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Found 17 results

  1. Ciao.. Da poco sono tornata su 3DX Chat insieme alla mia fidanzata Riley. Siamo entrambe italiane e coppia lesbo reale e cerchiamo amiche e compagne gioco, per RP stimolanti e piacevoli e momenti divertenti. Principalmente cerchiamo persone Italiane o che parlino la nostra lingua, ma siamo anche disponibili a conoscere persone che parlino inglese. Siamo entrambe lesbiche e cerchiamo unicamente ragazze o donne. Spero che questo annuncio porti nuove conoscenze, ringrazio chiunque legga. Baci, Riae e Riley Hello.. I am back on 3DX chat togheter with my GF Riley. We are both italians a real life lesbian couple and we're looking for new friends and playmates with the purpose to hang out, and make some interesting and exciting RP's. We are looking mostly Italians girls or ones who speak our native language, but we're available to meet people who speak english too. Since we both are lesbians, we look only for women or girls. Hoping this announcement will bring us new knowledges, i thank everyone for reading. Xoxo Riae and Riley.
  2. First of all, welcome readers, please leave your opinion in the comment section. This post is addressed to the people who get dont just log on, cum and log off. I know this was at first a sex game, but I think I dont speak only for myself when I say that with the ongoing pandemic, it went way past than that. It became closer to a stage for all the DJs who had no physical sets for over a year, it allowed them to still exercise their passion. I can think of many musical events that happened on 3dx ( WB's Berlin, VS' Climax, the Havasu EDM festival, the Elevate Festival). It also became a place where some people express their creativity while building, to cite some @Anaganda AlanaCyber @HeatherK@KiraSuicide,(and all of those who take time in building instead of placing a row of beds and watching all the "CumAndGo"ers that we see around those maps). Some have also found relationships here, yeah some call them unorthodox or jokes, but some also really care. There's more to a couple's life than sex. Now there's a few poses that are for 2/3 people that dont revolve around sex, but I think some vital stuff is still missing (hand holding while walking or something that allows you to guide someone walking with you, piggyback rides, kissing against the wall, closer spooning in bed, sitting on each other's lap). I'll probably get flamed for this suggestion because "tHiS iS a SeX gAmE" as some would blurt out, but I feel this would be a good addition to the game. Thank you for reading. -Food
  3. Okay, first off let me just say that I realize that the feature I'm about to suggest may sound silly to some that aren't here with a spouse, but some of us actually are. I think it would be an excellent feature (only accessible to married avatars) to be able to enter public rooms in an invisible state to others if you so choose. This would be a switch on/off feature. 1. Who hasn't had the invisible man/woman fantasy 2. For swingers/cuckold and even some bdsm adventures it adds a bit of thrill 3. Allows for cheating fantasy scenarios 4. Gives more incentive for couples to tie the knot (so yes 3dx...you win too) I understand that you can accomplish this by creating an alt (kind of). It's just not the same and I bet it wouldn't be that difficult to implement considering what the ignore does (or used to do).
  4. THEY GOT MARRIED!!!!! Congratulations to Deric and Seamyst. They Married on Monday August 6th. A party for the Newlyweds is planned for Wednesday August 8th beginning at 5:30 PM EST. COME in, and celebrate and congratulate this wonderful couple on their Nuptials. IT'S PARTY TIME!
  5. Just wondering if we anyone would like to forward names of couples that have been together the longest on 3DX. Rules: Time spend on 3DX only – meaning, if you have been together for 3 years and only 6 months on 3DX then only 6 months counts. Some people don’t like the concept of marriage so couples count. Non-exclusive couples count as long as you guys are the primary couple. I guess we should allow couples to add time together. So, if they have separated and gotten back together again, the time together only counts. Couples have be active players. If you don't play the game on average at least once per week you really shouldn't count I would like to forward xCandy and Deelicous… AKA CanDee – Sep 10, 2015 (14.5 months) Feel free to mention couples that have been together for a while... they should be commended.
  6. http://imgur.com/a/g7Tbw Man, we had a blast! Hope to do it again sometime
  7. Hello everyone, Make sure to mark your calendars for February 4th, 2017 at 1pm EST/ 2pm CST/ 8pm GMT. It is the grand opening of Gunpla Dance Club. After a month of putting it together, Gunpla Dance Club is ready to be opened. Welcome all to this anime themed room after Gundam Build Fighters. Due to the nature of 3dxChat, I have added as much as I can to give you the best experience while staying away from lagging issues that plague other rooms. Here, you will be able to not only enjoy the outside but to dance the night away. Gunpla Dance Club is a two-deck platform with the first platform having a wide open dance floor with an elevated dance and dj booth in the middle. From the middle, you will be able to walk down to see our dancers in their club cages for your entertainment. There is a section dedicated to those who want to put on a tease with a strip pole platform surrounded by couches. There are two sections filled with beds so after you are done teasing, you can get right down to business. Last but not least, the final section on the bottom floor is a great lookout toward the moon where everyone can get to know each other and nerd out showing their true otaku sides. I look forward to seeing you all there. Make sure to check out the website! [https://jonendless.wixsite.com/gunpladance] UPDATE: Website is now added Above ^^^^^
  8. Okay guys and girls it's that time again! My love night returns again in 2016 for it's 6th installment! Sorry I didn't do one during the month of December, there were many parties and it didn't seem right to add on to the list as it would make people conflicted on where to go to! But, starting from this month I will be doing my nights again on the Love Island! Many of you asked me to bring it back and missed it last month well it wasn't planned to go away! Anyways this month will be a little off target of my usual closest Saturday to the 21st of the month. This is mainly due to Real Life reasons not giving me enough time to do this night, this Saturday so for this month only it will be on the following day: Saturday 30th January 2016 @ 00:00 (Midnight) GMT // 7pm EST 29th January 2016 So for EU Folks it will be early hours of the morning Saturday, but for US folks it will be Friday Night due to the timezone, so it will be at Midnight UK time which is 7pm Eastern Time. Hope to see you guys there, sorry for the delay and I look forward to doing this again! But for my 7th installment next month in February on wards it will be the normal time again of the nearest Saturday to the 21st of each month, but keep a look out for posts here on the forum. Kind Regards Ash
  9. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my fifth instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. And I will be your DJ for the night, playing Love themed music of all kinds. If there is any songs you want to be played please let me know in this thread and I'll be sure to put it in the set list ready for the event! Sorry for the delay of this post, it has been a busy week, so haven't had much time really to make this thread, but here it is, sorry to leave it such short notice! Saturday 21st November 2015 @ 7pm EST // Sunday 22nd November 2015 @ Midnight GMT. Kind Regards DJAsh
  10. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my fourth instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! I am surprised we are on the fourth instalment! Time is flying by it's crazy!. Soon it will be Christmas, but I hope you're looking forward to the Halloween Event soon! Hehe. So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. And I will be your DJ for the night, playing Love themed music of all kinds. If there is any songs you want to be played please let me know in this thread and I'll be sure to put it in the set list ready for the event! The time and date are labelled in the poster which I kindly thank Miiya for making, especially with the "Love Guru" hahaha. It's amazing! I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday Night! Kind Regards DJAsh
  11. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my third instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! I am surprised we are on the third instalment already! Time is flying by. Soon it will be Christmas! Hehe. So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. I am going to do something slightly different. I'm asking if you guys want to hear a song be played in my set for this event please post the suggestion here, preferrably just the title and artist rather than videos as I can search my Content Unlimited Library for the requested song at a good quality level! But make sure it fits in with the theme! The event will commence Sunday 20th September @ 00:00 GMT+1 (UK Time) which is 7pm EST Saturday 19th. Hope to see you all there! Will be lovely as always and to save a huge influx of requests that I had last time hehe. So post them all here in this thread and I'll be sure to put them in my set if I have enough time to. See you all there! Kind Regards DJAsh
  12. So it's that time again! My 2nd installment of my "Loving You" music event on Love Island is going to be taking place!! Date: Sunday 23rd August 2015 @ 00:00am GMT+1 (7pm Eastern Saturday 22nd August 2015) Theme: Love Countdown Timer is Here I hope to see you all there and I am excited for it! (Sadly no fireworks this time they are disabled)
  13. All are welcome to join in the official opening of Lana Love's Club. Come join us Friday 22 May 2015 20:00 - 01:00 (GMT-5) for dancing and good times with friendly people. Bring your special partner or maybe meet that special someone here. Here at Lana Love's our focus is socializing and dancing but that doesn't mean the adventurous are left out in the cold. Cuddle couches are plenty as well as a spacious private nook. Available for bachelor parties and Bridal showers. Coming soon, our Dove Grand Hall remodeled for wedding receptions. Special thanks: To AlphaSlut for her professional and skilled creation of an awesome poster. ♥hugs♥ To KittyCream for the tips and improving the look of the club. remodel coming soon.
  14. Hello 3DXChat Community! I am currently DJing on the Love Island doing a little Love Music take over for a couple of hours, here is the place to post all your images of the night, I hope you all enjoy yourselves and requests are currently being taken in game, so drop on by!
  15. Hello 3DXChat Community! MrAsh here! I am here to announce that I, and LovelyTezz, will be hosting a Love Themed Event on Love Island on Friday 24th April 2015 @ 9pm GMT (10PM UK Time) It has been requested for a long time to have a love themed event in game, that is strictly love songs and the like being played all night long and so I thought to myself why not! It is something people have wanted for awhile! So here it is, the event will become a reality! LovelyTezz is helping me with the Song List, so you have her to thank for all the Music choices that are chosen and played at the event! (As I am hopeless when it comes to that sort of music hehe) So I have LovelyTezz to thank for that, and I hope you all will do too! It's something special and something different and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as me and LovelyTezz will! So everyone get ready for the event, and I will make sure to make it a remembered one! I have a strong feeling it will be a great night and for many reasons so I hope you all will be there even if you aren't a couple with someone, you never know you might find someone at the event itself! I also have the awesome Twiggy helping with the event also she is going to be doing a little "Couple Matching Dating" event before it, to bring people together ready for the event itself and further beyond! (Hopefully) This event has been in planning for quite some time! And I have decided to make it an extra special one with all these different plans set in motion for it! We also have The Fine Young Bartenders hosting the drinks at the event! So I am happy to have them aboard the event it's going to be one to remember I can feel it! So I hope you all enjoy yourselves to the Love Music into the night and I expect to see many couple dances! And even if one couple find each other through the event and continue together beyond after the event then that makes me extremely happy! I will also be making a nice speech there for the event also so make sure to look forward to that! I cannot wait for it, so many events this month all with their own unique feeling and atmosphere! Let's all make it an awesome night! Hopefully see you all there! Kind Regards MrAsh/LovelyTezz/Twiggy P.S. Thank the lovely Shanti for the poster!
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