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Ancient Rome (W.I.P.)


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W.I.P. obviously means "work in progress" and Ancient Rome's culture always fascinated me, so why not start a diary as this project goes on.

While at work in RL, I will try to put my city on, and go AFK. Check profile to see if it's me at work or just having a quick smoke.

And as we go, I'll be giving you updates on what parts of the city are currently being developed.


2023-12-08 15-12-59_111836.png

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Began construction of the Aemilian Bridge which connected the Forum Boarium (cattle market, mainly) to the other side of the river Tiber. And yes, the Roman river patrol boats clear the bridge, LOL.

Today, if you go to Rome, there is only one span left of the bridge, and so it is called the "Ponte Rotto" (broken bridge in Italian).

Here is a screenshot.


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Well, the Temple of Hercules Victor (as in victorious, not as in your uncle Vic) is done, and will sit right next to the port where the vessels dock.

Here a few screenshots, and the file free for download, at the usual site (3dx sharing). The temple is basically one of the first to ever exist in Rome, and is a copy of a Greek tholos, meaning it is round instead of rectangular, and has no "cella" to speak of. A cella is the room where a priestess or priest would talk to you, or fuck with your brains, depending on the gift you brought from afar. Inside, there is a ton of things that can be done, plenty ideas for games, considering that in the temple of Hercules you had to answer the truth to three questions if you were... ummm... seeking something...

On another note, my vessels can now have full blown sails. 





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Well, first, Plut was at work, so no husband around to "beta-test" my latest creation. So, I had to use poor Bob, before we can incorporate the "CUM BED OF TRUTH" into the temple of Hercules, for our Ancient Rome project. Hercules expects you to answer ONE QUESTION truthfully while you are doing this pose, for the quest to work. More on that later.

The bed matches dark green and reddish igneous marble, and I added bedsheets for visual effects. I am happy how the mechanism of refilling the tub of semen connects to the anus of the girl riding her man, hopefully many, many girls can enjoy it too, when visiting our city.


MF - Vaginal - 4

Here are some screenshots.

PS: I have a tattoo! First time in my gaming life!!! And none in RL, of course, lol.




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It's a rainy day in the eternal city, and the forum that usually hustles and bustles with cows, sheep, and horses is drenched in mud. Nobody even walks into Hercules' temple with this weather!

But hey, I still love my finished version of the bridge. The Janiculum is now connected to Rome proper, even though I can't even see the shoreline on the other side. The Etruscan side.

And speaking of Etruscans, they boarded up the slave market with all this rain. I wonder what those slave girls were put to do, when not at the market, being sold to patricians and plebeians alike (if these were rich).

Here are some screenshots...

2023-12-17 03-12-23_279471.png

2023-12-17 03-12-58_279880.png

2023-12-17 03-17-27_282252.png

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Well, huge work today, but I'll still see if I like all the things I did. Here is a list:

  1. Improved the TELEPORT line Velabrum, and added a Christmas tree near the INFO point. Velabrum is the name of the neighborhood of Ancient Rome where they had the Forum Boarium (cattle), the Temple of Hercules, the Temple of Portunus (protected sailors and whores), and the low part between the Aventine (think New York's Bronx), the Palatine (think Miami's Star Island), and the Capitoline (think Washington DC's Pennsylvania Avenue).
  2. So, yeah. Really important spot, and it's where visitors to the city would arrive first, if sailing from Ostia up the Tiber. And so, I made it that the spawn point is now on a boat the brings visitors to Rome. They have to swim for some five seconds to shore, but it's the only way to get to the city now. I swam it many times to make sure, people wouldn't get bored to swimming to shore, but I guess if lots of people swim together, it might be fun.
  3. The Aemilian Bridge has now a hidden spot, for fucking under one of the spans.
  4. There is a registration point right after the short swim. It's of course not mandatory (nothing is in a game), but it might add to the fun. This is also where I first mention the three quest lines I plan to implement into the game. The legionary quest line, the gladiator quest line, and the vestal quest line. All will be a combination of finding objects, rolling a dice (dice2, usually), and reading messages for next steps of the quest line itself, as if this was an NPC giving you instructions.
  5. One thing about the registration point is that visitors were forced to clean up before entering Rome. Yep. Romans were finnicky about the way Gauls, Britons, Syrians, even some Greeks smelled. And so, I have that in the game, too. I built a shower spot, right next to the Port Authority building, for both women and men, with oil for your skin (Romans had no soap) and a table for the occasional "contraband cavity check" performed by any player who is officially in the "legionary quest line" or has finished the quest line. There is also a public latrine, Roman style. Which means, you get a free stick and a free sponge to clean your .. ummm... cavity, after using the latrine. Hopefully you don't get a cavity check right after that, haha!
  6. There is a riddle now in the Temple of Portunus, and it involves dancing on a pole, that is completely enclosed in a cube of water. Only if you take a partner and use the correct sex pose on the pole, do you get a glimpse of a few words on the interior walls of the temple, which would be a step in the vestal quest line.

Here are a few of today's screenshots, but there are more on my Discord, if you feel like joining (see my profile for the link, because I am not sure I am allowed to put the link here). Basically, my hubby and I spent a lot of time building and plotting and laughing our asses off as details and possible roleplaying situations developed.

2023-12-18 06-12-02_276544.jpg

2023-12-18 06-10-07_274865.jpg

2023-12-18 06-18-23_280300.jpg

2023-12-18 06-15-20_279150.jpg

2023-12-18 06-20-17_281132.jpg

2023-12-18 06-22-42_282121.jpg

2023-12-18 06-13-27_277779.jpg

2023-12-18 06-23-36_282450.jpg

2023-12-18 06-26-49_283666.jpg

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Next one is the view from on top of the mast, the lookout's post. And by chance the light of the word "ROMA" shines right through, between my legs. Although not a soul will believe me it happened by chance. Also, I don't know about the light, I am studying the night lights, versus the daytime sunshine.

One is natural, and truthful. The other one is evocative, and rather more prone to commit sins. I need advice on the proper 3DX room lighting when working with grand and open spaces, and little dirty corners, all together in one same world.

And I just love my Aemilian Bridge, I'm so proud of Plutarch for giving me the ideas.




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And I remember saying that people spawn on a ship, and they would have to swim for a few seconds. Well, that didn't really work, people were even taking off their clothes before jumping, as if they would get wet in RL. Seriously!!! And most just didn't even approach my Rome.

So, I made a slight change by adding a grid between the dock and the deck. Now, they can swim, walk, and even a mini-teleport for the ones who find it. And I love the feeling of walking on iron grids.



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About the three quest lines I am trying to create, here is the thing. First off, this game has neither togas not legionary uniforms. Or lions to fight with. 

So, all three quest lines (Legionary, Vestal, and Gladiator) have to get creative. Just like in a penitentiary's roleplaying environment, where prisoners wear orange and officers wear blue or black, I had to get the next best thing. 

VESTALS (not exactly vestal virgins, but vestals, so that guys can join, too) wear predominantly white but even that is not set in stone. I want to make it...  Easy.

GLADIATORS wear any kind of BDSM looking outfit. No conditions on bracelets, tattoos, masks, nothing. I want to keep it simple and give freedom of expression to roleplayers. Predominantly black, red, or animal skin patterns, like leopard.

LEGIONARIES, whose colors were red in ancient Rome, will have to dress as police officers, because there are no soldier uniforms here, either. So, as long as you get a police outfit, you can play this quest line. No color preference, but hey, keep it police officers.

Here are some screenshots.




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On the other hand, I am quite done with the part of the city I call "the birch corner". A little place, looked down upon by patricians and the rich ones, but somehow, I already had the most genuine, heartfelt chats and nice moments, right here.

Yeah, it might be a bit down and out, a spot for beggars or heroes without cause, but here are some screenshots.

Oh, and because these lower-class plebeians have no toilets and they are kicked out of the public baths, they make use of the parks to pee and ... well... you know.

So much so, that the city had to set up signs asking these people not to pee in the river Tiber.




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Well, here I am "announcing that everyone can ride Cloelia's Horse. Cloelia was a young, brave girl from the time the Etruscans used to raid Rome almost on a yearly basis, and she once stood up to Lars Porsenna, king of one of the Etruscan cities, and for that they gave her an equestrian statue.

Also, the horse is now a stallion, and you can lay under it.

Here are two screenshots.



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Well, people, it's that time of the year again. Christmas.

Team "Ancient Rome Sex" wishes you a Merry Christmas and may all your good wishes come true. And if you have been a good boy or girl, maybe Santa just slides down the chimney and gives you a nice present this year.


Aeliana, Plutarch, Gladiatrix, MeatAndPotato




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