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7 Years BDSMetal Gang

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377209946_DiscordEmoji.png.bd86f0ebd355c87bef361bfea1389405.pngRockWitchLogo_1.thumb.png.96099ab43a8e4903f7f84b2e49edf784.pngPoleCatsBlack.thumb.png.47fd37c045fcc9a7c0c4a05dccd673cc.png 531884365_BonesLogo.thumb.png.a58e7666af12679e3726495b84e3602b.png

Only a few more hours before we, we.... that is the BDSMetal gang with various DJ's ,the Pole Cats,Rockwitch, Bones & Bâclées-Danse-Marionettes, welcome you old friends ,new friends, guests to our 7th anniversary in the next 2 days. We are looking forward to a few hours of music and party.

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