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Found 6 results

  1. @Gizmo Colin is doing tons of good stuff for your player community. It was Colindude that solved the puzzle and figured out your new IP address was blacklisted with Verizon. Least you could do is publicly recognize the man. I enjoy the game and the community. I just wish you all would try to use more standardized IT and Development practices. Thanks for the fix to the connectivity problem. Please, just try not to break it with your next patch. @ColinDude Thanks for the connectivity diagnostic support and the website. Thanks for caring about the community enough to do something for us all. Hugs and Kisses!
  2. First post here, hi! I for one would love to see an upgrade to the character sounds to make them better. Specifically, the sex noises are... not good. The skin-on-skin slap during sex needs a better sound, as it currently sounds like a cartoon suction cup repeatedly sticking and releasing. The sound of cum could definitely be toned down a bit. I know it's a game and you need an indication that you or your partner is cumming but still, it could be more toned down and also a better sound. If you wanted to take it a step further, the moan sounds could have a whole new system with the option to: -Select a different voice when editing your character. You don't need many options, maybe like 2 or 3 options per gender. -Maybe slightly adjust the pitch of your character as well. (NOT BY MUCH, making it too high or too low sounds like garbage lol. Just enough to add some subtle extra variance.) -An option to have a lower, more sensual moan or a louder, more intense moan like they are currently. Adding these would add more depth to the characters and to the sexual experience. Small details like this matter a lot when it comes to the quality of this game. Thanks, guys. You're doing a great job. Keep it up! I've got more suggestions.
  3. This perhaps for the great room builders of 3dxChat: Might be neat to have rooms / .world files that correspond with specific places in other games... ...to create an 'almost' seamless, Metaverse-like experience from a given 3rd party game to the related 3dxChat room. For example: Any racing game (i.e. Forza Horizons 5, GTA 5, etc): after racing, winners can 'drive to' a designated spot within that game and then manually shift to the related 3dxchat room and enjoy the winners circle 3dx style. Same could be done at select points in just about any game... ...making 3dxchat a kind of 'sex engine' for 3rd party games that don't already provide such functionality. Benefits for 3dxchat: 1. Attracts new players from other games/Metaverses into 3dxChat. 2. Presents opportunity for 3dxChat (or an approved clone) to serve as a 'sex engine' for 3rd party games/metaverses...something which may be enticing to Angel investors & Venture Capital funds seeking to invest in a strong Metaverse opportunity/asset. Therefrom, potentially providing capital to further improve 3dxChat and/or clone ..i.e.: a. transitions to newer Unity engines (& perhaps related port to Unreal engines) b. addition of interfaces for additional user-created content (poses {related post}, clothes, etc) c. scripts (for user-created dynamic/moving objects) d. Oculus Quest 2/Meta integration (related post) e. Marketplace integration (akin to marketplace.secondlife.com, etc) f. Crypto/NFT integrations* https://www.kucoin.com/blog/a-deep-dive-into-the-metaverse-tokens-in-kucoin-s-newly-launched-metaverse-trading-board-en https://www.kucoin.com/blog/gamefi-is-booming-as-play-to-earn-games-are-getting-widely-popular https://www.kucoin.com/markets ('Metaverse' tab, 15+ Metaverse-related tokens & growing) *Things moving fast in this space, indeed to extent that partnering with the right Crypto team may be >= traditional Angel/Venture funds (although Angel/Venture might be more motivated as a result)? (e.g. https://blog.victoriavr.com/blog/victoria-vr-closes-a-5-5m-round-of-funding-to-build-an-open-metaverse/) Metaverse/Crypto incubator: https://metalaunch.io/ https://vespertinecapital.medium.com/metalaunch-launching-the-hottest-metaverse-and-gaming-projects-3049d8eeac2a In meantime, experimenting with a 3dxChat clone (i.e. keeping existing 3dxChat as is, but leveraging work of existing platform) into a Crypto/GameFI capacity might be a way to jumpstart a-f above. And, if CryptoClone successful, NFT's generated therein (i.e. user-generated rooms, avatars, clothes, poses, etc) could be shared with existing legacy 3dxChat on a discounted/freemium/gamefi basis (perhaps tying into existing XGold daily allowance/savings?).
  4. This has been bugging me for a while now, wanted to check it wasn't just on my end with a friend of mine and it turns out, it's a universal issue. This dress seems to make your mid-rift totally disappear for some reason. Like as soon as the stockings end, so does your body. How did no-one spot this when it was implemented??
  5. Please, please, please change threesome poses so that every person involved must click Accept before the pose will start. This is basic consent here. It's bad enough that anyone can join a Partner group without the full consent of those already partnered. But the fact that only two of the partners need to want a given pose in order to force the third to accept is problematic at best. So this is really a two-part suggestion: When a third Partner is invited to a partnership, existing partners should also get a pop-up to Accept or Deny that new person. When a threesome pose is requested, require all partners to Accept before it is initiated. If any partner clicks Deny, the pose request should be cancelled. I know this has been asked for before, but maybe it needs another reminder that this something that is desired, and frankly something that is both ethical and practical. It's a win-win-win all around.
  6. It's been a long time since Gizmo asked us if we wanted a Pose Editor, but did not specify whether it was Pose Editor or Sex Pose Editor, or if it included both Editors ... What I wanted to ask, were updates, is it possible to know at what point are you Gizmo? We were so enthusiastic about the World Editor, and now this new update will be fantastic. But there are no new posts on this Pose Editor, is it possible to know something more? Does anyone know something? In addition to support, who can I contact to suggest our ideas? First there was Lisa, now Lisa has not accessed so much to his profile ... who should we turn since Gizmo says to always read all the posts (only Gizmo?) But does not have time to respond to everyone? Could not you add someone to your staff who also takes care of the forum? Someone from the staff who also enters the game? Felinia
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