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Found 260 results

  1. When the words don't come, say it with a song. Dedicate that special song to that special someone.
  2. NEXT ONE POSTING…. will be .... A very simple game... Just try to guess or predict who will be posting after you to say "Hi," "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon," "Good Evening" or any positive greeting to the Forum Community ... So I'll start... Next one posting will be .... Lady Andrea
  3. chloe

    Girls with Masks

    After Girls and Towels ~ which wasn't that successful as I expected (I still try to figure out why) ~ I like to introduce another girls image thread: Girls with Masks I know this time this thread will become a huge success.... I know it !!! I got inspired to do this thread cause of Candice upcoming Party: MASQUERADE | 17th of Feb | 6pm CET
  4. I'll probably get in trouble for this & I'm sorry Gizmo but I want MaeLing & Ali to come back. We miss this game, we miss the humour and banter and good friendships formed, that this game & others like it create. Change One Word is so much more than "spam". It's part of the heart of our community. Change one word. Example - First person may post "Good Game." Next person may post " Good Day" Next person " Day Dream" And so it goes on .... So I'll start I guess with StarWars Rebellion
  5. Hello everyone, I will open tonight an old room already shared, but felt like to reopen it Music will be EDM and Rock and I hope to have some more dj's on the way. If not I will make your ears bleed all night long 😛 New rooms are on their way, but I have no clue when I will finish them, so meanwhile I will resurrect some old ones Like usual, everyone is welcome!! Opening around 8PM CEST tonight Also, I will try to be more active with the website, so if you feel like to share your creations or look for some great work by builders, have a look here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/
  6. RAISE YOUR HORNS!!!! at JORRVASKR, next Friday, 6. 9. 19
  7. ▒ THE SECRET BEACH ▒ DANCE & CHILL ▒ EVERY WEDNESDAY ▒ The NEW BASEMENT has summer break (the air conditioning system is simply useless) so we will open the SECRET BEACH instead. I hope you all will enjoy the music, which will be a bit different over the summer. More Dance & House and less Techno. See you all on Wednesday <3
  8. APOCALYPSE MEOW returns to its heart of darkness, this Sunday, this time in @BlackVelvet's beautiful Fallout 4 room modified magnificently by @Icebox. Embrace your demons in a night of heavy prog, psych and metal summoned by DJs Shirya (Storm Kitten) and the queen of the night herself, @darkangel.
  9. You are all cordially invited to THE SOAP FACTORY ooo0000ooo The Grand Opening of THE SOAP FACTORY. Too Dirty for Soap - Be there or be clean!!! All Are Welcome. FRIDAY 21 SEPT 2018 AT 7.00 PM EST. MIDNIGHT - GMT (+5) with the ONE & ONLY DJ SHOVEL - WILD & FREE WITH A LIL BIT OF DEVIL! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and beyond !
  12. Welcome to my Party Thread here on 3DX forum Here you will see my upcoming parties / event's The Thread will be updated from party to party. I don't like to have forum thread's / tropic all over the place.. So i keep it to this one when its my personal party i hold and plan. See you there.. And remember to Enjoy!
  13. Dear all, I would like to inform you about the reopening of the pool, under the old format I speak about old format since any good streamer will be welcome to play at the condition to accept requests and play live Concerning requests, I will kindly ask people to requests music matching the style played, knowing that i wish every style to be played during a party to please all ears. Last but not least, the Pool will remain a non sex room, nudity is of course accepted, nevertheless, I want to avoid colders and other serial moaners to ruin the atmosphere If some of you are interested to stream, please contact me IG or here via PM. If you have other ideas to make this more fun, you are welcome to share! Hope to see you soon! Keep smiling and have fun!
  14. We invite everyone to have fun with us, at Grand Opening RED PHOENIX SOCIETY PARTY, on June 22nd from 9 PM / CEST, lots of fun, friends, and nice people, guaranteed fun.Host KEOS, music by DJ 's Nadouce, Laeticat and Biacat, join us and enjoy yourself Nous invitons tout le monde à s’amuser avec nous, lors de la grande ouverture du RED PHOENIX SOCIETY PARTY, le 22 juin à partir de 21h / CEST, plein d’amusement, amis et gens sympas, plaisir garanti.Host KEOS, musique de DJ Nadouce, Laeticat et Biacat, rejoignez-nous et amusez-vous
  15. Après le succès des deux premières éditions, nous avons décidé d’en créer une nouvelle dans une nouvelle salle. Nous invitons tout le monde à s’amuser à MARMMOT PARK, à s’amuser, à faire de la bonne musique et à des gens sympas. Hôtesse Vera Neuvy - musique au son de Vera, Laeticat et Biacat. Participation spéciale du groupe de danseurs SIRENS, rejoignez-nous et partagez. Portes ouvertes à partir de 9h45 After the success of the first two editions we decided to make one more now in a new room. We invite everyone to have fun at MARMMOT PARK, lots of fun, good music and nice people. Hostess Vera Neuvy - music to the sound of Dj's Vera, Laeticat and Biacat. Special participation of the group of SIRENS dancers. Join us and have fune. Gates open from 9:45 AM CET
  16. Its Time for the Next Underground Special Event! Presenting: Naughty Nights at Wet N Wild, The Best Beach ROOM EVER! DATE: Saturday, June 15th. Times: From 7 PM EST to Midnight EST with the AFTERPARTY being DJ'd by Handsome Devil until whenever he passes out or you all have had enough :-)
  17. do YOU like CLASSIC ROCK, Southern and Blues Rock? well, then it is time to visit ROUTE 69 this sunday, 9.06.19 9pm CEST
  18. after almost 2 years since THIS IS DEUTSCH, its time to announce "THIS IS DEUTSCH Vol II"
  19. The Polish Section 3DXChat invites you to a Blues Night in the Jazz -Swing-Blues Club Are you tired of a loud discotheque? Are you looking for a place to spend the evening listening to romantic music? Let's move in time! Let's move to another dimension! Together! With pride and joy, we would love to have you join us. If you love jazz, swing or blues, you will love this place! Let's meet tonight! We start at 8pm CET
  20. PARTY!!!!!!!!!! May 5th Free For All party. Totes Bohemian. ( more to come )
  21. I thought it would be fun to display some Signature Banners for Forum Profiles with instructions how to display them. I'll include the instructions first what to do. Then upload some Banners. Please feel free to use if you like them. ****************************************************** 1. Log into Forum. 2. Go to your Forum Profile by clicking on your name, top right and choosing “My Profile” Option. 3. Then click on “Edit my Profile” in a black box, on the right, towards the top. 4. On the Left is a menu, Click on Signature. This will lead you to your Forum Signature / Banner page. 5. You will see the rules for signatures and a text box for uploading your signature url or http address. Your signature may contain: • Up to 1 images • Images up to 800 x 150 pixels • Up to 2 URLs • Up to 1 lines This is used the same as uploading any pic to forum. See below if unsure. When you are happy “Save Changes” under the text box and your personal signature should show. ******************************************************************************************************************* Useful FREE Downloads. Down Load these 2 free programmes and open a free account with imgur to upload your pics too. Useful FREE Downloads. 1. For taking images - Light Shot Http://app.prntscr.com/en/download.html 2. For storing images and giving them a http address - Imgur https://imgur.com ******************************************************************************************************************* REMEMBER YOUR SIGNATURE HAS TO BE UP TO 800 x 150 pixels Uploading a pic to imgur. 1. Log in to your free imgur account. 2. Click on your name to show drop down menu. Click on Albums 3. Click on “New Album” 4. A box appears. Choose a name, maybe your partners name, the subject etc… Make sure you click on “hidden”. You don’t want the public to see your obscene pics – you could even get kicked off the site. 5. Click on “Add another image” and a box appears. Click on “Browse” and it open a box to your PC. In the Pop up box, look for your pic/signature. Save pics in an area you can find easy such as - “Documents” in your menu and then your “User Name” Specials Folder, then “Fave Internet Pics” folder or “Screen Shots” folder. 6. Choose the pic you want. Click on the pic to populate the box , then on “Open” and it will upload to your imgur album. This uploaded pic in your album will now have a “http…” address. You need the http address to post in forum either in a PM or a Topic. To upload a pic to 3 DXChat forum. 1. Right click on your chosen image from the internet or in your imgur album you wish to post or pm in forum. A drop down menu will appear. Click on “Copy Image Address” or “Copy URL” or similar. OR Control / Ctrl + C. This is to copy the http address of the pic. 2. Open up Forum and the topic or PM (Private Message) you wish to answer or send or your Profile“Signature Box”. Paste it by right clicking and choosing paste from the drop down menu (OR Control / Ctrl + V) in your Forum "Message" or " Reply" box. The URL will appear. 3. Sometimes this will take by itself. 4. If it doesn’t click on the icon “image” box above the text box - 2nd Line where B for bold is and I for italics, 11 across is image icon. This will open a box to paste the http address in. Paste (Ctrl + V ) & Click OK. 5. The image should now show. 6. Click Post to show in the topic. Or Save if its your profile. The Signatures are below :
  22. Are you're tired of a loud discotheque? Are you looking for a place to spend the evening listening to romantic music? Let's move in time! Let'a move to another dimension! Together! With pride and joy, we would love to have you join us to that travelling to an unusual evening of relaxation. If you love jazz, swing or blues, you will love this place! The Polish Section 3dxChat is proud to invite you to the opening of a new club.
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