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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone this is a new laxury sex club im working currently WIP but soon will bea ready to 2-3 ppl that want this. If you want to open a sex room but A class n see ppl swarm inside n jaws on the floor this is what u need this is what will skyrocket ur sex party . a sex tag will not bring you ppl ,the warm hosting n The quality room will bring you ppl n you will see them enjoy the room. you can write every sex word there is in the vocabulary as a tag n still not get ppl BUT a nice classy room will help you preview pics soon more pics from the other places in this room
  2. Hello sweet kind ppl of 3dx So today ill talk about parties and overlaping as ppl call it Well personaly i dont care when i have a party who else has a party same day or even same time as me my logic is i pay 20 euro to have fun my way n since i love trance i mostly do trance parties so i have fun with those i want to have fun So my advice to all ppl is chill play the game enjoy have fun do ur parties whenever u feel like or whenever ur in Mood n have fun n stop worry who else has a party Just ur friendly next door lil Alivia Enjoy
  3. After the ceremony, we will be hopping over to another room where we will be CeLeBrAtInG!! <3 Join us!! The room is open to everyone...... Bring your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend etc.... or come single. Always new HEARTS to be found......... We look forward to seeing all who can make it <3
  4. Bran

    Party Time

    Pinkies Party A real man wears pink !!!
  5. I decided with the weddings taking place that it would be nice to offer a room for those who wish to use it as well as the other services that seem to be needed. As you can see, it's decorated nicely, loads well and can handle a group of people comfortably without issues. Also offered, wedding ceremony packages, music and much more. Please contact me, MarMohan, if you wish to use the room.
  6. Ashbash

    Music Events!

    Hello everyone, MrAsh here! Hi! I have made this thread for feedback or suggestions on the music in game in specific zones, to get peoples opinions and possibly ideas for future events that may be able to be arranged in game, whether it is a more Smooth Jazz theme in Sin Club one night for example for people to go up on stage and strip for everyone, having a strip party of some kind, or perhaps something else in another zone, something to just spice things up again for the community to decide and think up on what they would like to possibly have as events here in the world of 3DXChat! All feedback and ideas will be noted and the most agreed up on ideas will be set in motion in the future. So keep it respectable to other players and respect their ideas and opinions! Post away I am excited to see what you would like to see! Kind Regards MrAsh
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