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  1.     AIDS Benefit Masquerade Ball - 2PM EST  



    Come join us for fun with Amazing DJ's...

     Since the start of the epidemic, the work of amfAR-funded researchers has made possible many significant advances in HIV prevention, treatment and care.

    amfAR pursues an entrepreneurial research strategy, funding highly innovative, scientifically sound studies that often lack the preliminary data required by more traditional grant makers. Join Genesis3DX & Help Awareness & Research:

    Donate today - https://tiltify.com/@genesis3dx/genesis3dx


  2. Go check out Genesis3DX's fundraiser for The Foundation for AIDS Research, (amfAR) on 

     | https://tiltify.com/@genesis3dx/genesis3dx
    Donations Update - $140.00 Raised so far :slight_smile:
    Thank You Donors: AlphaWulf, Dallas, Giggles, HarryStottle


  3. Genesis Event Bot & Genesis3dx.com https://genesis3dx.com/ Genesis Event Bot is a Discord-Bot that will help you to manage, edit and promote your events for you and your members. Invite Genesis Event Bot to your server and you are ready to go. All help commands by just typing g$help ...very easy to read and the create event command walks you through step by step ! Genesis Event Bot will also announce upcoming events in your chosen channel daily as well as g$promote to promote yourself so no one ever misses an event. Adding events is easy and can do all in one spot in discord! Also easily repeats events daily, weekly, bi weekly, and monthly forever until removed. ALL are welcome to use Genesis event bot and its website (Genesis3dx.com)! Genesis Event bot retrieves from https://genesis3dx.com/ calendar that has 3 areas, Community (3DX+) Movie and Gamer! Choose your calendar and add your event! Have fun on a brand new website for everyone! Now as the Genesis3dx.com is opening up with the bot not alot of content yet. Thank you EvelInka for adding to the picture gallery and bringing your dance group as well as DJSpicysweetZ . All builders head over to the downloads page and please add your free builds to share :),  DJs  let me know if want to add your DJ profile.  Streamers. if you want to stream, head over to live streaming and it gives instructions. and those forums are empty lol. Go blab youor mouths and add content! Lets try to make Genesis3dx.com a very fun website for all. If want to invite ot pleae let me know. I will be glad to help or you can DIY with add bot https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=799121398416408597&permissions=8&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fgenesis3dx.com%2Foauth%2Fcallback%2F&scope=bot lol.(edited)
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