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  1. apparently the problem resolved itself overnight. Thank you, you may delete this thread
  2. I changed my avatar name, along with my husband, it so that we can share a name in the game. under "married to", my profile claims my husband's new name, however his, is stuck on my old name. For some reason, can someone help me? we have tried just about everything we can think of to get it to reset.
  3. previously there was a small website, dedicated to the status of 3DXchat, where they would ping the server every five minutes, and report the status of the game, does anyone have that website again?
  4. That is the point, no one knows. I do not complain about what the developers do. I'm sure they have their hands full right now also. This might be a server test, or could be another attack, nobody knows.
  5. Another point. While we are on the test server, it is being tested. And not only that, but the nothing that you're getting is not costing you anything. You are playing the game for free, lest you forget.
  6. this is some pretty beautiful stuff
  7. Excellent, someone's been thinking. Be careful, that can get you into trouble, thinking like that that.
  8. good night, old friend, rest well.
  9. never tried the bottled coffee, I drink Folgers coffee crystals, it's nasty, but it works for me.
  10. but I plan on wallowing in my self-pity, until Friday. I owe myself that much.
  11. I have been somewhat of a terrible drinker myself these last few days. But I am going to recover. I'm stronger than even I think I am. He taught me that.
  12. I'm officially still in mourning until Friday. Then the whiskey stops, and life goes on from there.
  13. he's not at the top of the page? Maybe I'm just imagining things. It's all that whiskey I have been drinking lately.
  14. I figure if we just plan on two weeks, will be pleasantly surprised when it comes back up earlier.
  15. one thing I will say, I'm getting a lot of artwork done. LOL
  16. so still no timeline? I guess we just be patient and wait.
  17. Talon is back, there goes the neighborhood.
  18. hello Tsela, are you getting yourself into trouble? This is Sam, BTW.
  19. how does one determine if their PC is being used for A DDOS attack? It seems like a logical question to ask.
  20. I'm quite familiar with TALON, I was just wondering if someone banned him "permanently", again?
  21. so, what happened to TALON, did somebody finally get rid of that guy?
  22. what kind of justice have you brought to anybody?
  23. the difference, is that everybody else's remarks only annoy you. Where your remarks, and the things that you do, annoy everybody.
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