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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, this is one of my latest works, the "urban" style and the almost gaming atmosphere was the effect I had set out to recreate. The location is not available because it is used in the "chupa chupa club" events but I think I will create other environments with this style and make them available to everyone.
  2. Hiya, I'm not sure if any of this has been mentioned but might I suggest to put a space between location and whatever we've inputted on our profile? Right now there's two options, either you start your location by writing ": Europe" so that it would read as "Location: Europe" or you use the html space code which is " ". With the html option it's written as " Europe" that way it reads as "Location Europe". I wasn't really sure where to put it so I posted it here as a suggestion~
  3. The Meet&Chat Holiday Resort ... just a place to chill, relax, roleplay or party ... your choice build by Jannick for 3DX
  4. Hello everyone, i wish to have the possibility to keep an user location permanently opened and don't have a computer/account logged in forever to keep it like that. That's, probabily, requires a lot of server space and maybe that could be made as recurring xgold payment or a small subscription fee to add at the existing one (for whom like the idea)? @Gizmo@Lisa
  5. Hey. Going to completely reinstall the game, but want to save my houses and user information. Where is this located? tnx
  6. THE CROWN XXX RESORTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5QntFL05i8 FREE DOWNLOAD https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/the-crown-by-chloe
  7. Hey guys, don't know if this sort of question might have already been answered on the forum before, but I've noticed that some users can host their own gatherings on yachts, a club modeled after Fresco, etc. Just wondering if this is some sort of mod or if there's a more obvious way to go about this that I'm just missing haha. Thanks 3DX! xx
  8. Hey there, I am quite new to the game (just 3 months or so) and I wanted to know how I can export my apartment and safe it on my pc that I can have different typs of apartments like one stripclub, one normal flat and so on I know that this works because I met a guy who did this and I saw the different rooms. But sadly he is gone and didn't told me how I could do that So I hope someone can tell me how I can do that Thanks bye
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