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  1. I think at this point even if this game was free I would feel ripped off lol.
  2. That's assuming he is just running 3dx and nothing else, as I stated in the last part of what I said. What else are you running. The reason why I asked why so little ram is because a 2070 is a relatively new card and if his system is new then it should be at least stock 32 GB. So the question is whether his system is new or he upgraded to a 2070 in an older system without upgrading other things that might need it such as power supply or OS. So it's possible that his CPU might not be getting enough power at this point since that brand new 2070 is putting a strain on the whole system. But thank you for clarifying that 16 ram is perfectly fine for running 3dx despite you running out of memory when you try to do something else in addition, as you claimed happens to you and your 16 GB's.
  3. Well if you can't play the game as you claim, then why would you pay for it? That was the whole topic there, that your computer crashed trying to run the game. I don't understand the logic behind your attempt to insult me for paying for a product that I use. I tend to do that, most normal people do. When they want a product, they buy it.
  4. 10th Gen i9 10900K 10 core, Dual rtx 2080 Ti SLi, 64 GB 3200 MHz DDR4. <- Now you know what good is. But seriously, how do you have so little ram? Even combined with your GPU memory you only have 24 GB of memory available to you. Combine that with your OS and whatever else you might be trying to run then your issue could be just running out of memory.
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