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Shared room function/ability

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I suggested this years ago but remembered it again today when having a convo with someone and thought it worth bringing up again because it would really add so much to RP and the experience of having relationships in general in the game.

Basically the idea is that when you marry someone or even just start dating someone, it would be a very nice touch to be able to 'move in together'. To do this you would need to be able to set it so that either of your rooms was able to be commanded and used by both parties, so you would need some kind of function/UI where you could add permissions to the room and add another user. Then when they logged into the game they could choose to set it to enter that room as their default home even if their partner was not online and they could then be 'at home'. They could wait 'at home' for their partner to log-on, and when that person logged-in they would land in their shared home and find their partner waiting 'at home' for them. It would mean both people in the relationship could set-up a single shared base just like a real home to hangout in and use as a place to leave and go out from and return to at different times to each other if desired. A further expansion of this concept would be that either person could decorate the apartment/room/house/world at will (have edit permissions granted separately from the access and default options) which is also what you would do in RL if you lived with someone in the same place.

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