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  1. hello everyone here is my part 1 video.i couldn't get this video to play right. it was doing some serious shaking. it seems ok now i want to welcome back the island and say special thankyou to Kimba for an amazing performance music by Mel Young-The Killer........you might know the song from a certain television show
  2. dazzler

    Beach volleyball

    hello everyone the beach volleyball is such a welcomed addition to 3DXChat.........i had to film it. thankyou to everybody at the beach who i got on film this video is for Saphire because i finally got you on film part 1....... coming soon....look for it in dancers and strippers part 2......
  3. hello everyone thankyou Kimba and Lumi and thankyou to everybody dancing in bdsm club. what a wonderful shot this video is for Kimba.....music by Perfume http://youtu.be/5Er1TdHGHq4
  4. hello everyone the first video was so much fun....i did it again thankyou Kimba and Justa
  5. hello everyone check out the video i made for youtube i want to say thankyou to Justa for appearing with me and thankyou to Skar for helping me with my questions enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvfEJoAwnF4
  6. hi everyone a picture of Kimba and me in sync and topless me at the bdsm club
  7. hello everyone a picture of Kimba and myself up at the dj booth and me at the bar stage
  8. i finally learned how to do this.......taking screenshots i hope you like them
  9. how about Death Cab for Cutie-Doors unlocked and open Cage The Elephant-Always something Foster The People-Helena Beat
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