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Found 4 results

  1. Redji

    ReM Worlds

    Hi hi, today we will show You our new creation....The ghosts of the Aztecs...
  2. Hello there, here's Lunarelf. Actually...I got some problems with the world editor though...And I'm tired with keep trying to fix bunch of the glitches in the buildings though...And I just want to bought a building from someone I guess......T^T If you know how to building the castles(the gothic kinds will be better),maybe we can help each other~ Reply and pm me If you want, and show me your blueprint(PM FIRST! Send pictures, not sentences/paragraph, but if you want to describe how it will like, it will be okay, or you could google the image of the building, it's okay but try to make the building same with the picture.) For the design and the Finished, non-glitched map, I'll pay up to $100-$200 for the design I want to buy, and it's depending on how the building's area/shape, the environment settings of the map such like plants around the buildings, garden, rivers and something like that, and maybe a little bit of decorations. And you could get 10% of the full pay when we make the deal, then after you done, You could get left parts of full pay and 10-15% tip ALWAYS WAIT FOR PM, PPL~ I'll post If I got the design I want, and this design collection will be end. THE BUILDING MUST BE:(one in the list below) A CASTLE (GOTHIC KIND, VAMPIRE/HAUNTED TYPE WILL BE OKAY ) A OLD TYPE MASION(GOTHIC, OR HAUNTED) A MANOR(HAUNTED WILL BE OKAY, BUT NOT THE FARMS!) That's all, designers. Good luck and pm me with an idea;) ~
  3. So I was browsing the website artstation, which is a well known website to post portfolios and scrapbooks of your artworks and I stumbled up on this user. Their artwork is brilliant and extremely detailed! And even had worked for some big companies with their work! Very cool stuff! https://www.artstation.com/artist/hossein_diba
  4. Hi there. I was browsing the forum and didn't find that particular error so I am creating it as a topic. But I consider having overlooked an existing one so sorry fpr the possible double post at that point. Problem is that I may have overdesigned my main room (too many items?) From a certain point on, whenever I enter that room or try to design it, I got stock with the loading room screen. If I click around I can hear the sounds as if I would move around the appartement, but I still see only the loading screen. Two mails to the bug team stayed unanswered so far. The smaller room works like a charm, so it must have something to do with the bigger one. I created two other avatars and their large rooms work. Is there a way to reset the big room without killing off my avatar? Any help appreciated as it gets a little annoying. Best regards Thoxik
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