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    Mortariona reacted to Alliehotass in Face 1   
    People saying calm down eets just a face BLAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAA! Who cares wot they say coz they too bizz checkin under girls skirts in game to even look at faces.
    Dunn worry Brit youll get ya face back, mah sis Lisa looks like she went 10 rounds wif Tyson, copped eet in da kissA! Ah totes get eet, those that make somewhat of an identity fo themselves for years suddenly get their face changed on them wilps who wouldnt be pizzed especially when they make eet look dumB AF! and considering their artistic talents aren't  that much above pre school levels, eets no wonder but them folks who dunn care wilps like ah said, peekers who grovel around on tha ground lookin ups mostlee.....................mostlee
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    Mortariona reacted to Gizmo in Photo Contest: Show your 3DX love   
    Sorry, but your message was off topic   If you want to say something to the developers, please contact us through the form on the website
    Thanks! And hugs 
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