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Can't login on/download 3dxchat (SOLVED)


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So here's my problem.

I noticed that the game was slowing down 1 hour ago. I checked my internet and everything was fine, but later I was so unable to login back. Thus, I cleaned/deleted the registry, went to 3dxchat to download the .exe again and...now I can't login, or at least the site loads 5 minutes just to let me access and if I click on download nothing happens.

It's raining here, so I thought there was an issue with my connection, but instead every other site loads, my download speed is normal, my modem is fine, but I've problems only with 3dxchat and previously a little of slow-loading with the forum.


Is someone experiencing my same issue, or am I so lucky to face such problem just during my spare time ?

Anyway checking with this site sometimes it seems it's down for everyone..




Or not ?

And I tried 3 different browsers getting the same result.


PS: I repeat my internet is fine as I even tried to play a hd streaming video and it runs without problems.





I've managed to enter the site and clicking on Mirror the download starts normally, so there could be a problem with the direct link of 3dxchat, at least for me. I'll tag the thread as "Solved" later after having tested the game and if everything will work without problems.





I've installed the game, but the update keeps loading without moving. And reading other replies it seems I'm not the only one.
Hope someone of the team will reply here, or will fix this issue asap.

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Ok as everyone is facing the same problem let's watch this while waiting:




The patcher is working. Let's see if I can login and play the game.---> Works now.


I'll wait to mark the thread as solved as someone is still experiencing problems.

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