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How To Host The Best Party!

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How To Host the Best Party!



Hey Everyone Natsumi here, and I just wanted to go over a few things and give everyone some tips of how to make your room stand out among the others. Now Some of these might not work and you might already know these steps but I'm just putting them here for both Veterans and New Players that want to learn how to Host an awesome room. 


1. Appearance and Attitude: Now the avatar personalization isn't really that important when it comes to this guide, but you should try at least looking somewhat decent or customize your avi in a way that stands out among the crowd. Your attitude is the part I really want to talk about. You're probably wondering "What's my attitude got to do with a party?" Well technically everything. The community have many groups of people with different point of views. How you portray yourself in the game reflects on what others think and feel about you. Don't be one of those assholes that goes around flaming people for no reason. You wont get people in your room. Be nicer to fellow players and talk to them. Don't be a zombie and have fun. 


2. Sex Isn't Everything: Of course everyone is here for the sex, that's obvious. But your parties or events don't have to be solely based on Sex. Some people come on just for the social part of the game and want to make friends and talk to people. 


3. Rooms: Customize your room in a way where its not confusing or isn't sore to the eye. Using the cheat engine is great and actually encouraged, but don't over do it. The Lag will make people leave. Keep it simple but amazing at the same time. Try to design your room with some kind of theme in mind. I personally do not use the Cheat Engine mainly because I don't know how. I also advice to not put too many couches around your room. People tend to go straight to the couch and just sit there. Also don't make it difficult for people to move around. No one likes a cluttered area.  


4. The List: What's the List? I'm talking about the room list that is shown when you press the "Select Location" button at the left bottom corner of your screen. Only Put your Room at the top ONCE! You don't need to constantly put your room at the top of the list. Its okay if it goes lower on the list. People will still see it. Once You've opened your room to others. Put it at the top to let people know that You just opened and ready to party. THAT'S IT! Don't be one of those noobs that spends xgold keeping their room at the top of the list because they're afraid that no one will see it. Its okay. People are constantly checking the list while they're online. Both to see if friends have opened their room, or if there is anything interesting. 


5. The Name: I have seen several different room names. Some pretty cool, others weird, and some just wrong. Usually you'll get people in your room if you have the words "Fuck", "Sex", and "Slut". But it is not a guarantee. Name your room something that stands out and isn't too bizarre or vage. Also avoid using names of other clubs so people don't get confused, and also you don't get original owner of said club mad at you. No one really likes a copycat. 


6. Time: Time is really tricky and you might have to figure out what times works best for you. Sometimes you'll have to open your room early in the morning or late at night. Either way, you should not open a room when there are more than 20 rooms open. Don't get discouraged if people don't come to your room right away. It takes time for people to notice your room or become interested in it. Just be patient. Some will just pop in and poof in seconds just to check out rooms or just hopping around to find the room that best fits their style or mood. Be sure to say hello or greet guests when they come in. 


7. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM WITHOUT CLOSING IT!!!!!! People have been doing this for as long as I can remember and to be honest its total bull shit. People just leave their rooms open with zero people inside and cause the room list to get bigger because they don't close it when they themselves aren't in them. If you know that you're not going to be staying in your room long and won't be coming back to it, CLOSE THE DAMN ROOM!! 


8. Music: Now you might be able to get people in your room if you're playing the 3DX Radio, but its much better if you get your own stream and play your own music without interruptions. Also try playing a variety of genres. Never stick with just one type of music. Mix it up a bit. EDM is nice, but the genre is so overused on the game People eventually get sick of hearing it. If you're really into EDM, make sure you make your club or room have a Night Club Theme or let people know that You just do EDM. As for me, I too use EDM, but I also play Rock, Alternative, Classical, Hip Hop, etc. Everyone has different taste in music so you'll need to try different types of songs that fit with both your room, and the mood of the crowd. 


9. Most Important!: Have Fun! Chat up a storm with people and have fun. That's what its really about. If people read in the chat that you're having a great time and trying to get people on their feet and dancing or get busy with some pussy, then they will have enjoy themselves too and most likely return for the next party.  


Well that's about all I could think of. If I missed anything or if you have anything to add, please do tell me. Either than that, keep having fun and stay horny!


        - Natsumi Kusunoki, The 3DX Ninja 

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Guest Rick

Most important thing is the mood of the 3DX user. Music isn't so important. Mostly we listen to our own music (like me ;) ).

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