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  1. I like this Looks interesting
  2. 6) Evening dress (the first option): 7) Cocky:
  3. 4) Black cat: 5) Redhead:
  4. 2) Exotic stripper: 3) A princess:
  5. So it was the second week and I'll post the next 7 suits: 1) I am a Witch:
  6. 6) Beach time (blue and yellow): 7) Back in 2007 (emo girl):
  7. 3) Evening dress Passion: 4) Bloody Morello Outfit: 5) Sunny suit:
  8. Hello all. I decided to open this topic because I'd found the possibility (unfortunately significantly limited) of the creation of beautiful outfits in the game editor. Please if you have any ideas about clothes avialable in the editor share them here.By the topic starter rights I've posted my seven dress collections (by number of days of the week =)) with underwear: 1) Green Shadow Outfit: 2) Ondine Evening Dress:
  9. My ideas, my only = P

  10. I guessed it! ..) Probably and the truth is time to change the filling of the system unit ... Computer old because most of the time I do not usually spend behind him ... Thank you very much for your help.)) Then I'll take care. =)
  11. First, I check the anti-virus settings and try to add a few exceptions. As in other matters, and to double-check the registry for errors. If this fails, only then I will engage in any kind of reinstallation. All to remove and install you can always have time again, but if you do not understand what it was, it would not be beneficial. Tips regarding the error code I esteemed, I have about them a few suspicions, I hope they do not come true.
  12. Katri

    The Pleasure Spa

    Interesting... You will be able somehow to see and talk through your ideas, but in the game?
  13. Hm.. I use AVG antivirus, but it does not matter. I'll check it out. While cleaning reestar, optimization of the system is carried out regularly. Video the latest driver. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Hello, support, have a good day. I have a small problem with the game: it sometimes crashes. What is a permanent cause of the departure of the game I could not be determined, but probably tell you more error logs. To post to attach error logs unfortunately all failed to send: a pair of files does not fit into the size limit is 2 MB PS .: The game felt great potential, it would be desirable that such a project has been successfully developed. Thank you very much for your work! =) output_log.txt error.txt error.txt output_log.txt error.txt output_log.txt error.txt error.txt output_log.txt
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