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    I'm playing this game for more than one week and i feel addicted to it, because now its only game i play 1) why i like this game: 3DXchat gives you opportunity to meet other peoples from around the globe, have fun with them and perhaps realise some dreams or fantasies you wouldnt dare to do in real life, so what this game offers. You can create and edit your characters and personalize your apartaments the way you wish so many other great things which you will explore if you will decide to play this amazing game. 2) i strongly recommend this game to others who are still not sure which game to choose, you simply will not find any game which can match 3DXchat, i tried other adult multiplayer games and i can say these games didnt left such good impression as 3DXchat did, its worth every penny i paid and im considering buying yearlly subscription because i know this game will last! and developing team are doing good job with updates as they make this game step by step even better.
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