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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone. When I am alone in the room, the game works. But as soon as someone else appears, the connection is lost immediately. Who has the same problem and how to solve it? I reinstalled the game, added it to the list of exceptions, nothing helps.
  2. Good afternoon. When I enter the game and I am alone, the game works fine, but as soon as someone appears or I go into the room with a lot of people, the connection is immediately lost. I solved this problem using VPN. As soon as I turn on the VPN, the game works fine. I paid money for the game, and I should not use other programs (especially paid ones) for the game. I understand that the attack is on, but I hope that when everything normalizes, it will be possible to play without VPN. I would like to receive comments on this subject from the support service.
  3. *Posted the same at - Bug Tracker (3DXChat 2.7 x64) - But not sure if this is still being monitored. If it is being monitored please delete this post* I am randomly experiencing problems with saving my home to a file. If this happens it partially takes quite long (3dx kind of freezes) and sometimes the file only shows up at the destination after I again select "File" ==>" Save to file" Still often it fails completely and an Application Error and a .NET Runtime Error is logged though by Windows / in the Windows Event Logs (Application Log): The Application Error says: - <Event
  4. Hi guys. love the game so far My problem is this. When i turn it on and try any sexual positions with real partners or AI partner it freezes the animation. The sound keeps going. The person on other end can see animations but for me its just frozen. the fast or slow dial as well. The pleasure meter seems to work and pop shots seem to be visible. but no body animation? Am pretty sure i had it working a few days ago for the first few times. my device works fine with other vstroker content. So i know it is not a hardware issue. i have tried unplugging it. resetting the connection. playing in
  5. i'm not very good at English, so i can't explain well, sorry today i join 3dxchat and install the program. but after that, even i typed correct id and password, i can't login(only launcher, homepage login has no problem) so i did every methods which wroted in faqs and reinstalled program 3 times, but those are no effective at all. there's no error message appears, just remain calm and no response(server change is possible, but it changes nothing). so i don't know what the problem is and why it occurs. please help me, i cannot solve this problem. my pc uses win10 x64, geforce
  6. I can not log into the game, login and password are correct, what should I do?
  7. Hello to all) I have been asked to write to you girl named Onmige.Ona paid subscription games for 1 month. And then she decided to buy another 1 month and pressed 2 times but now these are 2 subscription simultaneously. What should she do?
  8. Hi all ! I've just started the game a few days ago, and enjoyed it a lot since today. I logged in and have lost every sound in the game ! Not only music but everything... The game is like muted (and I feel like a deaf person). I've tried anything I could do, that is to check the game settings, check my computer sound settings, relaunch the game (a couple of times), reboot my computer then relaunch the game... nothing worked I also checked my sound drivers, everything is ok. And I have this problem with 3dxchat only. I finally uninstall game completely, then re-dl the client, and rein
  9. Hello everybody, After the last updates, face changed, mine is now ugly, as i said in the FAQ, i think i have an alien face... The thing is, i don't know if like me, you are many to think the same or if i'm the only one, because now, it does not make me want to play to the game anymore, maybe it's just a face, but it's important for me, and i'd love they bring me back my old face.... So, we are many or i'm the only one ?
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