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The Dive Saturdays 7:30 pm EST

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Thank you everyone that came out. had an awesome time!!!! You guys all rocked the place!!!! Sorry I wasn't that active in local chat but I was busy serving up all your requests! and yes there were lot of them! I never got to go through my entire playlist last night, there was one song that i think i delayed for at least an hour dropping in requests in front of it and it was like that all night!!!! You all picked some great music!


LOL at one point I looked out to the crowd and half of you were naked! woohoo!!! New rule all naked guys go to the back of the room and all naked girls by the stage!!!!


Seriously thanks for an awesome night! I was too busy with requests to take pics but V took some for me!!! And next time I'll stay open longer...... had to close up as I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer!!! Hope to see you all next week!!!



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