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A Day in Bali, EvilNala, and why YOU should go visit.


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My day started as many have on 3DX,  bored and trying to find something new I had not seen yet. I remember scrolling through the room list and seeing BBC this FUCK ROOM that and thinking to myself I just want to have an adventure. I just want to see something beautiful and immersive and not another sex dungeon. (not that there is anything wrong with sex dungeons just wasn't really in the mood for one) As I scrolled I paused a bit as the wording on a particular room was a bit difficult to read at a glance surrounded by hearts. I thought hmm. looks interesting. So I clicked on the join and in I went.. To my delight my vision resoled into a beautiful pier complete with boats and benches for those who are waiting. So naturally I sat.... and opened up my friends list and messaged a few people who were on. No response.. Sigh* Typical I had finally found a place worth exploring with someone and nobody was around. So I waited a bit patiently and chopped over to the LOCAL. There it was.. the inaugural "Hi Chris!" from evilNala who it turns out is less evil and more well AMAZINGLY TALENTED. WE spent a whole 3 min chatting about the place when she finally asked how far I had gotten on the path.. I of course replied with .. The Dock.. hehe.. Yup I still had not moved from my waiting area. So I'm not going to lie, Nala is a feisty one and it took some clever banter before she told me about how she fired her tour guide. We had a few laughs and I convinced her to show me around... Reluctantly.

This was one of the best times I have had on 3DX hands down.

Nala graciously led me around this absolutely huge place she had created. She took her time and explained each area. She showed me some of her favorite places and where to stand to get the best view.

I have to say this world feels very natural, With its changing elevations and rope bridges over rivers and it's trails that carve they're way down the hill side. Obviously there were a plethora of beds, of which those who know me can attest to, I love and have to try out every one. .Which luckily Nala found to be humorous. But guys.. this isn't just a jungle There are cabanas and main house and some stunning beach views.

Look I don't want to give it all away I want you to see it for yourself. So please go there and enjoy the discovery. It is a big map so unfortunately some computers cannot handle it well..BUY A BETTER ONE! because this experience is completely worth the half a year it took her to make it.

One of the best parts of all of this experience is that I get to call Nala a friend.. So be respectful and Treat her well. You will be rewarded with witty conversation and a absolutely delightful time. 


Lastly.. Tell her you read this weird tale of a guy on an adventure though bali on the the forums and that is why you are there! Thank you for taking the time to read this and please go on and adventure today.

Feel free to say hi if you see me.

Cheers! Chris


2022-03-12 12-29-22_159411.png

2022-03-12 13-17-53_211347.png

2022-03-12 13-17-43_211144.png

2022-03-12 12-43-57_174309.png

2022-03-12 12-52-25_183983.png

2022-03-12 12-36-11_166254.png

2022-03-12 11-40-57_114979.png

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