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  1. They should fix the problem that automitically active the penis on females, and let people to active whatever or not active it.
  2. I think this is an exageration lool. But also explain a posibility that certanly lot of people really like and reject it even without try, and other preffer to keep this thing of secret ... for whatever reason. Bu I should not say such a hard words as the 9 will like and not admit ... I htink this is much to say ....
  3. Im not saying that you told this about the hate. Im only explaining a reality. About how much women will say no about the anal, wll, I dont knwo really, but honestly I think you are udnerstimating things (but not that much ....). I insist that there are lot of prejuices about anal. Also ... there are lot of Unkown wbout how to do it right ... so this will explain also how much reject can people have Only you told about the por industry, this you tolod and I dont agree.
  4. I cant agree.. at all. But I udnerstand that this idea is very well sell on some circles. Im not specially fan of anal, there are lot of other things that I like more. But pretend that is only something supported by porn industry for realise male fantasis ... ok ok ... you dont think that is a very reduccionist and blind pose? I know that there are lot of people (male and female) that feels and think and hate anal cause they relate it to something thgat only can fit to sex between to males. Whatever, lot of prejuices and stupiditis about anal sex (and about all kind of sexual things). Anal exist on the nature before the porn exist as industry. And is not different for humans. Of course ... we like to complicate things and create a conflict where there must not be ani kind of conflict
  5. Not sure from when you are here on 3dx. But last two years were the best updates ever, and also the years that we more updates had. So ... about number I think there are not chance to compare with old times :D. But of course, we can cask and cask and ask as customers that deserve quality and quantity.
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