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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone I will share some of my 3dx art work in here. Everything created in 3dxchat(by "World Editor") is for free. You can use it in any way you like if this is not against our community rules rules2. Some of my work isn`t optimized but I`ll show the file size and how it looks by pics. Every object will be uploaded on google drive. Every object will be included in starter post. Every object is marked (high glass column) for easy detection. Find an object by marker, delete marker, use your object. PS: object isn`t connected to the marker. Some pictures/announces can be here Let m
  2. Very beautiful and unusual place! This is space) Thanks VeronicaLee
  3. Hi everybody - kinda new here, but thought I'd post some of the work I do in 3d. I'll start a little tame, but hot nonetheless: (click for full res) Character's name is Erecura - goddess of death and rebirth. This 'aspect' of Erecura is a crewperson on a recon spaceship, where everything goes terribly wrong... but as you'll see if you keep checking this thread, she'll find herself in many situations, eras, dimensions: powerful, gentle, abusive, slave, killer, bringer of life. Backstory: In mythology, Erecura is is a goddess, married to Dis Pater, the Roman god of the underworld.
  4. So I was browsing the website artstation, which is a well known website to post portfolios and scrapbooks of your artworks and I stumbled up on this user. Their artwork is brilliant and extremely detailed! And even had worked for some big companies with their work! Very cool stuff! https://www.artstation.com/artist/hossein_diba
  5. Hey all! Long story short, I dabble in 3D rendering as a small side hobby. I'm not a professional or anything serious. I had an idea one time to make my friend Rochi into a model. I made normal and anime versions, since she requested an anime one. I figured I'll share any pics I make from then on in here (with permission, of course). I take occasional requests, my current Que is listed on my profile! I do NOT charge for my work, and I do NOT take credit for items/models/poses/etc made by other artists. YES, I have paid for all of the content I use. I will archive the pics I have
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