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FIRE STATION n°69 "Presentation and events"

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On a lonely night, I was the only prisoner of my inner fire without anyone to save me.
I needed a hero, but no lifeguard in sight.
We had to act, there are many dedicated and courageous men ready to help women in need.
The idea for the volunteer fire brigade n°69 was born.

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Hello everyone, Saturday, March 28, took place the inauguration of FireStation n ° 69.


The evening was exceptional from all points of view. 14 dancers, 5 DJs, 2 weeks of preparation, for a party that broke records. At the height of the evening there were 160 guests.
This success is above all a team effort.



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Posted (edited)

🇫🇷 🇧🇪Ce jeudi, première soirée "Pour vous Mesdames" à la Caserne n°69.


🇬🇧 🇺🇸 This Thursday, first evening "For you ladies" in french version at Fire Station n ° 69.
The English version is being prepared.

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🇫🇷 🇧🇪 Bonjour à tous!
la première francophone a été un succès incontestable!!! De nombreuses femmes sont passées au cours de la soirée pour admirer les performance de nos vaillants pompiers stripper.

🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Good morning all!
the first French speaker was an undeniable success !!! Many women passed by during the evening to admire the performance of our valiant stripper firefighters.


A big thank you to them: Tof, Nakaei, MrVinDavid, XmarcoX, Pwetie, Aitanos and Johey.
Thanks also to Divabelly and SwweetLov as well as Espiegle and Trianno for their support.
And especially THANKS to the public for their active participation in the show, it is for you that we are doing this.


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On Saturday, July 118, the summer event of the brigade took place.
Ambience "BayWatch", lifeguard and yellow 4x4, the Polecats made an expectionnal show before leaving the place oux HotFireFighter of the FireStation n°69 which emflammed the scene with a strip-teaser in French and English. After bringing the temperature down, the slow dance allowed the new couple to get even closer to each other.


Clip promotionnel

Clip of the party


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Bonjour à toutes !!!

Jeudi 24 septembre, pour la 6e fois, les Hot FireFighter se mettent à nus "Pour Vous, MesDames".

FireStation n°69, Strip-tease masculin descriptif, et plus si afinitées :3




Hello to all of you!!

Thursday, September 24th, for the 6th time, the Hot FireFighters get naked "For You, My Ladies".

FireStation n°69, descriptive male striptease, and more if you like :3

Only in French, for the moment ;)

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On Saturday, October 10th, 6 women stripped with charm and sensuality to raise awareness of their audience to October pink. The large audience came to enjoy the show with great respect. We were praised by many for the originality of the initiative and the support for those affected by this disease.

Many thanks again to all of you

Effeuilleuse : SweetLov, Nehalennia, ThaliaNymphe, CendresdeLune, DouceAlizee & AnneSoBZH

Dj : Signar

Danceurs : Leyleya, Johey, DreamMarker, ElliotRP & Syrius
Accueil : Trianno & AitaNymphe


About the event "Les Effeullieuses"

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Jeudi 24 septembre 2020, le cabaret des Hot FireFighter a accueilli la 6e de dernière soirée "Pour Vous, MesDames".

Durant ses soirées devenue rapidement populaire dans la communauté franchophone, nos vaillants soldat du feu fesaient craquer la gente féminine avec leurs strip-tease descriptif (en français uniquement).
La FireStation n°69 reviendra bientot dans une nouvelle formule.

En attendant, voici un clip de ce qui se passait durant ses soirée mémorables.


On Thursday, September 24, 2020, the Hot FireFighter cabaret hosted the 6th of last night "Pour Vous, MesDames".

During these evenings, which quickly became popular in the franchophone community, our valiant firefighters were cracking the feminine genteel with their descriptive striptease (in French only).
The FireStation n°69 will be back soon in a new formula.

In the meantime, here's a clip of what was going on during his memorable evenings.

Clip of the party CLIC HERE


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Bonjour à tous,

Le Jeudi 29 octobre 2020, la FireStation était en fête pour l'inauguration de sa nouvelle caserne.
Deavnt une foule nombreuse de connaisseurs, les femmes et les hommes du feu se sont dévétus sensuellement sur le rythme donner par Signar et accompagné par les danseuses du groupe MOON.


Good morning to all,

On Thursday 29th October 2020, the FireStation was celebrating the inauguration of its new barracks.
In front of a large crowd of connoisseurs, the women and men of fire sensually devoured the rhythm given by Signar and accompanied by the dancers of the group MOON.


Thanks to leyleya for the building and Signar for the sound.
Thanks to Hot FireFighter SweetyLov, Johey, CendredeLune & Signar for their show.
Thanks to FireFighter Trianno and DreamMarker for the welcome of the guests.
Thanks to the dancers from MOON, AnneSo, BlackDress, Calicha, DouceAlizee, JulieChipie, Korrine.

Thank you especially to all those who came to watch us and take part in the show while respecting the work accomplished by our team. Bizoux


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Le dernier jeudi du mois aura lieu la soirée "Strip-tease" tant aimer des femmes et des hommes depuis le mois dernier.

Pour sa 8e édition et aussi la dernière de l'année, la fin décembre est occuper par les fêtes, les Hot FireFighter allons prendre un peu de repos.

Mais avant un repos bien mériter, nous allons Mettre des étoiles plein les yeux de notre public encore une fois!!!



The last Thursday of the month will take place the "Striptease" evening so much loved by women and men since last month.

For its 8th edition and also the last one of the year, the end of December is occupied by the holidays, the Hot FireFighters will take a little rest.

But before a well deserved rest, we will put stars in the eyes of our audience once again!!!

Note, this is a striptease in French only.

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