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    I have every right to judge because I am better than you. Nothing wrong with being sub standard, it allows people such as myself to shine brighter. The world needs you for this purpose.I will also say I am more of an expert in their life, one thing is for sure, if I controlled it, they wouldnt have nearly the social anxiety and problems they have now. I am a shining light in a cyber world of darkness, here to assist you wayward souls.
  2. DMitch76

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    I can tell you what I am not doing here, I am not here for mindless word games on a sex game forum and then acting like someone killed my dog when they are taken away. Sorry to cut this short but I have wasted far to much time here today. Enjoy your weekend and try to get off the computer for a few minutes a day and live your life. Its a whole world waiting for you outside those doors with real flesh and blood people
  3. DMitch76

    User Reviews

    no they arent and if they are for some, those people need to re-examine life choices. One just needs to search these forums and see how people overreact to a game based on sex and act like its real life. Substituting this or any game for real life can cause countless mental issues. Thats not opinion, thats fact.
  4. DMitch76

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    If people have actually left, Its the best thing for them. Living in these forums is very unhealthy. games and game forums are a distraction from real life, when you make them your life it can cause nothing but problems.
  5. DMitch76

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    ive been playing 3dx for five years, only recently joined forums because I never felt the need to join. My life is pretty full so I dont have time to sit in forums all day, every day complaining about dumb word games in a sex game forum and getting my panties in a twist for days over it.
  6. Are you sure its three messages? I received the message saying I could only post once in 24 hours after my first message and then the message vanished after that. Have been able to post as much as I want since that time.
  7. People come here for many reasons, you are never going to stop guys from doing that because for some females here, that works. Some here want to be romanced but some come just to fuck and as long as those types are here and like that direct approach, guys will do it.
  8. kick button is a fine idea, I agree one hundred percent.
  9. DMitch76

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    love the game and the forums look nice
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