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Found 16 results

  1. Bunny Studios & Insatiable Clubs Presents VAULT-69 After The Bombs Fell On Oct 23rd, 2077, Only A Selected Few Handpicked For The Aftermath Rebuilding, Specially Crafted To Endure Hardship, To Work Towards The Overseer Vision Vault-69 is A Hang-Out, Story Based RP World, A Game Inside A Game Itself, A Fun & Exciting Environment Filled With Mystery, Quest Lines, A Economy, jobs & ranks, A Level System , W/ Added Perks/Rewards/Meaning, Over-Time Updates & Add-Ons, & A Place To Go To Enjoy Life With Friends & Grow A Community Together Join The Adventure, Become The Story, Break The Cycle Join The Growing Community~ Ingame & Our Discord Server ! https://discord.gg/4kPJU9B4vV
  2. I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of here ! / Ich bin ein Star .. holt mich hier raus ! ... one year is over and a bunch of new "Celebrities" are pushed in the jungle ... wieder ist ein Jahr vorbei und RTL sperrt eine Horde Z-Promis in den Jungle Time to celebrate our own "Jungle Camp" ! Genau die richtige Zeit unser eigenes Junglecamp zu eröffnen ! At 28.12.2022 / 18:00 Uhr opens the first one and only 3DXCHAT-Jungle Camp : Special Guest .... DoctorBob ( they will bite, they will sting, but they won`t kill you ! ) : Beat the Challenges - get the stars ! Enjoy the evening with beans and rice : or just enjoy and discover the unique location ! You are welcome ..... down in the jungle !!
  3. Ciao.. Da poco sono tornata su 3DX Chat insieme alla mia fidanzata Riley. Siamo entrambe italiane e coppia lesbo reale e cerchiamo amiche e compagne gioco, per RP stimolanti e piacevoli e momenti divertenti. Principalmente cerchiamo persone Italiane o che parlino la nostra lingua, ma siamo anche disponibili a conoscere persone che parlino inglese. Siamo entrambe lesbiche e cerchiamo unicamente ragazze o donne. Spero che questo annuncio porti nuove conoscenze, ringrazio chiunque legga. Baci, Riae e Riley Hello.. I am back on 3DX chat togheter with my GF Riley. We are both italians a real life lesbian couple and we're looking for new friends and playmates with the purpose to hang out, and make some interesting and exciting RP's. We are looking mostly Italians girls or ones who speak our native language, but we're available to meet people who speak english too. Since we both are lesbians, we look only for women or girls. Hoping this announcement will bring us new knowledges, i thank everyone for reading. Xoxo Riae and Riley.
  4. Work Of The Hearts & Insatiable Clubs Presents VAULT-69 vAULT-69 IS A Story Based RP World, A Game Inside A Game Itself, A Fun & Exciting Environment Filled With Mystery, Quest Lines, A Economy, jobs & ranks, A Level System , W/ Added Perks/Rewards/Meaning, Over-Time Updates & Add-Ons, & A Place To Go To Enjoy Life With Friends & Grow A Community Together Its Next Big Story Quest LINE Ghouls Lost Souls We Still Have A Bit Before This Starts! But Start The Hype! This Halloween Mini-Series Experience Will Be 4 Parts, Each Part TBA The Wacky & Creative Minds Of Mine & LinnyLove Heart Will Advance The Eerier, Spookiness Of Halloween Inside The Vault By Adding Visuals, Placements, Overall Changes, Side Quests, Themed Tuned, Fun Moments & Ofc The Excitement Of Living A Fear All Into The Vault World Each Of These Weeks To Tell A Story ! Starting October 5th ! How Will You Survive? Ghouls_Lost_souls_4.mp4 STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO
  5. 261616288_videobm.mp4 ??Dibella Queen Vamp, créatrice de RP et Builder vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4
  6. Come join us at our GRAND OPENING in the realm of 3DX Saturday 3rd of July, 2021. 9:00 pm CET We will be hosting a fun night with Dancing and Chilling. Featuring the amazing Sirens & Sailors dance team! We will also be holding a Medieval RP Contest!
  7. Предлагаю вашему вниманию телеграмм канал https://t.me/faproul 1) Парам у которых секс стал обыденным. Испробуйте что-то новое, ведь трахаться 5 лет под одеялом это вовсе не сексуально. Помимо рулеток, в боте есть подробные сценарии для секса, отыграйте роль шлюхи и клиента в отеле и разные другие. 2) Парням которые стесняются признаться в своих фетишах своим девушкам. Стояк от одной мысли о лёгком бондаже? Любишь женские ножки, но боишься что твоя девушка тебя не поймёт? Попробуйте это проходя рулетки и сценарии в боте. 3) Парам которые не против добавить в свою половую жизнь новых людей. Это довольно частое явление, когда парень с девушкой договариваются о том, что могут переспать с кем-то ещё. Скоро будет добавлены рулетки в которые можно сыграть двумя парами. Тем самым вы в итоге длительных прелюдий плавно перейдёте к тому, что временно поменяетесь партнерами для секса - ты переспишь с другой девушкой, а с ее парнем переспит твоя. 4) Одиноким фанатам дрочки. Сценарии, рулетки для дрочки дома, разнообразь это повседневное удовольствие выполняя задания и челенджи. 5) И ещё куча других тематических рулеток будет добавлено в процессе. В нашей команде 2 автора и мы любим свою работу. Подписывайся на канал чтобы получать новости о новых рулетках. А также пиши в телеграмм свои пожелания по новым рулеткам и мы обязательно их сделаем. https://t.me/faproul Примеры рулеток и историй ниже:
  8. Open now ! Maybe the biggest RP-Location in 3DX at the moment - or just a romatic place to stay, chill and love You are welcome to explore the whole place. Jannick
  9. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but I'd like to suggest that we start the rp chat in different ways. Currently, every single rp chat starts with your name. While that's fine for the most part, if you're writing a large block of text and you need to follow up in the next block, it becomes a bit weird to read. Example: If we start RP by writing /me FutabaSakura reached out her hand and patted your head. She lowered herself into the water and sat down next to you. Or if we could start rp with just writing / I reached out my hand and patted your hand. My feet slowly slipped into the water, feeling out the temperature. The rest of my body quickly followed as I sat down next to you. Another example is when you're out of characters and you have to start with the next sentence. With /me, you'd have to follow up the next sentence like this: (Whole bunch of rp, almost nearing the limit) She rubbed her shoulder against yours, looking -- FutabaSakura -- into your eyes as she blushed. While if we could just start rp by writing / (Whole bunch of rp, almost nearing the limit) She rubbed her shoulder against yours, looking into your eyes as she blushed. It's nothing major or anything, but I'd love to see a change like that. You'd be able to start the rp in different ways too, that'd be great. What do you all think?
  10. Hi, I am a newby enjoing the RP experience of this game.Please forgive me if any of this is already possible but I did not notice it. Here my suggestions. 1-Add a note (text) page for each of my friends visible only to myself. I could note down where I first met this person, what she/he said to me. that could help to easly built a deeper RP experience IMHO (PS I used to have a special notebook for that in RL ) 2-Add a put on condom option. For sex education. 3-Provide some form of off-line communication (optional for each player, you should declare your accord) among players respecting their RL privacy. A sort of "virtual cellphone number" linked to an anonymous email account? I have no clue of how it could possible to put in place. Maybe it is just impossible.
  11. Hello this is a new villa i made Meant for parties etc pm me here or ingame if you want this villa
  12. The Succubus Lair ​a role-play session November 18th, Saturday 9pm CET / 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / noon PST About the event Let's continue the story below together at the above time and date! The room will be called "The Succubus Lair (RP)". It's gonna be the beach, the succubus lair is the cave with the campfire in it. Because of technical limitations, there will be daytime in the room when you join. Please turn it to nighttime manually to have a more immersive experience. The story so far There he was, inside the cave near the beach with a thick book next to him, on the ground. Its pages were turning into yellow, some of them had already fallen out. The weight of the wood pile he was carrying started to put a strain in his biceps, he was really glad he could finally put it down. It was almost 2 am, not a soul around except for him. The chilly night air and the monotonous sound of the waterfall joining the lagoon outside the entrance made goose bumps appear on his skin. He built a nice arrangement out of the branches and logs, put some paper around the thinnest pieces and clicked his lighter. A minute later the dancing flames painted the walls of the cave innumerable shades of red and yellow. He crouched down and carefully opened the old book at the light of the fire. He had read this part at least a dozen times already, but he wanted to go through it once again, just to be sure. His whole body was shaking because of the excitement mixed with deadly fear. "Why am I doing this? I should be in my bed right now, I've got to go to work tomorrow." - he thought to himself. Andel had never done anything spectacular or even very memorable in his life. Deep down he knew he would not go back home now. If there was even the slimmest chance of his dream becoming true, he must do the ritual. The book said that spirits were especially receptive on the day of the summer solstice. He's got to do this here and now. He took a deep breath and counted to ten in a hopeless attempt to calm his nerves a little. He reached in his pocket and his fingers closed around the handle of his knife. He brought it out and pricked his left palm. He let out a muffled cry. The dark, scarlet blood dripped out of the wound, he quickly placed the small glass vial he brought under it to collect the liquid. He took out the carefully wrapped up feather and dipped the tip in his blood. He began writing on the piece of paper he laid down on the cave's cold floor. The Latin sentence was so deeply engrained in his memory, he could have repeated it if someone had woken him at the middle of the night. He finally threw the paper in the fire, got into a comfortable position and waited... and waited.... and waited. He could hardly keep his eyes open after what felt like hours of staring into the flames. His head bobbed down on his chest. Then suddenly he realized something and it brought him out in a cold sweat. The fire was burning just as bright as when he started it! And the pile of wood was just as big as before! Just as he had this thought, he noticed another shadow on the wall. It was a feminine shape but it was clearly not a human's. It had horns on its head and huge wings, not unlike ones on a bat. Andel was in sheer panic, he got up... except... he couldn't! No matter how hard he tried to stand on his legs, his limbs just wouldn't move. His pupils widened as he turned his head and saw the succubus... ...His mind was numb and his memories fogged up. In the dark of the cave he couldn't tell days from nights. Despite not being tied up, he still couldn't move his body. He couldn't tell if he'd been there for weeks or for years. The fire was still burning just as bright as on the night he entered this god forsaken cave. It seemed like the succubi used it as a portal between their world and this one. He knew some of them but sometimes new ones appeared. He couldn't really observe them as his body and mind were in constant agony. The demons used him as a source of food. They took him between their lips and sucked him until he exploded. This happened dozens of times a day and even though he was always thinking it was just impossible, he always got hard and then filled their mouths with his sperm. He hated his body for doing that. He was not sure if it was just for their own amusement or if it was another form of absorbing his life energy, but sometimes they pushed him on his back and rode him, flapping their bat-like wings from time to time. Some of the succubi even played with each other. Their lust was absolutely insatiable. The worst thing was watching other men suffer the same fate. The demons flew out to the nearby beach and rocks, prowling for more and more victims. Andel thought that's when it was nighttime, because he couldn't imagine these creatures on the sky in broad daylight and nobody noticing them and saving the captives. He wasn't sure though. The notion that it was him that brought these monsters to this world was just unbearable. Men like him were the lucky ones. None of them got anything to eat or drink, yet they were still breathing. He had no idea how this could be, the only explanation he could think of was that their torturers wanted them alive. Others were less fortunate and found their death inside the walls of this hellish place. Some by the claws and teeth of the succubi, others from exhaustion and starvation. Once, a few days or a few weeks ago, the demons brought a woman back from their prowl. They took her to the back of the cave, to a dark spot where Andel couldn't see her. He only heard her painful screams and lustful moans. He felt horrible for it, but he couldn't help getting stiff from listening to her. It took hours and hours but when they came back, the woman was gone. But there were one more succubi... Roles SuccubusFemale avatar with horns. You can choose to RP wings and a tail or not. Naked or in clothes appropriate to the role (not a Hello Kitty T-shirt ). Must be attracted to men, can be attracted to women. Succubi appear inside the cave first, they come to this world through the portal in the fire (going to have to RP that). They get their energy from their victims' cum, but they seem to like playing with them just for the sake of it too. Some like playing with each other as well. They can choose to keep a victim alive or end his life. They go on prowls seeking other victims and women that they turn into succubi. Female victimFemale avatar with horns, but take off the horns at first. In clothes appropriate to the role. When turned into a succubus, see above. Must be attracted to men, can be attracted to women. Female victims are ordinary women just trying to enjoy the beach at night until they are taken into the cave and turned into a succubus. Male victimMale avatar. In clothes appropriate to the role at first, naked when kidnapped. Must be attracted to women, can be attracted to men. Male victims are ordinary men just trying to enjoy the beach at night until they are taken into the cave and kept as a food source and play things. Can be killed by the succubi. If that happens, you can stay in the room, lying, but only talk out of character please . Summoner / Male victimThe idiot that started this whole mess. This role is already taken Final thoughts As per normal, do tell out of character if you don't like something and respect the other players' limits. I hope to see you on Saturday and that this will turn out to be fun for everybody! Questions, suggestions, comments are very welcome as a reply, in a PM or in the game as well (I'm Andel there too).
  13. i will hold a simple class to advanced wednesday the 14 at the velvet br 19hpm (gmt-4) come if you need pointers help or others and listen i will give example description and pointers a lot of tricks failsafe things to avoid and exceptions too so come over and learn
  14. i will make it quick and simple... 1. my rooms arent to be blamed for being themselves constructive criticism can be good but blaming The Cave for being a cave was kind of... so in the future i will disregard anithing about my rooms 2.RP/roleplay/descriptivesex: if you think your good you might need lessons.. maybe even more on the advanced courses... if you need pointers there come to me.. i'm getting tired of seing some things but i will hold a class lesson soon on some different topics about descriptive sex that some others do not cover 3.stop pushing your drama on people i had enough to help with and resolve in the past i need peace and quiet keep it out of worldchat and local /issues to resolve should be done in pm or groupchat or your own empty room with said people respecting others is also respecting yourself THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME
  15. Hello everyone!, You may have seen me around skulking doing other things to my friendly futas out there. Lately I have been wanting to build a room with its own story arc, this room will be completely player driven and will keep evolving if community interests is there. The idea is to have a futa arena pit, loser submits to the victor for whatever they want, it is expected that the victor does put on a public show with their submittee after the battle. Mechanics -3 judges will judge the battlers in the arena. - Judgement will be based on 2 catagories. - Creativity - How detailed the battle entry is - Sense - Has to make sense in this, you have to read the other person's RP - The battle last for 5 rounds (One person goes and then the other) - Battle RP can only be one entry long no -'s or it will take forever to write. - The victor / loser will have a master / slave dynamic. Meaning the loser will be the property of the master. - The victor also has the ability to remove the penis from the defeated futa, in this room anal will be the mechanic for this, penises will shrink back into the body, - User disgression, This may happen all at once, or it could take multiple sessions. - No relations from the community follow this story arc, it is completely divided, If you are a slave in the room, you are not a slave out of the room. A master on the same hand is not the master outside the room. -This does not mean two people cannot RP together, but for relationships best to stay away from such things outside the game. What I need to make this work. - 3 judges - Experienced RPers in both detailed and short format... they must be able to RP themselves. I will be sending this out to many people and if you see an opening night please stop on by and watch... or if you are a frisky futa who thinks she's got the balls, participate. No crying allowed if you lose them, YOU MUST PLAY THE PART OR YOU WILL NEVER GET TO PARTICIPATE AGAIN!!!
  16. Hello Curious Community Through this posting i'd like to introduce a compellingly exciting form of Masquerade, delicious gossip, devilish fun and dangerous games. I've decided to make this an exclusive event to ensure the most enjoyable experience for all attendees, Voyeurs, Couples and also Singles are welcome to swing by, all it takes is an application, either via PM or Forum. The event itself will be held with a touch of descriptiveness at a private location, since it's a pilot project we shall try to bridge the degree of rp to balance and find some kindred spirits for what I could imagine, a series of future events. The dresscode will be "Black Tie" and a Mask goes without saying ( It means a formal attire, dress and suit for those unfamiliar ) The bracelets shall define your level of desire/interest. White stays for purely innocent voyeurs, watchful from the side, undressing with the eyes, indulging but not partaking. Yellow resembles couples that like to watch and being watched but wish to exhibit their kinkiness without others touch. Orange signalizes interest to touch and be touched but not to be shared. Red itself symbolizes the full thrives of passion and indulgence a frivolous masquerade can offer. Questions and Applications are gladly taken, all I ask for the partakers is to keep an open character slot for the event and tone down the profiles to be unrevealing, baring no more than necessary notions like preferences and single or couple status, names will be distributed shortly before the event to assure a maximum of anonymity. If you desire to attend as a couple or in company please refrain from revealing your identity to more than your respective other, I kindly ask for some discretion, should you believe to know some of the participants, please keep that to yourself to ensure a mysterious atmosphere with the lingering shadow of doubt. Everyone likes something illicit ...;-) Time Converter ( Saturday 14.03.2015 - 23.00 to 1.00 GMT ) The Ending is but a benchmark, when time is fleeting by, the evening might as well be prolonged. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Erotic+Masquerade&iso=20150314T22&ah=2
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