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  1. I need help!  Anybody out there?


  2. Hi , I have a huge problem I can't seem to get my mouse on my screen, The Arrow so I can't make choices of where to go and what to do, it's so annoying, if anybody knows please let me know. thanks.

    1. Kaitlyn1989


      Hi, Carla 😊 Welcome to 3dx Forum. Pretty sure the 3dx Geek Squad is out for the weekend… so I’ll play the sub 😉 until they return on Monday.

      Though not a techie I am a user and once a newbie too with the same problem. I think. 🤔

      Since I don’t know where you are losing your mousey, I’ll offer up two tips:


      • I am a Win10 user… for me the F5 key enables/disables mouse in general


      • But while in 3dx World… ( SHIFT + C ) finds where mousey is hiding.


      Hope this helps… if not here is a link to the one of many helpful threads in our Forum halls.


      If this is no help… try the Forum Search Tool it makes for a helpful Librarian. 😉 If not… the Geek Squad aka 3dx Help comes back on Monday

      Good luck.

    2. Carla


      Oh Hiya thank you so much I managed to get it going and the Mouse does not runaway :). I just can't download any profile pictures now.


  3. Hi I have recently joined the 3DXChat, today in fact😀, If I want to join the main area do I simply click on the joining and click what I need say a Month, and then pay? Thanks Newbie be Gentle.☹️

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    2. Carla


      Ok tried that i'm still in my room I right clicked to walk there but nothing, I don't have select option on my screen no destination either , I only have me on my screen with Head body colum on left and Body clothes choices on right I have 5 poses on the top of the screen and that's it, Help 😂

    3. Carla


      I can turn my body and zoom in on my mouse but after that, nothing, Really sorry to be boring.

    4. Bliss4u


      hold ur right click finger downand drag it i circle youll see how it works


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