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  1. problem solved! my internet network company blocks 3dxchat. my friend told me using vpn, so i can login after use it! thank you very much for your reply. someday i'll repay your kindness if i can!
  2. i'm not very good at English, so i can't explain well, sorry today i join 3dxchat and install the program. but after that, even i typed correct id and password, i can't login(only launcher, homepage login has no problem) so i did every methods which wroted in faqs and reinstalled program 3 times, but those are no effective at all. there's no error message appears, just remain calm and no response(server change is possible, but it changes nothing). so i don't know what the problem is and why it occurs. please help me, i cannot solve this problem. my pc uses win10 x64, geforce 950,
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