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  1. oh you bet torra that we want them sometimes a pain in the **** having to leave someone behind, or beeing self, the left one behind!
  2. the last, past weekend let this past week start, feeling like this pic and the music down below here, and then i didnt feel and hear any music till this friday at all^^ but through the help of friends and angels, this weekend started, felt and sounded like this^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz8gD4TogKM *the secret of happiness is to count your blessings, while others are adding up their troubles.*
  3. gosh, gonna have 2 hurry now 4 that client appointment and i guess it wont even help u at all, but so what!! first, i also had to reinstall the game, cause silly me patched the game in windowmode stretched over 2 of 3 mons. after reinstalln that, it worked fine and ok, but later on, it also hung for me at the loading screen, altough i was online before. but after that, i tried it out later again, and later again that day, and then it suddenly worked or connected, or whatever, puuhhhh. maybe it was a client/server "handshake issue" thing i guess. the question is, did u try it to a other time again?!?! best of luck and nice weekend @ll bb and quickly off^^ ps: i didnt have to set anything with my firewall, router or ports 4 this game, but everyones hardware/software and settings are differen out there, so u might as well check that. ps2: and u did read how long it can take or when u will be answered by the support...not in 2 mins
  4. kassiopeia A Wish Upon Cassiopeia Another day yet passed by Today ended with another sigh Things have gone with a blink of an eye That’s how fast time can fly. It was never that easy to say goodbye My heart is broken, I cannot deny My mind is confused, it cannot lie Could you feel my pain? Could you hear my cry? It’s been so long, since my last smile It feels good to let go once in a while If you measure my heartaches, it’d reach a mile If tears are accessories, I’ll always be in style. In the darkness of the night, I sit alone Ever since you left, the place I call home It has gone now, it has flown Starting tonight, I’m on my own. On the gloomy sky, I focused my stare, And saw a constellation of five stars, shining in flare To compare them to others, I would not dare There, I admired them, under the darkness we share. It was the Cassiopeia; beside the moon is its throne Among all the others, it brightly shone To the seduction it weaves, I am prone For being the most brilliant, it is known. The five shining stars, they represent The effort, concern and time that I’ve spent The love and care to you I’ve lent Falling too hard for you, was never my intent. Under the night sky, here I wish Set my heart free from anguish The pain inside, may it vanish Happiness and joy let it flourish. The stars that are shining, they comfort me Another hope, another chance, they guarantee The constellation of Cassiopeia fills me with glee Assuring that there’s a bright tomorrow waiting ahead of me.
  5. whow, i needed that sleep today after skipn two nights and u dont have to guess more then once, where i was...but not constantly in this game of course, no!!...but mostly^^ nice weekend and @ll & what ever u are doing...have fun & enjoy
  6. so, enough musiclinks 4 today *ears bleedn a bit now^^* hearing'n dancing these songs with u in the club guyz, would would so sweet thing Dada Life - Feed the Dada (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Justice - Genesis [HD]
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpNM8jm8Bug Kyuss - Demon Cleaner [EU | ?USA?] soz, just cant any get any vid of this song embeded http://www.clipfish.de/musikvideos/video/3536987/kyuss-demon-cleaner/ Kyuss - Demon Cleaner [USA] if above link in the us doesnt work, try this one
  8. O M G, i wished that @ Sins last night, would never ever have happened!! *feels ashamed and is sure not proud of it*
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