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Found 6 results

  1. Heeey everyone .... Hungarian people make amazing party at 8:00 PM (CET) - 12.02.2021 (Friday) !! All of you welcome...
  2. I love music, so I listen to a wide range of genres. My favorite, mainly because I love anything with a great beat, is pop. Post your favorite songs that you sing/dance to when you're happy, or having a great day! I love this song, and I love its music video:
  3. MC's Weekend Pool Party ~ Truth or Dare ~ Most Weekends Happy Hump Day, y'all! Maddi and I will be opening our Weekend Pool Party room this Friday/Saturday for everyone to come hang out at and play Truth or Dare. It's a welcoming environment for new people, full of players that are friendly and respectful, and a great place to make friends and strike up interesting conversations. We'll also be offering up our full complement of community services [for a small fee, of course], including: advice, mentoring, therapy and matchmaking. Truth or Dare Rules: Type !!! in local if you're playing when it's time to pick the next victim player.On your turn, pick someone and ask them to choose Truth or Dare.For Truth, ask them a question -- the more thoughtful, the better!For Dare, give them a task to complete -- the more creative, the better!Once that person answers truthfully or completes their dare, it is their turn to pick the next player.Penalty for failure or refusal to answer/complete will be a gift sent to the person that chose them.If a Dare includes another person, that person has the right to decline. Come join us! All are welcum! Play some Truth or Dare, grab a stiff drink, enjoy music while sitting around the pool, make some new friends and mingle & tingle. Just be sure to reimburse us for any 'stains' you make in our beach house.
  4. Hey everybody! This saturday we will open "The Sphere" and old project I have been reworking! Music and ambiance will be as you can find them at the Pool Party and La La Land! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1Mh61TgCb4 Hope to see you there! Cheers! Still working on last details but here it is!
  5. YOU MUST SEE THIS :lol: http://youtu.be/PF7EpEnglgk http://youtu.be/hZ8Xj_I3aNU [media=''][/media] [media=''][/media]
  6. Camden

    Pajama Jammy Jam

    We are doing it House Party Style! Bring your pillows and dress in your PJs (Red, White, or Pink is the theme) Now for some additional info: Additional Info There will be a vote for most creative style of pajamas. A game of 'Would You Rather'.There will be booze but feel free to bring your own.There will be drinking games (prefer that you have a spirit or beer in real to participate. Of course, not everyone drinks, so non drinkers can substitute).There will be a random RP pillow fight just for fun (keep it fun and playful please).One hard and fast rule; please respect others and have fun. Any rude and offensive attendees will be asked to leave immediately. Suggestions are welcomed. We hope to see you there.
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