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Lovense Connection Issues Unresolvable


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I haven't found a way to resolve this issue and its just waaay out of synch which ruins the entire purpose of it, for me at least.

I have tried reconnecting it and rescanning the QR Code hundred of times, the firmware and drivers are up-to-date and my phone is on the same network as my PC. 

PC connected via LAN, my phone via WLAN (no VPN on either sides connected)



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1 hour ago, Cherry83 said:

Update: I just tried connecting my PC to WIFI instead of LAN which also didn't fix it.

i guess it depends on how far you are away and how fast your internet speed is like. slow connection - slow synch. 🙄

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No issue here, only thing I can think of is, double check your phone is connected to wifi and WiFi-Assist is turned off.



"Wi-Fi Assist lets your phone use your cellular data plan to boost your WiFi performance, in case of a weak or bad WiFi" 


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