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  1. Haha my old stomping grounds when I started rp.
  2. Hmmm well damn. RP over forums that is old school from my myspace days. I cant believe we dont have anyone responding. I mean a post would be nice even if its a text message over a phone or something.
  3. Well of course. we had yet to confirm on a real "title or realtionship" to another at the time. It takes time to plant a seed and watch to flourish.
  4. Yah I am going to cook dinner and hope they are back when I finish. I was enjoying myself meeting a new friend
  5. A bit of background: I have roleplayed for about 12 years. I started on Myspace and found up at MnF for a bit of my time before finding out about 3DX Chat. I have really taken an interest to this game a lot for sure. However, it seems a bit tough to find those who really engage in rp and building up some partner on partner bonds. I figured the forums may be a great spot to start and explore. I normally travel about rooms and wander with the intent on sending a detailed greeter or rp starter to see who bites or can reply back with some grammar and some detail. So, if you find stud of a black bull to your liking we can certainly work on something together. However, I do normally just jump right in rather than plan unless we inject and indicate a small back story. Like past friends, your my neighbor's wife, or a cheating gf looking for a darker taste in life. That is as far as I go with pre-planning a rp prior to meeting or at the meeting point with a starting post. Anyways, if you have any interest I am in the game as XaiverSlayer or you can hit me up here and we can meet up or get in touch for some coffee...black most likely. So lets enjoy some detailed time together and build something super great. After all, it doesnt hurt to have a bull to ride when you really want to let loose.
  6. XaiverSlayher

    Hello folks, My name is Richard and I have a friend of mine who has created a various catch and fuck game he hosts on the weekend. I would like to throw my hat in the ring and develop a few maps and the same concept of his game so I can host it when he is not around. the blueprint and game itself was developed by a 3dx user named Granit. I myself would like to see if anyone would like to help me find a map, advertise the game, and help me develop the concept of it. The version he runs is known as Fuck by daylight which is a take on a playstation exclusive game if I am correct. Woman are seekers and need to find various letters around a map while gentlemen are hunters. Woman get three strikes indicated by glowing bracelets on their arms or non glowing if we decide on that. After they are caught via a cuddle in a chase the hunter gets to fuck them for 5 minutes and they are free to continue searching for letters. After they are aught three times they are out and either wait for the game to end by helping the hunters ,or can be freed by other seekers if the game population provides that ability. That is the short version in a nutshell version of it. Granit and I work together on the weekends when he hosts to get the game going ,and I thought about taking my own twist on it with some new maps and other rules or "modes" the group of players can vote on. However, something like this would take additional help to pull off ,and I would hate to put all this work in and have it flop due to not advertising it correctly ,or simply no one is interested. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts or accept anyone's help in making this work. Here is a post to Granits game in the forums if you want additional information. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/7112-sexgames-roleplay/?hl=%2Bfuck+%2Bdaylight Again, the game and credit goes to him I just want to create my own version and sort of tune it to new maps and host when he is not online so those who enjoy this kind of game can come well play it haha. Any help, suggestions, and even criticism is welcome dont be shy. -RichardDaBoss
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