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Found 12 results

  1. Just wanna comment over Lisa's post on both the forums and discord goes as follow: Dear 3DXChat Community, We are aware of the server and game issues, we are working on troubleshooting the problems. Whut for reals? I did not even noticed... Quick FAQ: Oh ye baby gimme some FAQS. Q: I lose connection with the game, but my friends don't? A: Try using a VPN to enter the game (free): https://account.protonvpn.com/signup/account Select either the USA or Europe region. This ain't a solution to the issue that affects these people, it's a workaround and also the VPN workaround doesn't work for everyone. Plus if the person is already from the US why would they use a VPN to connect from the US and vice versa for the EU people that are having the same issue. Issue is not end user, is from the servers and it needs to be fixed ASAP because these people paid to have access to your game and they don't have access to it. Q: Patcher client freezes during update. A: You can download and install the latest version of the client (Build 415) from your personal account or via this link: https://mega.nz/file/EBBgUYRQ#MeI-AZwIiLRpm7VNaFohSen8uvPlLR29RjDFyOYGcSM I ain't got much to say about this one, it's an alternative to download last version of the game, it's nice to have alternative options. Q: Player profiles do not open correctly A: This is resolved by restarting the game. Ok so I got a problem with how this one is worded. I am sorry but "this is resolved by restarting the game" Is not a resolution, it's a workaround and not a efficient one, I trust the devs intend to resolve it (some day) but don't just tell us "this is resolved by restarting the game" no.... if someone's PC crashes regularly I ain't gonna tell them "this is resolved by restarting your PC" no.. Imma look for the cause of these crashes and then find a way to prevent the PC from crashing. At least just tell us ya'll working on this... because this kinda sounds like this is the only solution that you could come out with and we just have to accept this is how things are gonna be from now on. Q: Nothing helps me. A: We do apologize, you can create a support ticket to request assistance on other issues. So I just had to laugh at this one, with a mixture of humor and sadness... I have a friend that has not been able to play 3dx since the ddos attack, she tried using a VPN, reinstall the game, she submitted a ticket to support who just told her to "allow the game to run through her firewall" which did not resolve the issue and they also stopped replying to her after that 1 message. I don't know who you guys hired for support but dayum... the lack of replies just show that they don't really care and that's not very IT standard, they should at the very least fake that they care right? So I want to clarify first that this is NOT intended to attack anybody, people getting fun ideas lately, I not just ranting to attack and accuse anyone, it is the devs responsibility to fix these issues and all we can do is wait for it to happen or leave and find another alternative to 3DXchat (as if there was any). This is an intend to leave some constructive feedbacks while staying as real as possible. I thought I'd share my thoughts on this topic cause why not, my morning plans were blue balled by the server instability and with some time to spare so I decided to do something unproductive and make a thread that most likely just gonna sink down the the Tech Support topics list. On a positive note, at least the server comes back up this time... no weekend long server down... yet PS: please don't ban me. Also I got dced 3 times while writing that post xD
  2. Just thought would be nice to have a place to regroup bugs and suggestions, instead of many small topics, or floading the announcement threads. Would make it easier to regroup the technical stuff related to World Editor. Suggestion : I just wanted to ask if you would consider an alternate option to WASD.... it's the opposite of user friendly, for the AZERTY keyboards lol (arrows maybe ? like for the flycam) Just started messing with editor, and this is driving me nuts
  3. Hello, This is an old issue, my changes to my character do not save on exit and my character has no details visible to other players (bald, black, no clothes). Any help would be appreciated. Technical support is stumped.
  4. So devs, thanks for the patch but was it rushed ? what happened ? 1/ new UI pop-up is unattractive and doesnt correspond at all the game interface ! Why not change it whole ? but please not like this > The game's graphic quality deserves a way better looking GUI than this. 2/ top left corner doesnt make any sense ! needs transparency at least... AND it doesnt disappear with shift+z, which ruins all SS. > fixed at 257 > around 50% transparency added at 258 Plus : - As a friend pointed out, "delete friend" is between "send gift" and "invite home" so you better not make any mistakes -.-' > options need to be reorganized > fixed at 258 - An option for kiss cheek has appeared between f/f and m/m > doesnt work !!! and freezes people. > removed at 257 - Rocks are broken on beach, you can walk into them > fixed at 258 - when a cuddle happens, people coming into map after it happened see those people bugged Edit : Thanks Devs for the quick fixes, appreciated.
  5. Ok so ive read other people have had this problem as well but i have to wounder why it hasnt been fixed. Me and my girlfriend live very far apart and got this game to be close to one another and we both love it very much but from time to time we will be in the middle of a conversation or doing somthing more and the chat in the game just stops. I can try all i want but nothing will be typed. I exit the conversation all together and try to re open a new one and nothing so just to finish up somtimes i have to send gifts just to talk with her because for some reason i can type on that just fine. After a bit the typing in private message will start back up but honestly is fucking bs and needs to be fixed. Sure i can exit game and relog and it fixes it but the point is when your in the momment you don't wanna kill the mood and im sick and tired of spending 300g every once in awhile to keep in the momment because somthing as basic as chat stops working. This needs to be fixed considering chat should be the most basic thing they should get right and problem free >_> or maybe its a plot to spend our gold so they keep getting money from us. Anyway if anyone else has faced this too lett me know. Also for a last fyi I have tried everything when this bug happens. opening a new pm or trying to us local chat. Nothing works except for the gifts or if I exit and relog ><
  6. I tried to gift a person today and it didnt seem to send so silly me i sent it over n over til all my gold was gone . was only 4 gifts i tried to send i think .. how do i sort this out ?? I only intended to send one but tried 4 times i think to send it ..?? any help would be appreciated
  7. Hello! I was just wondering with the imminent release of Windows 10 if we will have any problems with running the game on the new operating system. XXOO Mme. D
  8. So, for a few days now I haven't had the "Invite Home" option in my menu. I've been having to make group rooms for privacy, and it's getting tedious and annoying honestly. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue, and if so, is a fix on the way?
  9. List of well known bugs as of August 2014 and known workarounds or temporary fixes. I hope this list helps both players and devs with resolving problems related to these bugs. Some fixes might seems obvious but plenty of newer people have no idea about them. So hopefully this topic will help someone and reduce amount of spam in open forum and tech support as well. Will keep this list updated together with Rochi. - TV ”Missing flash player plugin” - Starting TV in user rooms results in error line. Solution / Workaround: Update flash player and any related plugin in your primary browser, DirectX, and graphics card drivers. If number 1 doesn't work, try reinstalling your flash plugin on Internet Explorer. Try it even if it’s not your default internet browser. (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/) Try to install older versions of flash player. - Client bugs - Game wont update, Crashes, Black Screen or Endless Loading with working internet or similar issues. Solution / Workaround: Uninstall 3DXChat Open Registry Editor Go in the Registry Editor to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/SexGameDevil right click to this Folder and delete. Close the Registry Editor Download and install fresh copy of 3DXChat - *NOT BUG* 3DX uses too much data - Many people have limited bandwidth but there’s a great fix how to reduce data from hundreds of MB per day to just about a few MB per whole day. Navigate to your 3DX installation folder. Locate folder 3DXChat_Data then go to Plugins. Save radio.dll to desktop or any other safe place (ctrl + c then ctrl + v). Delete radio.dll from your 3DX installation. What this does: It removes Sky.FM. Thus, radios in user rooms and music in all areas will be gone and only basic sound effects will remain (walking, moaning, etc). If you want to the music back, just restore radio.dll to plugin folder. Note: Tested with NetLimiter 4. One hour with Sky.FM results in about 65 to 80 MB. One hour without Sky.FM results in less than 5 MB. This included some bouncing around, but it was not at prime time. - *NOT BUG* 3DX freezes or lags for few second after pressing O (oculus rift) - I am sure this happens to everyone that once in while they press O and split their screen however shortcuts can't be disabled. But what we can do is remove lag that happens when you press O button. Navigate to your 3DX installation folder. Locate folder 3DXChat_Data then go to Plugins. Save OculusPlugin.dll to desktop or any other safe place (ctrl + c then ctrl + v). Delete OculusPlugin.dll from your 3DX installation. Note: This will disable Oculus Rift support until you put that plugin back so if you use it. Do not do this. - F/F Dance Animation - one leg always twitches / shakes / trembles - The trembling leg always happens on the person who sent the dance request. This is the newest bug introduced on August 3rd (ver 219). This happen only during the kissing sub-animation. - Eyes blinking - If you use dressing room too much or just rezon, this often happens. Eyes blink nonstop. Solution / Workaround: Go to any sex pose and moan. If this doesn’t fix it, moan again. - Black ink - After entering an area, an avatar or multiple avatars will appear to be completely painted black. Solution / Workaround: Re-zone to your current location or private room. If it doesn't work, make your partner invite you into his / her home. - Female Clothing - In dresses and some skirts female panties are cut off in half if you "peak" In newest dress everything under dress is missing. Note: needs bit of testing. - Disappearing Music - From locations and from DJs just cut off or music ending right after a song. Solution / Workaround: Leave and re-enter that location. Sometimes it can be the DJ’s fault as well if rezoning does not work. - Pitch Black user room - After adding a certain amount of objects, a room may become unusable. It will appear pitch black. You can still move add or remove objects, but you’ll just see a black screen. Solution / Workaround: Try to find the character button (second button in lower left corner) it will take you to dressing room. If you go to your user room again it should be fine, if not, just contact support to fix it. - Group chat - dance - PM bug - If you start couple dancing with someone while in group chat as well, your windows may get messed up. You will see yourself writing into group while no one else will see it, but in reality you will be typing into PM with your dance partner. Note: Need to test couple of things - If typing during bugged part still shows up in group chat after refocusing window or not. If you actually see Group chat or PM chat during that bug. Solution / Workaround: Manually click on PM or ”Group” to refocus your window. - New friend disappearing or not appearing in friendlist - Sometimes no matter how often you add the same person and that person accepts, he or she won’t appear in the friend’s list. He or she will dissapear from your list a few seconds afterwards or won’t show at all. Solution / Workaround: Let the other person add you first. If this doesn’t work, both of you can try relogging or re-zoning and trying again. - Floating Heads - People only visible from certain angles, Other angles showing floating head or heads. Happens while being in pose. Solution / Workaround: People with floating heads needs to change pose to become visible again. *Unconfirmed* Logging out of character and back in or restarting game. - Lag - person or people without nametags - and / or jumping around the rooms naked. Solution / Workaround: They have to relog... usually it happens right after they DC’d and logged back in. - Lag Related - Game crashes when loading takes too much time - If you happen to have slow internet ... loading to crowded zones can be a pain. If we can extend timer / buffer on this it would be nice. Yacht Specific bugs: - Stairs bug - Endless running up or down the stairs. Solution / Workaround: Clicking on the left or right usually helps. Note: Need more testing. - Camera at the top - Camera near two sun beds right next to one of spawn points. Jumps and cuts through ceilings or walls of that top roof above it - the one with radar, etc. Dressing Room bugs: Colour bug - There are 2 purple icons on glasses & masks, bracelets subcategories that are totally same shade and everything. Last female shoes had the option of orange in past now they don’t *need confirmation* Panties disappearing - Sometimes in the dressing room panties will get lost if you change clothes. Rochi note: Right now it is doing only with ribbon but bra stays on. We are not sure if other pieces did that in past but we were sure we didn't use ribbon so much. Even so its still bug if it leaves bra on. It should remove both or keep both. *NOTE* The dressing room and the home editor should be made server side - It is easily “hacked” and people can modify breasts, body shapes and colours. BUT please consider adding more colour options first, or it might negatively affect your community. *UNCONFIRMED * Drinking - Beer purchasing with one click - August 3rd (ver 219) - Many times in the Night Club or Public rooms that are crowded, lags can happen (both user and server side) and you end up 35 gold poorer. *UNCONFIRMED - if bug or feature* Text Formatting - People are able to change size, colour and other chat options such as bold or italic in profiles, user rooms lists and chat windows. Dev confirmation would be nice if we are allowed to use it or not. - Teleport / Blink “feature” - Everyone knows about this one and it doesn’t need much explaining. - Ignore List Bugs - everything reported and explained in more detail by Brun in topic linked below: http://3dxchat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/502-ignore-function-diagnostics/?p=17898 - Connection lost or Game and Forums are offline for 2 or 3 minutes - refer to topic by JamesJames linked below: http://3dxchat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/381-connection-lost-upon-entering-public-areas/?p=13080 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14.8 - Working on "levitate bug", XGold is still only visual but there might be DC associated when timer reset. 20.8 - Added Oculus Rift lag solution. 30.8 - patch 224 - Ignore list even worse than before. not working, - no workaround i think. People dancing or in any pose are bugged and standing on top of each other. Similar to floating head bug with same workaround. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not ask how to teleport, edit characters, or change the colour of fonts. No information will be provided until developers state their opinion on it. I ask others to do same. Please keep this topic strictly for bugs and workarounds. Thank you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to: Rochi - co - author of this topic. Brun - stealing some workarounds from her posts as well whole ignore list topic. Sengi - for being the best person ever and for fixing grammar.
  10. Hi, It seems since the patch 224, the ignore button isn't working properly, if at all sometimes. Some people are just impossible to ignore... grrr... The other problem I have, is that people are invisible sometimes when I get into a map, I see them talking on local, but avis are invisible, I need to change maps several times and return to see them. And :
  11. Dear Gizmo and Lisa. I am very happy with speed of development that's been put up lately. However each patch is also introducing many bugs - some visuals, some game breaking (ignore list not working), others innocent (walk over objects etc) But my point right now is visual bugs. As it totally breaks immersion of the game .. at least for me. You send email to inactive players which ended with this text: Well, I am sorry but lately that's not possible. For example. ----> I walk into big orgy room and look around what do I see? People having sex? Not at all. There's couple that's kissing on the couch. What do I see? Floating heads only. There are lesbians dancing and what do I see? One of the girls is having stroke her poor leg is twitching like it was her last day of life. There are other people dancing & having sex & having threesome with new group poses. What do I see? People standing on top of each other or in floor or merging into each other. Oh wait! Another couple just joined in while I am in zone and they start having sex. Finally I see sex but... What else I see? or better what I don't see? I finally see sex but both are dressed up and male pounds his invisible cock from jeans into the poor girl who is still wearing her latex pants.... Please do some bug fixing already before more visual bugs are introduced. Lately it's look like mess in user rooms or even in NC when people dancing together and merging into one. TL:DR - Floating heads, female having stroke on the leg, fucking without cock while wearing clothes, people merging onto each other / standing on each other. Visually it really breaks the game. I am sorry I don't want to go into NC and see 6 couples not dancing but standing in each other. Edit: I noticed today that even normal poses are now out of sync or alignment ... It's just getting ridiculous its starting to look like alpha. Edit 2: I was inspecting that invisiblity bug and it is even worse than I tought. Sometimes it takes up to 5 rezones just to see everyone in room. This is unacceptable it is serious game breaking bug that should be fixed. People can't see each other but what happens is that you can seat on same seat as someone else is etc. Edit 3: Screenshots and description - still missing dry sex and floating heads. PEOPLE DANCING IN EACH OTHER: INVISIBLE PEOPLE FOR OTHERS INVISIBLE PEOPLE THAT DON'T SEE EACH OTHER AND CAN SHARE SAME SEAT AS WELL. PEOPLE WITHOUT NAMETAG OLD POSES BADLY ALIGNED OR CHARACTER MISPLACEMENT SAME WITH PARTNER: NEW GROUP POSES BADLY ALIGNED.
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