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Oculus VR - Map game controls to touch controllers


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This will map your oculus touch controllers to the game and allow you to move freely without a mouse and keyboard.

First, you will want to install AutoHotKey. This will be the program that runs the script necessary to remap your buttons.


Next, you need this library to enable the script to work with your oculus touch controllers.


Unzip this file anywhere that is easy to get to, preferably in its own folder. This will be important in the next step.

Next, take the file I have attached to the post and put it in that folder.



The setup is finished. Double click the ahk script that you downloaded from the post (attached) before you start 3dx in VR and your touch controls will work (mostly). I am still tweaking the script, but it works for now. It ONLY works for headsets connected to the desktop using Oculus Link or Airlink, it will not work if using the Quest 2 and Virtual Desktop. Virtual desktop does not pass the correct touch commands to the computer and use the script.

One issue in VR I have noticed is that when you are in third person and move the camera, the screen goes black, but when you lift your thumb off of the stick it comes back. This happens with the mouse also in VR, so it may just be a bug.


Let me know what you think, or please post with any improvements to the script!


  • Move the camera using the right thumb stick.
  • Use the A button as a left mouse button
  • Use Right touch stick as right mouse
  • Use the left thumbstick as zoom
  • Remap Left Thumbclick to spacebar
  • Use Y as Character View
  • Use X as Eye View
  • Use Left Menu button as free cam
  • Use Left Index Trigger as E
  • Use Left Hand Trigger as Q
  • Use Right Index Trigger E


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