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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, New video here featuring the avatar from my previous video, Club Seduction. The video uses Kim Petras' song of same title, of course. Title: Throat G.O.A.T. Author: BookishBrew Date: December 2022 Link:
  2. Let’s share your movies you’ve seen with us. No matter what Movie Genres, Cinema, Digital Channel, Spoiler and etc. Any foreign languages are welcome but English Subtitle is a must. Please don’t post silly subject that not involve with this topic, Thank you. I love SCI-FI, Action, Fantasy movies and many more. The first start here is “Monster Hunter” based on CAPCOM game. Released in USA 18 DEC 2020. Lead actors are Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa & Ron Pearlman. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, along with German, China & Japan investors like Constantin Film, Tencent Pictures & Impact Pictures aka TOHO Japan. Unfortunately, this movies was released during COVID-19 pandemic but this MAR 2021. They released 4K, UHD, Blue-ray & DVD format for their fans. This is straight 9 minutes cut from the movie.
  3. Movie Title (Mehlia) Title: First video Author: Mehlia Date: 21/08/2022 Description: FR) Bonjour, bonsoir. Je poste pour la première fois ici. (excusez moi si je fais des fautes d'anglais aussi!) lol C'est un clip musical où je me suis un peu amusée avec la caméra et le décor. (ps: je suis débutante la dedans, mais j'ai des idées.) Je vous souhaite une agréable journée et bon jeu à vous ! Lien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPFe_zBqE94 ENG) Hello good night. I am posting for the first time here. (Excuse me if I make mistakes in English too!) lol It's a music video where I had a little fun with the camera and the decor. (ps: I'm a beginner in this, but I have ideas.) I wish you a pleasant day and good game to you! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPFe_zBqE94
  4. Thanks for watching my videos. You can find them on vimeo at https://vimeo.com/user51145351 Rock im Bunker 5 Years.../ Juli 2020 /up to 4k and for download Studio 54... ./ Juni 2020 /up to 1080p and for download Rockvideo Test Trailer for 3DXCHAT After 4 years outside game / Mai 2020 /up to 1080p and for download The Rock Rebellz Club/ Mai 2016 / Rock im Bunker / Juli 2016 / Insane Party / August 2016 /
  5. heyooo well i love anime but i wont talk about that this time This time is about movies n series u have watched n loved So dont be shy share ur favorites . Personaly i started a series called salvation im on ep 3 se 1 I also like britannia ,Shadow hunters mortal instruments ,supernatural ,The magicians ,Vikings n Game of thones. Share urs <3
  6. Hello) I want to make a new topic: Music and clips from famous movies) I throw off your favorite clips here from the films)
  7. hello for the ones that will visit this Page well when im bored i create stuff this time i wanted to make some 3dxchat movies with real life backround etc stuff hope you like the Demos ps you cant see the Gyazo replays on mozila only chrome https://gyazo.com/ea1af0d2baa92fdeff3aeed0b8e88919 https://gyazo.com/c1296d0a1e090f30b6f1c1462c8dbc79 https://gyazo.com/4d63d8c2c440ba8e50568a9aa0e61d68 https://gyazo.com/34d4051f61451b31fa7292045ec1acae
  8. Hello everyone, especialy to @Gizmo and @Lisa I want to suggest here the multi partner summon with they own basic controls - So far in Game we can summon 2 more partners be it bob and betty or Avatar slots we might have open 1st Suggestion Is to increase Avatar Slots to like 5 from 3. -So far when you sumon Bob and betty with control and mouse click you can make 1 (only bot to move in a position) second suggestion is every bot has its own controls (for example you click x bot and make it move in a location you want then you click another bot and move it also ) - so far if u summon 2 bots when you pick a sex pose you can only do the 3 somes cause you have 3 avis on you room 3d suggestion is to be able to chose if you want to have a 3some (even tho u have sumon 2 bots plus you ) and with ur desired avi while another bot do not participate and you can move it in a location you desire (i will explain the why i suggest all that in the end ) I have found out That making 3dxchat sex movies For the various platforms out there is the best FREE advertizment for the game I have also found out That people love to watch more 3 some 4some and more instead the normal 1on 1 sex the stats are overwelming to like 5 times more (people love gangbangs orgy feeling 3 somes 4 somes and more and my suggestions will help sex movie creators to achieve that . -So my suggestions are for the Sex movie creators that want to make even more awesome movies. -From promotional perspective all those people that watch 3dxchat sex movies in all the sex video platforms are potential future players. At some point it gets down To why only watch(the 3dxchat movies) and not play the Game that you can do all that stuff in real i mean the people that love to watch 3Danimated sex at some point they will play the game simple. -The more tools Sex movie creators have the more eyeballs 3dxchat game earns more eyeballs means more potential players Ofcourse when pose editor is ready it will also help cause people will be able to make many different poses and also means more movies more potential clients Lemme show you a example what i mean eyeballs on 3dxchat Game in the pic you will see a video i made and on the top right you will see a 3dxchat link that redirects viewers directly to the 3dxchat website talking about potential new players This is why i say 3dxchat movies is one Of the best Free advertizments for the Game
  9. We all have our little secrets and one of them I will reveal today. The movie that make me always cry. Whether how often I watch it, whether I decide NOT to cry this time. Maybe this movie is cheesy, maybe a little embarrassed, never mind: I love this movie IMDB: My Girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqGv6qfHlmc At the latest when it recites the following poem, did it happen to me: Weeping willow with your tears running down, why do you always weep and frown? Is it because he left you one day? is it because he could not stay? On your branches he would swing, do you long for the happiness that day would bring? he found shelter in your shade. You thought his laughter would never fade. Weeping willow, stop your tears. There is something to calm you fears. You think death has ripped you forever apart. But I know he'll always be in your heart.
  10. Hi Guys, AussieJames in game, here with an announcement For the fun of it 'theblackmonster' and I are currently involved in filming choreographed sex scenes in game, editing them and uploading them to the internet The idea centres around having fun in game as well as showcasing the filming skills, set designs and new poses I've been creating I have recruited over 60 people already, and, want to film an orgy scene on my beach palace that I have designed, within the next month. If you are interested send my an inbox or find me in game and add me as a friend. Right now we are making 3 kinds of movies - Group Scenes, as simple as filming all the wild action in huge sets of over 20 people - 1on1 scenes with real vocals from real adult films being voiced over the top of the animation. This gives each movie a more unique feel then uploading the same content and audio as many other people - Story line movies with subtitles explaining the plot as well as character communication Requirements - Anyone who is laid back and down to have fun is probably the biggest requirement. - However if you can't speak very good English it may be difficult understanding what the director is saying. - Willing to participate in practice shoots, company 'meetings' and other company events, cameras off - Happy to have their Xchat name out their on the internet, though we can give you an Alias at your request Also Looking For - People with set design Ideas or already made sets - People with pose design Ideas - People with story lines and other ideas of what kind of movies to make Here are some photos of the company at work so you have an idea
  11. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a666fa8de693
  12. Hello, I'm looking for game porn film director's who are looking for new pornstar. This is something I would love to try doing and will do what you say to do, following your orders to help make best movies possible. I also know a female who is wanting to do the same we get on well in game
  13. We all enjoy sharing and listening to each other musics around here. So, I thought: "what about movies? We need a thread for this!!". So ... let us share our favorite movies, give/ask for tips or just discuss about anything related to the Big Screen. For starters: I totally dig Asian movies! Specially Hong Kong's. Anyway, everybody knows the Oscar winner and Scorsese's master piece The Departed. People also may remember that this movie won the "Best Adapted Screenplay". But what you may not know is the "original" one, the Screenplay Scorsese based his movie; Infernal Affairs. I love Scorsese, I really do, but he actually stole the entire movie! If you switch Boston and the Irish Mob with Hong Kong and the Triads, kaboom! You have the same thing. Even the jokes are actually the same. I highly recommend Infernal Affairs. It's a brilliant production and flawless in almost every aspect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4R3nHkqyfM
  14. Post your favorite movie or comics monster or villain. May be scary or funny or erotic...no matter. OK let me start with villain Number One in the movies by my opinion.
  15. So im thinking about doing some roleplays. I will more than likely have to record in a public setting (which should be fun) let me know if u interested. Always in my room Posiden's Studio. Hit my inbox.
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