various forms throughout Great Britain.


The custom was first recorded in 1800, with subsequent accounts of it being produced into the early twentieth century. According to these, the Mari Lwyd was a tradition performed at Christmas time by groups of men. They would form into teams to accompany the horse on its travels around the local area, and although the makeup of such groups varied, they typically included an individual to carry the horse, a leader, and individuals dressed as stock characters such as Punch & Judy.


The team would carry the Mari Lwyd to local houses, where they would request entry through the medium of song. The householders would be expected to deny them entry, again through song, and the two sides would continue their responses to one another in this manner. If the householders eventually relented, then the team would be permitted entry and given food and drink.

Although the custom was given various names, it was best known as the Mari Lwyd; Grey Mare




December 31 – New Years Eve.

January 1:  New Year's Day (closures) Celebration of drink, dance and music to see the New Year in and the Old one out.


January 25:  St. Dwynwen's Day (celebration of Welsh patron saint of love) The Welsh equivalent of St Valentines Day.


March 1:  St. David's Day (national day of Wales; parades, closures) Patron Saint of Wales.


April 12–14:  Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show, Cardiff


April 19–22:  Easter weekend (Good Friday through Easter Monday; closures)

Easter celebrates the death (Christ’s Crucifixion on Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday) of Jesus Christ – the son of God, which the Bible says happened around the Jewish Festival Passover.


May 6:  Early May Bank Holiday – May Day – The First Monday in May is a festival honoring the beginning of the summer season (in the northern hemisphere).


May 23–June 2:  Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye (literature-focused festival with speakers and musicians)


May 24–27:  HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay-on-Wye (philosophy and music festival)


May 27:  Spring Bank Holiday (closures) – This is the last Monday in May. It is a day off work & school to enjoy with friends and the early summer weather

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Good Morning Everyone!  Today is March 7th and it is:


Nametag Day


National Cereal Day


National Hospitalist Day


National Be Heard Day


National Crown Roast of Pork Day


Those are todays holidays in the United States.  What holidays are you celebrating today in your country?

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2019 Daily Holidays that fall on March 7, include:

  • Alexander Graham Bell Day 
  • Nametag Day - March 7, 2019 (Thursday of First Full Week in March which is Celebrate Your Name Week)
  • National Be Heard Day 
  • National Cereal Day 
  • National Crown Roast of Pork Day 
  • World Book Day - March 7, 2019  - First Thursday in March (Primarily in United Kingdom and Ireland - most other Countries  observe this day on April 23rd)

2019 Weekly Holidays that include March 7, are:

  • Celebrate Your Name Week - March 3-9, 2019 (First Full Week in March)
  • Endometriosis Awareness Week - March 3-9, 2019
  • Jewish Book Week - March 2-10, 2019
  • Lent - Begins on Ash Wednesday - March 6, 2019 through April 18, 2019
  • Make Mine Chocolate - (Campaign kicks off annually on Feb 15, and ends on Easter which is April 21, 2019)
  • National Cheerleading Week - March 1-7
  • National Consumer Protection Week - March 3-9, 2019
  • National Dental Assistants Recognition Week - March 3-9, 2019
  • National Ghostwriters Week - March 1-7
  • National Pet Sitters Week - March 1-7
  • National Procrastination Week - March 3-9, 2019 (Second Week of March)
  • National School Breakfast Week - March 4-8, 2019 (Mon-Fri of the First Full Week in March)
  • National Schools Social Work Week - March 3-9, 2019 (First Full Week of March)
  • National Sleep Awareness Week - March 3-10, 2019 
  • National Words Matter Week - March 3-9, 2019 (First Full Week of March)
  • National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week - March 1-7
  • Save Your Vision Week - March 3-9, 2019
  • Teen Tech Week - March 3-9, 2019 (Second Week in March)
  • Universal Human Beings Week - March 1-7
  • Will Eisner Week - March 1-7
  • Women in Construction Week - March 3-9, 2019
  • Women of Aviation Worldwide Week - March 4-10, 2019
  • World Orphan Week - March 4-11
  • World Festivals and Events
  • Hong Kong Arts Festival - February 21, 2019 - March 23, 2019 features Art, Theatre, Dance, Opera, and Music events.
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo - February 25 - March 17, 2019 (Houston, TX)
  • Carnival (Rio de Janeiro in Brazil) - March 1-9, 2019 - Carnival is the biggest festival in the world with two million people a day on the streets. Floats, Parades, Balls, Music and Dancing are all part of the Event
  • Iditarod Race - Starts March 2, 2019 - A Dogsled Race on the Iditarod Trail in Alaska running 1,000 miles from Anchorage to Nome.
  • North Dakota Winter Show - March 5-10, 2019 (Valley City, ND)
  • Crufts (The World's Largest Dog Show) held in Birmingham, England - March 7-10, 2019
  • Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for March 7 is Pisces.

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The International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8.

It used to be called the International Working Women’s Day and this event is a commemoration of the incident in 1908 were 129 women died.

It was said that these women are factory workers who have been demanding better pay, shorter work hours, voting rights, etc.

To avoid publicity, the owner of the factory locked them up and fire broke down which caused the death of the 129 women.



So to all the women out there... 


When the world was created, you were created to beautify it and you have certainly done a great job because the world is smiling for you today.



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Thank you to my amazing V for getting us started for March 8th!


Yes, it is International Women's Day


It is also:


National Be Nasty Day!!  The word "nasty" has a few meanings, but in this context, it is referring to being rude, mean, spiteful, or difficult to be around. On this day everyone has an excuse to be nasty by displaying these attributes to others in both word and action. It is not known who created this day, but what a nasty thing to doBut let's try to celebrate on 3DX with another context of the word.


In addition it is:


Girls Write Now Day 

Middle Name Pride Day

National Peanut Cluster Day

National Pre-Schooler Day

National Proofreading Day

National Tarter Sauce Day


So have a wonderful day celebrating your nasty and the women in your life.

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Today is March 9th!


It seems to be a day to be the day to wear your false teeth (False Teeth Day) while wearing your fanny pack (Fanny Pack Day) and play with your Barbie (Barbie Day) as you eat meatballs (Meatball Day) and crabmeat (Crabmeat Day) in remembrance of Amergio Vespucci (Amergio Vespucci Day) and Joe Franklin (Joe Franklin Day).


It is also:


Panic Day

Genealogy Day

Get Over It Day



It is also:  Bang Clang Day


Bang-Clang Day commemorates the Battle of Hampton Roads, a Civil War battle that took place on March 9, 1862. The battle is significant not because of its outcome, but because it marked the first battle between ironclad ships, ushering in a new era of naval warfare. On the Confederate side was the Virginia, formerly the USS Merrimack, and on the Union side was the Monitor.


So enjoy your day however you celebrate it!

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Today Is.....March 10th.


The holidays today are:


Check your Batteries Day!  Yes we changed the clocks last night so now is the time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors


International Bagpipe Day!




Festival of Life in the Cracks Day!


Celebrates the first signs of spring weather, such as sprouts of greenery that come up from cracks in sidewalks. It is a day to celebrate rebirth and renewal in life, and it is a day to see beauty and life everywhere. Festival of Life in the Cracks Day is not for sitting inside, but for venturing out and celebrating with your neighbors, and seeing beauty in life, even if it is found in cracks on the ground.


Today also is:


Histotechnology Professionals Day

Landline Telephone Day

Mario Day

National Blueberry Popover Day

Pack Your Lunch Day

Salvation Army Day

National Women/Girls HIV/Aids Awareness Day

US Paper Money Day




International Day of Awesomeness!!!


Today we celebrate everything that is awesome: those things that give us a sense of awe, a feeling of reverence or fear, or are very impressive. It is also a day to do feats of awesomeness: things that are awesome that take a lot of courage, skill, or strength. Many times feats of awesomeness go unrecognized, but not today. Today is also designed to be a day of fun—a day to not be taken too seriously. One of the days' taglines is "Because everyone needs an excuse to be awesome."


Enjoy your day and never forget you are awesome!

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Today is.....March 14th!!


Today is an important day for sure.


First it is Pi Day!!


Pi Day celebrates the pi symbol (π) and its importance to mathematics. The symbol is a Greek letter, and it is used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The first digits of this ratio are 3.14159, and the number continues infinitely without pattern. It has been calculated to over one trillion digits after the decimal point.


Celebrate Pi Day by eating your favorite Pie.




It is also National Write Your Story Day!!


If you have not read ours feel free to take a look.





But most importantly it is National Steak & Blow Job Day!!


We will be celebrating this wonderful holiday at the Soap Factory tonight so do come join us!!

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Today is.....March 15th.


Sorry for the late posting but I slept in on National Sleep Day.  It was a rather eventful and eye opening evening. :)


It is also:


International Day Against Police Brutality.  Sad when a special day is needed for this really but it needed to be mentioned.


Everything You Think Is Wrong Day and Dumbstruck Day seem to go hand in hand and we celebrate both today.


Perhaps being wrong and dumbstruck has something to with the fact that it is also True Confessions Day.


So will you be the one to confess or be the one to be dumbstruck as you realize that everything you thought was wrong?





What an interesting day this could be.

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Today Is....March 16th



It is also:


Lips Appreciation Day:   Lips Appreciation Day was created as a day to do something nice for your lips, such as giving them some lip balm and letting them be kissed. Protecting lips with a balm is important, as it can shield them from harmful UV rays that cause cancer. It can also be important because lips don't have any sweat glands, causing them to dry up quickly. One reason kissing is so enjoyable is that lips are 100 times more sensitive than fingertips. Kissing also is important because pheromones and biological information may be shared during it, which may help with choosing a mate. It's important to appreciate your lips because no one has any just like yours! They are unique just like fingerprints are!  


Everything You Do Is Right Day:  You may be feeling a little down after yesterday, since it was Everything You Think Is Wrong Day. Nothing went right, and everything you thought to be true was false, wasn't it? Well, everything is going to be alright!!



So go do something special to/with your lips today ~smile~ You can't do it wrong!




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